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The video above shares the basics of the standard hurricane lantern, including
a description of the parts, how they work and how to use them.

You'll want to stock several oil lamps along with ample lamp oil
and a supply of wicks in anticipation of an off-grid scenario. Oil
lamps can run on kerosene, paraffin oil, citronella oil or even a
vegetable oil, such as olive oil. In fact, if you have rancid oil, you
should consider it fuel!

Happy endings...
True emergency preparedness is having several sources of lighting
available, such as solar and hand crank lamp, so be sure to check
out our other off-grid lighting sources, too.

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Dietz hurricane lamps
Lamplight Oil Lamp
oil lanterns
Living without electricity
Oil Lamps and Lanterns
Happy off-grid lighting options

Oil lamps are the happiest off grid lighting solution.
When unexpected darkness strikes, preppers and survivalists can
strike up a match and some conversation with the ambient
lighting of an oil lamp. With the charm of yesteryear, hurricane oil
lamps provide ambiance and practicality in terms of emergency
lighting for preppers. It's happy off-grid lighting!

The Amish use oil lamps too because they are both practical and
inexpensive compared to candles. While the average candle has
the power to light just 7-8 hours, the typical burn time of a
hurricane oil lamp is 10-20 hours. A true oil lamp has a glass
chimney and a control nob.

What are the best oil lamps and lanterns? Check out the happiest
off grid lighting solutions below...

The Happiest Off-grid Lighting
From pioneers to preppers and modern day Amish, everyone
classic hurricane lamp, right, burns kerosene, lamp oil,
citronella or liquid paraffin.

#1: Hurricane oil lamps.
With a distinctive primitive look, hurricane oil lamps, sometimes
called railroad lanterns, farmer's lanterns or blizzard lanterns, are
loved by collectors and available brand new.

True hurricane lanterns can take kerosene oil and they'll work in
all weather conditions.Unpainted lanterns may rust if exposed to
the elements, but will work perfectly just the same.

A hurricane oil lamp has a glass chimney, that shelters the wick
and flame even in high winds. Use them indoors for an emergency
or added ambiance or take them camping.

  • Dietz Hurricane Oil Lamp. The red Dietz Hurricane Lamp,
    pictured right is named the #76 Original Oil Burning Lantern.
    This classic hurricane oil lamp is both charming and useful.
    It's available in a variety of colors and includes lamp globe
    burner and wick strip. Pack some country charm with the Red
    Hurricane Oil Lamp, pictured at the top of the page.
    Reminiscent of an antique railroad lantern, you'll find a
    sturdy little lamp at an affordable price. Picture it with a red
    and white checked table cloth and imagine the ambiance it
    will provide you at your next barbecue.

  • Feuerhand hurricane lantern. Made of sturdy galvanized
    steel the Feuerhand hurricane lantern, by Vermont Lanterns,
    pictured right, is made in Germany. This hurricane lantern
    works in all weather conditions, and burns two times brighter
    compared to standard table lamp of equal wick size.

    Safe for indoors and outdoors, the galvanized steel resists
    rust and corrosion. Special developed burner element there is
    no flickering and sooting from the flame. A special seal
    inside the tank ensures there is no risk of leakage. Thermal
    heat-resistant globes won't crack when exposed to rain or
    snow. Ships securely bubble wrapped too. If craftsmanship is
    what you're looking for in an oil lamp, then choose the
    Vermont Lantern's Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern.

  • Stansport Small Hurricane Lantern. Cast a reliable light
    with the classic Stansport 12" Kerosene Hurricane Lantern.
    Rugged metal construction promises long-lasting use, and
    the glass globe and adjustable wick lend versatility.

  • Burn time: 20 hours.
  • Colors: galvanized steel,  White, Black, pictured rihgt
  • Size: 8 or 12 inches tall
  • Other: Includes wick with control knob for fully
    adjustable brightness
  • Best oil: Kerosene or standard lamp oil recommended,
    do not overfill
  • Price: $12.96- $24.75 depending on size
Vovo lantern
Klean Heat
Vermont Lantern Brass Mini
Vermont Lantern
Living without Electricity
Above is the classic hurricane lantern by Stanisport.

Classic Amish Style Oil Lamps
The Amish lead an essential, simple life without electricity.
Stephen Scott and Kenneth Pellman have encapsulated Amish life
in their book, pictured right. Featured on the cover of this highly-
rated book is a simple lantern with a glass chimney.

  • light a room without electricity
  • keep warm without centralized heating
  • get around without a car,
  • communicate without a phone
  • cook and store food
  • pump water and wash clothes without electricity

  • Lamplight Oil lamp. In the Amish style with a lamplight
    chimney is the Lamplight Oil Lamp pictured right. Highly
    rated, yet fragile, the Lamplight Oil Lamp creates everyday
    ambiance and provides reliable lighting during times of
    emergency making it a household necessity during power
    outages. Think of it as mood lighting. This lamp provides a
    dainty glimpse of yesteryear.

  • Best oils: For best results, use with Ultra-Pure oil or
    Medallion Lamp Oil.
  • Colors: Now available in 4 finishes. Choose from
    Polished Brass, Antique, Nickel Chrome and brushed
  • Best oils. Burns standard Lamp Oil or Kerosene.
  • Burn time: 20 hours. Holds up to 8.5 ounces of fuel

  • Vermont Oil Lanterns. In the Amish style with an amber
    glass, the Vermont Brass Mini Oil lamp is made of solid
    brass. A perfect blend of form and function our oil lamps add
    to any decor, as well as being fully operational for ambient
    and emergency lighting. With a very low fuel consumption,
    this oil lantern us a sweet table accent lighting.

  • Size: 6.5 inches tall, 3-inches in diameter at the base.
  • Colors: Choose from Polished Brass, Antique, Nickel
    Chrome and brushed Pewter.
  • Burn time: 10 hours

Kersosene Oil Lamps.
Kerosene is a light and traditional fuel for oil lamps and heaters.
Kerosene is an easy fuel to store and kerosene lamps provide
prepper ambiance and the happiest off grid lighting solution! Be
sure to store fuel in the proper blue container as mixing fuel is
dangerous. Kersosene is an effective cleaning solvent as well.

The oil lamps on this page run on different kinds of fuels:

  • K1 Kerosene: Kerosene Fuel, pictured right, is a one gallon
    bottle of pure, K-1 grade kerosene. This clean burning fuel
    for kerosene burning appliances such as heaters, stoves and
    wick-type hurricane lamps and lanterns.  

Paraffin oil lamps.
Liquid paraffin comes from a waxy solid paraffin, which is a fuel
extracted from petrolium.

With Ultra-Pure Lamp Oil, you get 32-fluid ounces of clear
smokeless and odorless 99%  pure liquid wax paraffin candle and
lamp liquid.)

Citronella oil lamps.
There are three kinds of citronella oil. Citronella essential oil has
many uses.

IMPORTANT: Use citronella as fuel for an oil lamp, but be sure to
get the right kind, and don't think that citronella essential oil is
the same thing as citronella lamp oil, and even then, be aware
that there are different kinds of citronella lamp oils.

There are three different kinds of citronella oils!

  • Citronella Clean Fuel lamp oil (clear), pictured immediate
    right, is longer Burning than Paraffin Lamp Oil. This is the
    formula that repels mosquitoes and it's  fuel that's clean
    burning and virtually odorless. Clean fuel citronella lamp oil
    is not for use on Tiki lamps, tabletop fireplaces, effusion
    lamps or catalytic lamps that require gel fuel or alcohol
    based fuel. It is also not for use on humans.

  • Island Lights Outdoor Citronella lamp oil (yellow) is a mix of
    5% citronella and 95% petroleum base, and it's not for
    internal use, which is why it features a large skull and cross
    bones on the packaging! It's also for outdoor use only.

  • Citronella essential oil and olive oil (home made recipe).
    You can mix your favorite citronella essential oil with olive
    oil. For a potent mix, try ten to twenty drops of citronella
    essential oil.

Vegetables oils.
You can use rancid oil as fuel for an oil lamp.

Oil Lamps
Lamp oils provide fuel for indoor lamps in case of emergencies
and last longer than candles. You'll find they provide a romantic
aesthetic alternative to electric light or battery operated likght.

You'll find some of the best lamp oil at Amazon to fuel your
lanterns and indoor lamps. They can last longer than candles or
firewood, and provide a more romantic aesthetic than electric

Want a do it yourself oil lamp project?
Creating your own oil lamp is both inexpensive and fun. There are
canning jar attachments (see the bottom of the page), so you can
quickly convert ordinary Mason jars into unique oil lamp
conversation pieces! Or re purpose a wine bottle for the purpose
of making a romantic and functional oil lamp.

  • Canning Jar attachments. Completely assembled burners
    with a 2-3/4" inside diameter Mason Jar Lid affix to your
    mason jars to create an oil lamp. The lids fit regular width
    mason style canning jars. Includes a pack of 4 burners. The
    bright brass plated steel burners include wick adjusting knob
    and 6" cotton wicks.

  • Wine bottle attachments. Create a wine glass candle,
    pictured at the lower right hand of the page, with lamp oil
    inserts for bottles. The clear glass insert is crafted into a
    smoothly flowing, tapered spiral. Fill the insert with any
    good quality lamp oil, insert it into your favorite wine bottle,
    light the wick, and you have instant mood lighting.

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