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Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Poncho
Burn gel packets refills for the prepper medical first aid kit
disposable thermometer cheap pandemic prepping
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Trauma pads
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Cheap preps that are $5 and under
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Paracord Bracelet
Prepper shopping list ideas
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Emergency sleeping bag
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P-51 Miltiary Can Opener
Sterno folding stove
Mylar blanket
Preps $5 and Under
Preparedness, survival and off grid gear for preppers

Preps that are just $5 and under!
If you've got five bucks burning your pocket, then take a close
look at this list of survival gear ~ 40 items five bucks or less.
Virtually everything on this page is around five dollars or less*
and could save your life.

    * Since the original publication of this article, a few of the
    items have gone up in a price, but most are still just $5 and
    under. Prices fluctuate a bit.

Cheap Preps that are around $5
On a budget, prepper? Now you have no excuse! Visit our site for
more survival ideas on the cheap:

Anyone can afford to buff up their survival gear stockpile on a
budget. Trust us, this list is cheap survival gear, but it's all good
stuff. There's more than one way to spend a buck. With just $5
and our list, you're on your way to purchasing necessary survival
items that won't break the bank.

Cheap preps that are around five bucks:

#1: Backpacker's Trowel.
When backpacking or bugging out, consider a trowel. Coghlan's
trowel, pictured immediate right in orange, digs holes and scoops
dirt well and it's, well, dirt cheap! At around $2.11 with free
shipping for Prime members when buying this Add-on item.

#2: BIC lighter.
A BIC lighter is a survival essential and it's the fastest, easiest
and most convenient fire starter you'll own. Highly prized by
survivalists, this is a prep that can cost you around a buck each if
you buy a case using the link above!  During the Bosnian Civil
War, which lasted more than three years, a BIC lighter was useful
and prized because it could be refilled. A BIC lighter is the fire
starter also prized by survivalist Mykel Hawke, who writes about
the ease of use in his book,
Hawke's Special Forces Handbook.

It's cheaper to buy 50 BIC lighters right. The cost works out to
around a buck a lighter. You can buy in smaller amounts, such as
BIC four pack for around five dollars.

#3: Bucket opener.
A bucket opener is essential in the prepper's pantry to pry open
your food storage ~ the five and six gallon buckers of emergency
food require the lid opener and it's worth every penny. It will save
your fingers! It's cheap at just $2.97 (price April 6, 2018).

It's well worth getting several bucket openers for your food
storage. Have a few taped to your buckets and have another
handy in your
prepper's pantry.

#4: Bandanna
A bandanna is a survival tool worth carrying with you on day hikes
and important for camping and survival. We've come up with a
list of more than 130 survival uses of a bandanna.

Pictured right is a fun
military camouflage bandanna that with
shipping costs around $3.

#5: Burn Gel Packets.
Have you looked at your first aid kit lately to see that it includes
burn gel packets? Pictured right, pain relieving
burn gel packets
are perfect for standalone first aid or as a refill for a kit. This gel
provides temporary relief of pain due to minor burns, cuts,
scrapes and abrasions.
Have you set up a burn station?

#6: Chapstick.
Chapstick is an essential everyday carry for so many reasons.
Who knew you could use Chapstick to make a fire starter,
improvise a candle, heal a wound and more. Chapstick, or your
lipbalm is a cheap prep you can get at the dollar stores!

#7: Camouflaged duct tape.
The Duck brand duct tape in a camouflaged design, right is a fun
Duct tape is a survival tool with hundreds of uses.

#8: Drop cloth.
If you search the dollar stores you can find a drop cloth for
around buck. A drop cloth will help in
pandemic prepping to set up
quarantine room, or as a temporary fix to windows. Plus, you
can use it for all your camouflage painting projects.

#9: Disposable thermometer.
Ideal to limit contagion, a disposable thermometer is a good
pandemic preparation to stock. Get a box of 10 disposable
thermometers for around $4.97 and with included shipping.

#10: Energy and Electrolyte Chews.
Energy chews are an inexpensive prep under $5. Energy bites give
you a psychological edge and can save you from pure exhaustion
when bugging out. Some also provide electrolytes, and reduce
cramping. Give energy chews a shot and check out our
review of
energy chews, gels, and tablets

#11: Emergency blankets.
The Emergency blanket in orange pictured right is just . Learn
how to use a Mylar blanket properly. The SOL emergency blanket
right in orange is just $3.99 and that includes the shipping!  
Shelter yourself from the elements with the heatsheets material
that is windproof and waterproof. More durable than Mylar, this
blanket resists tearing and will not shred like Mylar blankets if
nicked or punctured.

For around $8.99 with Prime, you can get the an emergency
sleeping bag!This heavy-duty emergency sleeping bag is tear-
resistant, reusable, and comes with drawstring carrying bag for
your convenience—a great addition to your gear for hiking,
camping, hunting, boating, fishing, survival and emergency kits.

#12: Folding scissors.
You'll find the need for scissors in your bugout bag, but in case
you don't have a Swiss Army knife with scissors included, then
you'll want this handy folding scissor set. It's also a nice addition
to a first aid kit (and we also recommend trauma shears).

handy pair of scissors by Dritz, pictured right, folds small to
it in a bag or pocket without causing damage. At around $4.63
with included shipping, this won't cut into your prepping budget.

#13: Folding stove
The Sterno Folding stove, pictured slightly lower right, is just
$4.88 for Prime members as an add-on item. The stove is easy to
assemble and features a durable, corrosion resistant frame and
wind-shield heat panels. Use Sterno green canned heat for best
results, but you can use sticks in an emergency.

#14: Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich.
Mountain House freeze dried ice cream sandwiches, pictured right,
could really boost morale in a survival situation. The kids will like
it and you can always use it for a stocking stuffer or just an
anytime treat for the kids.

Have one shipped to you for around $5, just to try. They are a bit
chalky and have a novelty appeal to them. They taste a bit like
merengue cookies, but heavier and more satisfying.

#15: Hydrocortisone ointment.
Necessary relief for skin irritation and rashes; hydrocortisone
ointment eases inflammation and redness from insect bites;
poison ivy, oak, and sumac. Also effective for eczema, psoriasis,
and seborrheic dermatitis, such relief in a time of crisis is
unimaginable, hydrocortisone can also help with relief of itching
from detergents, cosmetics, jewelry and external genital and anal

Hydrocortisone is available in cream packets, pictured right for
your first aid kits for just $2.25.

#16: Iodine Prep pads.
For around $1.73 Iodine prep pads for your first aid kit will help
you prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and minor burns.
Povidone Iodine (10 percent USP) antiseptic wipes is a first aid
antiseptic and germicide.

#17: Krazy Glue.
Super glue has many super cool uses for preppers. Be sure to
have some on hand.

#18: LED light.
The mini Mini LED Flashlight pictured is a great deal and a
powerful little light at around $5 with shipping.

#19: Light Load Towels.
Lightload Towels are compact discs and the only towels that are
survival tools. Use them as a towel, wash cloth fire starter, first
aid supplement, diaper, insulator, static electricity insulator,
mask and more improvised uses. At around $4 for two, it's a nice
addition to your bugout bag.

#20: Military can openers.
Survival can openers do more than just open cans. Use them as a
cutting edge, screw driver, seam ripper, groove cleaner and more.
Pictured at the top right of the page and bottom right hand of the

#21: Military gum.
A gum that provides energy or alertness could be the edge
needed to get out of a sticky situation.

#22: Mylar bags.
Mylar is an incredible material first made for space exploration.
Somewhere along the line someone discovered the usefulness
beyond space travel. In addition to the popular balloons you may
get for birthdays, Mylar has a food storage use that's incredibly

Mylar bags when paired with oxygen absorbers can provide a
hundred years of protection from oxidation, mold, and bugs. Be
sure to store your Mylar bags stuffed with food into a food grade
bucket or rodents may find a way to gnaw through the tough
material which is puncture resistant.

#23: Mylar blankets.
Mylar retains and reflects body heat, and it's also waterproof and
weatherproof. It's lifesaving gear for around $5. There are many
ways to use Mylar, but for retaining body heat most preppers
aren't using them properly.

#24: Orange essential oil
Poya sweet orange essential oil, pictured right, is around $3.30
and with free shipping. Orange sweet (Citrus Sinesis Dulcis)
contains about 90% limonene, which is in many household
cleaners, making it an earth friendly alternative to many common
household cleaners.

orange essential oil a part of your overall survival plan. Not
only will it calm your mind and emotions after stressful day in
crisis, it helps to purify the air in your home and will leave you
feeling refreshed. It has many medicinal values!

#25: Paracord survival bracelet.
Made with real 550 paracord, the survival bracelet pictured right
comes with a whistle and a flint firestarter for well under $3, but
be forewarned that it ships from China. It's worth the wait
because this paracord survival bracelet also has a whistle buckle
and a scraper that you can use as a knife.

#26: Purell sanitizing wipes.
Purell cottony sanitizing wipes contain 62% ethyl alcohol -- a
formula that kills 99.99% of most common germs that may make
you sick. Moisturizers, vitamins A and E and aloe help maintain
healthy skin. You get 18 individually packaged wipes for less than

#27: Ration Bars.
Ration bars are not the same as food bars. Unlike food bars,
ration bars are non-thirst provoking and have rations with specific
calories. If you look, uou can
find ration bars for around $5.

#28: Seatbelt cutter.
After a bad car accident a few seconds can mean the difference
between life and death. The
seatbelt cutter emergency tool easily
cuts the seatbelt to escape being trapped in a burning or sinking
vehicle and helps easily break windows giving you an escape
route when the windows don't work. You get two shipped for
around $9.99 if you have Prime. That's about  five bucks each.
Put one in each of your vehicles or give one as a gift!

#29: Shard Key Chain Tool.
Gerber's Shard tool, pictured immediate right, has seven useful
functions: small flat driver, medium flat driver, cross driver, pry
bar, wire stripper, lanyard hole, and bottle opener. It is light
enough to carry on your key chain, but tough and durable enough
for everyday use.  It's around $5.99 and with available free

#30: Splinter tweezers (or Splinter Out).
An often overlooked prep, splinter tweezers will help you not only
avoid the pain, but avoid infections!
Medipoint's Splinter Out
splinter remover come 20 per box, and are for one-time use only.
Use Splinter-Out with the sterile point to gently loosen the skin
around a splinter until it can be lifted out...

#31: Survival Medicine Handbook.
You can download the Survival Medicine Handbook for $0.00 for
your Kindle or tablet. It's a $39.95 value and totally free for the
taking. See the bottom right hand of the page.

#32: Survival poncho.
The emergency Survival Poncho, pictured right, Gerber Bear Grylls,
is around $4.60 and with free available shipping when you click
the link and not the image!

#33: Tarp (brown, grommeted).
Every prepper should own a tarp or two and there's a good one is
the Stansport Reinforced Brown Rip-Stop Tarp pictured right A
tarp can help camouflage your gear. Avoid a blue tarp which will
attract too much attention!

The Stansport Reinforced Brown Rip-Stop Tarp is available as an
add-on item for around $4.80. The size of the tarp and the deal
changes, so click around using the link immediate right.

#34: Tinderquik.
In use by military forces around the world, Tinderquik fire tabs,
pictured immediate right, complement your Spark-Lite purchase
and make sure you've got plenty of fire-starting ability. Each
Tinder-Quik is specially treated to high standards to ensure the
cotton is waterproof and provides more than adequate burn times
for starting fires. Together they are around $8.99 and this
includes the shipping. Pictured right, be sure to click the link and
watch the video.

#35: Trauma pads (combine APD Pad).
Sterile trauma pads absorb drainage from pressure sores come in
a box of five for around $4.79 and with included shipping. The
Combine APD pad, pictured at the bottom of the page is a great
way to customize your first aid kit.

#36: Water Bags.
Originally designed for laboratory work, Whirl-Pak bags, survival
water bags, make great emergency water collection, purification,
and storage bags, and are also great for storing food. They're
completely sterile and food-safe, and will not leach harmful
chemicals into your water or food supply.

#37: Water bottle six-packs (five).
The dollar store is an inexpensive place to pick up extra water.
You can get five six-packs of water for $5 (though sometimes the
deposit costs are added to your bill). Or look for bottled water on
sale at your local grocery store. The benefit of bottles is that you
can transport life saving water more easily than through larger
water storage tanks. Your emergency preparedness plans should
include water storage in many different containers.

#38: Waterproof matches
A "must have" in your bugout bag is waterproof matches, but be
warned that the quality of waterproof matches varies widely. The
term "waterproof" simply means the matches will light after
getting wet. This is much different from stormproof matches
which will continue to light even when submerged underwater.

#39: Wetfire.
The perfect accompaniment to any fire starter, WetFire tinder can
help you get a blaze going even in a downpour.  The cubes
actually burn longer when wet! Individually packaged in a
lightweight solid cube form, it won't leak or foul up your other

#40: Whistle (Survival).  
A survival whistle leverages wind power to allow a high decibel
sound to emit at long distances. This saves energy as it
simultaneously allows the signal to travel longer distances (a
mile or more) than a voice would be able to carry. When camping
under normal conditions, a survival whistle is essential if you
become lost; however, in times when survival communications
must be more obscure, a bird call could be more effective.

#41: Zip ties.
Anytime a prepper needs to bind two or more things together: zip
ties provide the answer!
Zip ties have dozens of survival uses.

#42 Dollar store finds.
Need more ideas? You'll find hundreds of survival items for a buck
at the dollar stores.

Our Favorite Preps $10 and under

Canister Camp Stove with Piezo Ignition, 3.9 oz.
The ultralight tiny stove, pictured at the bottom of the page with
an orange box, is just 3.9oz packed in case. It has an adjustable
flame (does not include gas base). With more than 1,300 almost
perfect 5-star customer reviews, you can't go wrong. It sneaks in
on this list as sometimes it's just $5.99 (and this includes the
shipping). Curiosity alone is a great reason to buy this little

Camp suds.
Ensure your utensils and cooking equipment don't make you sick
by cleaning them. Camp suds can help wash dishes and your body
too! Best of all, Camp Suds won't harm the environment.

Coughlan's Folding Stove.
Coghlan's folding stove, pictured right. This folding stove is ideal
because it takes Coghlan's camp heat or any other type of canned
fuel Additionally, you could use it over a small fire burning twigs,
so you really don't even need to bring any canned fuel!

With an easy setup in seconds, it's a great little stove that folds
up to less than 1/2" thick. It's a well-made and sturdy product for
under $10 with shipping, or around $7.50 on Prime with included
shipping. Pair it with the biolite!

Potable Aqua.
In 35 minutes you can have drinking water with Potable Aqua.
Portable Aqua iodine tablets will disinfect contaminated drinking
water in a pinch. The tablets, which are intended for short-term
or limited emergency use only, make most water bacteriologically
suitable for drinking, proving effective against Giardia lamblia
when used as directed.

Bega canned cheese.
Bega canned cheese, pictured right, has a natural cream color,
medium cheddar flavor and pleasing texture. It's easy to cut,
grate and slice and it's delicious. This product does not require
refrigeration and has a shelf life of 24 months.] It's packaged in
Australia for folks who don't have refrigeration, like many
outdoorsmen, survivalists and campers. Gourmet cheeses are
aged in cellars for years to enhance their flavor; since this canned
cheddar cheese is sealed in a sterile environment, there's no
reason that it can't be stored and used indefinitely. Just keep it
reasonably cool, protect it from freezing as with any other
cheese, and safeguard the cans from outside moisture that could
cause external rust-through.

Survival candles.
Getting a set of survival candles for less than $5 is something to
ponder when even one candle usually costs much more than that,
but it's true. For $3.99 and with free shipping you get five five-
inch candles, pictured right.

There you have it: 50 clever ways to spend just a handful of
dollars prepping. We missed the 50th, you say? Well, #50 is your
knowledge! There are dozens of
Kindle books for $5 or less (some
even free) where you can gain valuable knowledge from other

How to save money to buy the preps you really want...
If you're prepping on a budget you can find wiggle room for more
preps with just a few tweaks to your normal routine. Best of all,
you can save money for more preps without denying yourself

Happy endings...
A penny saved is a penny earned. Become thrifty so that you can
find the means on any budget to get the things you need for
survival. This list of 50 five dollar preps proves you can prep on
any budget. With five dollars in your hand, you can head to
garage sales and dollar stores. What's more, you can grow your
own produce so you'll have more money for preps.

Pay yourself $5 each paycheck, before you pay your bills and
you'll find that even on the smallest budget you can afford to

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