No yeast bread

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Edible History
Easy Soft Flatbread
Bob's Redmill Irish Soda Bread
Beyond Basics and Natural yeast
French Bread Mix
This #10 can of French Bread Mix
requires instant yeast.
Masa Harina
Unleavened bread loaf
Irish brown bread recipe from
Baking no yeast breads: prepper skill
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Salt rising bread
Pilot crackers
Salt rising bread
Above, Irish Brown Bread is made without yeast. Instead, the bread gets its
rise from baking soda and buttermilk.

  • Pioneer salt rising bread. Bake bread like the pioneers with
    salt rising bread. The salt is actually baking soda. Get out
    your butter churn, because this delicious bread, pictured
    right, looks like real bread only it doesn't have any yeast

#4: Bread with baking soda and baking powder
Sometimes bread require both baking soda and baking powder to
give them leavening and yet they have no yeast. Here are some
recipes to try if you have both baking soda and baking powder...

Now you know some of the many ways to make bread without

#5: Breads with Wild Harvested Yeast.
Sourdough is a bread with wild harvested yeast, meaning that it's
yeast you can grow naturally at home.

  • Amish friendship bread. While it's called Amish friendship
    bread, it's actually a cake or a bread. Like the name implies,
    Amish friendship bread requires a shared portion of
    sourdough yeast to get started. The friendship bread starter
    is passed from person to person. A little love and yeast can
    go a long way! If you don't live in Amish country, you can
    start with instant dry yeast before passing along your starter
    to a friend. Yes, we know it's cheating a bit, but you can
    keep this yeast growing for yourself and never have to buy
    yeast again. You will also reap the rewards no doubt, as the
    gratitude between friends and family for your hard work has
    a reward in and of itself.

No yeast is no problem if you're a prepper!
Preppers and homesteaders alike are discovering that instead of
going to the grocery store to pick up a packet of yeast, they can
harness wild yeast.

Preppers are a resourceful bunch and can learn from
homesteaders the best breads to bake without yeast. Here are
more favorites from around the Web:

Why you should store yeast
While this article has been about no-yeast breads, we still
recommend you stock yeast.

Instant yeast, like
Fleishmann's Instant Dry Yeast, immediate
right, is still a good thing to have, even if you rely on instant
mixes. You may be surprised to learn that instant dry yeast is
required in some bread mixes. For example, the #10 can of

Augason Farms French Bread Mix
, right, not only requires instant
dry yeast, but also
apple cider vinegar. That's because instant
yeast doesn't last forever. How long does instant dry yeast last?

While yeast is on our
list of the 37 foods to hoard before crisis,
some people are allergic to commercial yeast, also preppers
understand that the day may come when there are no more
grocery stores.

We know how to If you like our list of breads to savor without
yeast, then pass it along. If you have a bread to share, give us a
Tweet or write us on facebook!

Allergic to yeast?
It's a bummer that if you're allergic to yeast or have a yeast
intolerance, then these recipes are not for you.

Cassandra Cookson, author of
Edible History suggests that "If
you need to avoid any form of yeast due to an allergy or
intolerance, look into quick breads which use baking powder and
baking soda to rise. It may not look or act like it, but wild yeast
is still yeast."

Bring a sense of adventure into your kitchen. Edible History
introduces you to the ancient techniques to produce Celtic
leaven, Gallic beer risen bread, and Roman sourdough. You can
easily make these ancient breads at home. This book helps you
indulge in some tasty time travel without leaving your own
kitchen. You'll respect ancient people's cleverness while also
enjoying flavors few people get to enjoy in our modern, Wonder
Bread world.

Happy endings...
Have fun trying unleavened bread and making your own wild
yeast. They are healthier than the store bought kind, you'll feel
satisfaction in making them like your ancestors did, and you'll
save money!

What is survival bread?
Survival bread is peasant bread, hard tack, pilot crackers,
pemmican, no yeast bread, and any kind of home made survival
bread you make.

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  • Quick bread. This quick bread recipe is perfect when you
    need bread fast and easy. You can alter the recipe to make
    scones by adding orange zest, sugar and vanilla.

#3: Breads with baking soda.
Saleratus (today's equivalent is baking soda) is what the
American pioneers brought with them along the Oregon trail. The
bread they made was often also called "salt-rising bread." The
salt, was saleratus, or what today most closely resembles baking
Bob's RedMill baking soda is a top quality leavening agent
and you use it with other acidic ingredients for baking.

Here are some breads with baking soda to savor:

  • Irish Brown Bread. By combining baking soda with
    buttermilk you can get a traditional Irish soda bread that
    tastes much more like the familiar bread you crave than a
    scone. Here's the Irish Brown Bread recipe. Recipe from This bread gets 4.5 / 5 stars.

  • Flat bread. Here's a recipe for the easy soft no yeast bread,
    pictured right, that gets a 4.9 of 5 ratings. The author says
    it's "ridiculously east to make with only a minute or two of
    kneading. (Recipe from

  • Matzo. This unleavened bread that has religious significance
    usually resembles a cracker. It's made generally only of flour
    and water (the flour is barley, oat, rye, spelt or wheat).
    Here's how to make a home made Matzo (sometimes also
    called Matzoh).

  • Roti (SouthEast Asia). Roti, described as unleavened
    griddle bread from India, resembles a tortilla. While using no
    yeast, this flatbread uses salt and whole wheat flour sieved
    to remove germ whereas a tortilla uses baking powder. Also
    what separates Roti a bit from the tortilla is that the Roti
    bread gets a traditional coating of ghee to add crispness and

  • Unleavened loaf bread. shows how to bake
    the unleavened bread loaf, pictured right. The simple
    ingredients are flour, cooking oil, eggs, milk and salt. It's the
    salt that makes the bread work.

#2: Breads with baking powder.
Think of baking powder breads when you need to make bread on
the fly. Baking powder is a leavening agent and it's often
confused with
baking soda, but the two are different. Baking soda
works differently than yeast. Both get a lift from carbon dioxide,
but yeast is a microorganism (little fungus) that eats sugars and
then releases carbon dioxide. Baking powder is mineral based (it
contains baking soda ~ sodium bicarbonate and a starch and a
powdered acid), which will react to a liquid by producing carbon

In short, baking powder helps give poof to your breads without
yeast. Here are some breads you can make with baking powder
(and no yeast).

  • Biscuits. The Augason Farms Biscuit Mix (#10 can), right,
    has no leavening, meaning that you will need to add
    leavening to make your biscuits.

  • Corn bread. Cornbread requires baking powder and to some
    corn bread is more of cake, but from the batter you can
    create muffins or bread.

  • Flour tortilla (baking powder). Tortillas are a no yeast
    bread, but the flour kind have fat in them unlike corn
    tortillas. They also are not considered an unleavened bread
    because they have baking powder in them. True unleavened
    breads have no raising agents at all.
No yeast breads
Making your own bread no yeast bread!

No yeast breads: this is the list you "knead," so bookmark it!
Breadmaking is an essential prepper skill. Well before you could
buy yeast packets, people found ways to  harvest wild yeast
(sourdough); to make their bread rise with baking soda or baking
powder (sometimes both); or to make unleavened bread. As a
prepper or a homesteader it's good to have knowledge of all five

Baking bread is one of the forgotten skills of self-sufficiency, it's
so forgotten that even Caleb Warnock in his excellent book at the
bottom of the page, neglected to include a section on bread.

Making your own bread is fun and while yeast is an ingredient of
many breads, below are some yeast-free bread recipes. It's the
best of homemade bread without yeast...

No Yeast Breads to Savor
It's not so difficult to make bread without yeast, but first you
need to know your options. We've assembled the best recipes for
preppers of no yeast breads to savor.

#1: Unleavened bread.
Unleavened breads do not have yeast in them. They are not
prepared with raising agents at all. Generally, they are flat
breads. There a many kinds of unleavened bread. Below are some
of the best examples of unleavened breads you can make when
yeast is not available:

  • Corn Tortillas (no leavening). Tortillas are a no yeast
    bread. While flour has a leavening agent, corn tortillas have
    no leavening at all! Corn tortillas are as easy as mixing warm
    water with masa harina, rolling them into balls, pressing
    them flat and frying them up! Some recipes add salt or lime,
    here is a nice easy recipe:
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