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Be aware and be a label reader! Learn more about the dangers of

Happy endings...
The good an happy news is that you can detox the aluminum from
your body, quite easily with Melatonin. Also, you don't need to
throw away your aluminum stockpiles just yet, as it has value in
your preps.

Did you know water is usually treated with aluminum before
becoming part of the supply?
Test your water.

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Reason #1: Use for emergency cooking only.
While everyday exposure to aluminum foil can cause problems to
your health, aluminum can save your life. For example, in an
emergency situation where water may be in short supply,
aluminum is a godsend. Wrap veggies and meat and heat over an
open fire with no need for plates or pots to clean! In a pinch, you
can also use aluminum foil to make a cup or pot to boil water!
Remember, aluminum poisoning is a long term effect. If you have
to use it to survive the short term, go ahead and use it with one

  • Warning for soap makers! Aluminum is not only toxic, but
    for soapmaking not a good choice at all. Lye will burn right
    through it

Reason #2: Make a char cloth.
You don't necessarily need an Altoid tin or cookie tin to make a
char cloth. All you need is aluminum foil. Incidentally, aluminum
foil is also a fire deflector.

Reason #3: Build Faraday cages.
Preppers can use aluminum to help them build Faraday cages,
which block
electromagnetic pulse radiation.

Reason #4: Sharpen scissors and knives.
Layer strips of aluminum about eight sheets, then use your
scissors to cut through a few times. Soon you'll find they're
better at cutting paper. Works on knives too!

Reason #5: Scare birds from your crops.
The reflective nature of aluminum foil frightens birds so they
won't peck at your veggies and fruit. You'll also detract other
pests, such as flies who aren't keen on the shiny stuff.

Reason #6: Easy cleanup / scrub stuff away.
Scrunch foil into a ball and it becomes a makeshift scrubber for
your pots and pans, your grill, and even your oven. Granted, we'd
much prefer you use other ways to clean equipment as aluminum
is toxic, but it is an option if you have nothing else.

Reason #7: Start a fire.
Here's how to start a fire with foil from a gum wrapper and a pair
of scissors, and a battery.

The list is endless. Other survival uses of aluminum foil include:
  1. Improvising a fishing lure
  2. Creating a windscreen for a stove
  3. Signaling

Need to Detox from Aluminum?
Do you use a lot of aluminum? Need to detox? The good news is
that you can combat aluminum with melatonin. Dr. Paul Thomas,
M.D. explains melatonin and the dangers of aluminum:
#9: Talk to your physician about reducing aluminum
in vaccines.
Aluminum is a common substance in vaccines and has gained
some media attention regarding the
link between aluminum in
vaccines and autism. Vaccines have gels or salts of aluminum
added as adjuvants to help stimulate a better response, but the
accumulation over time spells trouble.

Aluminum is in the following vaccines:
  • Hep A
  • Hep B
  • Influenza vaccine
  • Meningococcal
  • Tdap
  • Td

Aluminum might not be in all the vaccines, but one thing's for
sure about aluminum: you'll die a slow death using aluminum

#10: Remember, aluminum serves no purpose to the
human body.
Your body does not need aluminum. Over time, your body
accumulates aluminum in the brain, kidneys, liver, lungs and
thyroid and this is unhealthy and toxic:

  • Brain toxicity: Aluminum has links to Alzheimers and
    Parkinsons. Did you know workers of aluminum smelting
    plants regularly experience dizziness, headaches, poor
    concentration and other symptoms? Indeed, aluminum has a
    negative effect on the brain. As well, aluminum also has
    links with Alzheimers disease. Scientists don’t yet fully
    understand what causes Alzheimer's disease, but the links
    are there because Alzheimers is a pre-diabetic disorder that
    allows toxic aluminum particles to cross over and
    accumulate in the temporal lobe.

  • Kidney problems: While kidneys functioning normally can
    eliminate aluminum from the body, concerns about
    aluminum came about when kidney dialysis patients took
    aluminum hydroxide (an ingredient of antiperspirants) to
    control phosophorus levels which were abnormally high in
    their blood. Aluminum then began accumulating too fast
    since their kidneys weren't functioning properly to eliminate
    it. As a result many of these dialysis patients developed
    dementia and doctors soon noted a correlation between the

  • Liver: Every toxin that gains entrance into your body
    eventually must filter out through the liver. A healthy liver
    can sustain damage and regenerate cells, but sometimes
    the damage is too much and the liver becomes overloaded
    with toxins. Antiperspirants ladened with aluminum overload
    the system and can add to chronic liver disease.

  • Lungs: Aluminum dust can have long term effect on the

Anything made of aluminum is toxic to plants, animals and
humans. Anything that's aluminum-based is just plain dangerous.
While aluminum is toxic to the body, there are some good uses
for the stuff...

Good Reasons to Stock Aluminum for Disaster Preparedness:
Aluminum is a chemical element in the boron group and is a soft,
nonmagnetic, ductile metal (capable of being hammered out
thin). It resists corrosion and stands up to heat, making it a very
useful tool to preppers.

While unhealthy to cook with, there are some uses of aluminum
for disaster preparedness to consider:
Jason and Jungleman antiperspirants at the top of the page are
aluminum free alternatives.

#6: Decrease use of aluminum in your medicines.
Limit your intake of large quantities of aluminum-containing
antacids and buffered aspirin. Be vigilent to look for "aluminum
hydroxide" in an antacid. It's there because it treats stomach
acid, such as heartburn, but it's toxic.

While there may be nothing you can do about vaccines, you don't
have to take an antacid that has aluminum.
Try these natural
alternatives to antacids, instead.

#7: Avoid aluminum containers.
Ensuring the products you buy don't contain harmful aluminums,
is one thing, but also consider the container itself!
  • cocoa containers
  • beer and soda come in aluminum cans (opt for glass instead)
  • lip balm containers
  • suntan lotions

#8: Choose cast iron at home and steel cookware for
bugging out.
Knowing that aluminum has been linked with a variety of
problems from inflamed colon to memory loss, should be incentive
enough, but since you're a prepper why not indulge the inner girl
or boy scout in you!? Get cast iron happy beyond the dutch oven
and try a frying pan, or a tortilla press.r It's much healthier to
choose steel or cast iron skillets and kitchen equipment, and
you'll feel more like a prepper.

Get campy with titanium or steel.
Ditch the aluminum camping gear in favor of cast iron for car
camping and stainless steel and titanium for bugging out. Stop
cooking with aluminum and start cooking with cast iron and
stainless steel.

  • Choose a steel water bottle. The Stanley Steel Cook Bottle,
    immediate right is made of steel instead of aluminum and
    has two nesting cups.

  • Steel perculator. Brewing coffee on the stovetop extracts a
    fuller, richer flavor, and now you can do it without worrying
    about aluminum. Try also the Texport percolator in steel.

  • Get a steel mess kit. A Coleman aluminum mess kit is
    around $12, while the Texport steel cook set below is much
    healthier for you and worth the price of around $19.95.
Aluminum Toxicity Warning
Foiled by aluminum and why preppers should beware!

Why preppers should not use aluminum...
Is it okay to cook in aluminum? The answer is no. Aluminum foil
and cookware made of aluminum is toxic to the human body.

Is aluminum toxic? Yes, aluminum is imminently harmful.
Aluminum is a toxic metal that poses increased risks of Alzheimer
disease, dementia, Parkinson’s, and brain deformities.

Foiled again! Aluminum may be lurking in your vaccinations, your
bread,your antiperspirant or deodorant, your bottle of soda,
grated cheese, breath mints and there's likely aluminum
poisoning in your
tap water, too. Unfortunately, you'll find
aluminum in abundance in America in crazy places and it's making
our country sick.

Give up on aluminum cookware because it's toxic*... There's
poison in your pots and pans. Foiled again! There's aluminum
poisoning in your water, grated cheese and breath mints, too.  

Make America great again, starting in your kitchen!
Get rid of aluminum foil, aluminum pots and pans, and aluminum
utensils. Make sure to use aluminum-free baking soda and
antiperspirants. Be cognizant of aluminum hiding in your preps
and take action to learn more about the dangers of aluminum.

Here's more how to avoid
aluminum toxicity...

How to Avoid Aluminum Toxicity

# 1: Know that aluminum is toxic to the body!
Aluminum is among the top three most prevalent of elements
(it's third after oxygen and silicon). Aluminum is everywhere! If
aluminum is the third most prevalent of the elements and it's the
most abundant metal in the earth's crust, then why is aluminum
such a problem to humans?

For starters, all metals can cause disease when put into excess
overload on the body. Aluminum, in particular, damages cell
membranes, particularly in the brain. For more on the topic, read
Toxic Metal Syndrome, how metal poisonings can affect your
by Dr. H. Richard Casdorph and Dr. Morton Walker, pictured
Toxic Metal Syndrome exposes the root causes of the wastes
that cause debilitating conditions and pollute the environment
and explodes the myth that nothing can be done to avoid or treat
them. It's a must read book for anyone who has a family member
with generative-neurologic diseases, such as Alzheimer's,
Parkinson's, or Dementia.

Is aluminum toxic? Yes, aluminum toxicity causes:
  • Brain degeneration (Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, Dimentia)
  • Digestive problems
  • Kidney and liver problems
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Headaches
  • Impaired intellect
  • Memory loss
  • Reduced bone density

Now that you know a little more about the problems aluminum
causes, let's get to where you'll find aluminum. It's everywhere
and nearly impossible to completely escape, but you can certainly
be aware of where it hides.

#2: Discover where aluminum is hiding.
How can you avoid aluminum toxicity? You can't begin to deal
with the problem of aluminum, until you know where to find it.
Unfortunately, it's everywhere in American culture. While you
can't get rid of it entirely, you can certainly be aware of its
whereabouts and limit your exposure.

Once you discover that aluminum is toxic, you'll be shocked to
find it in your everyday products. You'll be surprised that
aluminum also comes in some unexpected places, such as grated
cheeses, beer in aluminum cans, bleached flour, and more.

Aluminum is hiding in dozens of places:
  1. antacids containing aluminum hydroxide
  2. anticaking agents
  3. antiperspirants
  4. astringents
  5. aspirin (buffered)
  6. automobile exhaust
  7. baking powder (unless it's aluminum free)
  8. beer in aluminum cans
  9. bleached flour
  10. breath mints
  11. cake mixes with self-rising flour
  12. ceramics
  13. cheeses (grated or processed with sodium aluminum silicate)
  14. coloring agents
  15. cookware and cooking utensils
  16. cosmetic (aluminum powders are found in mineral based
  17. deodorant (unless it's aluminum free)
  18. dental amalgam fillings
  19. douche
  20. food additives
  21. foot powders
  22. hemorrhoid medicines
  23. nasal spray
  24. non-dairy creamer
  25. pain killers
  26. processed cheese
  27. tobacco
  28. toothpaste
  29. water - Test the water in your municipal water supply or well
  30. wiring in our homes
  31. vaccines (as an adjuvant)

Okay, from the list above, recognize that you can make some
changes in your life. Get you thinking about how to reduce
aluminum toxicity...

#3: Take aluminum out of your diet.
You may be unaware that aluminum is in food products. Here is a
list of foods to avoid with aluminum:
  • cake mixes
  • frozen dough
  • pickles crisped with alum
  • self-rising flour

#4: Ensure your baking powder is aluminum free.
Check your cupboard now for baking powder and see if the
ingredient of your baking powder includes, "Sodium Aluminum
Sulfate (for leavening)." If it does, toss it out and buy instead:

  • Bob's Red Mill Double Acting Aluminum-free Baking
    Powder, pictured right, is a leavener used for baking. It
    releases carbon dioxide when exposed to moisture and heat,
    causing dough and batter to rise. It is gluten free and
    contains no added aluminum. Unlike many other baking
    powder brands that use sodium aluminum phosphate or
    sodium aluminum sulfate as the acid ingredient, this baking
    powder substitutes monocalcium phosphate and sodium acid
    pyrophosphate to create a superior double-acting baking
    powder without the metallic aftertaste.

  • Rumford Aluminum-free baking powder. Another good
    choice is Rumford Baking powder, pictured left. It's also non-
    GMO and gluten free!

#5: Skip aluminum in your antiperspirants and
We found "Aluminum zirconium octachlorohydrex" lurking in Secret
Outlast, an unscented women's clear gel antiperspirant and
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