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Online antifa
How Antifa is using Wikipedia to influence U.S. politics

Wikipedia fascists and how to spot them...
They aren't wearing black bloc or marching with staffs and flags
to intimidate. They aren't punching perceived fascists, but they
are showing a disturbing online presence in the American political
landscape. They are the online Antifa and they've taken complete
control of Wikipedia on all issues political in the United States.

Instead of being overtly racist, the left-wing Antifa activists have
ushered in a new era of subversive racism, of conflation, of
obfuscation and of hatred ~ and they have extended terrorism
quietly to the Internet through Wikipedia to advance their agenda
of fighting conservatives. In short, Wikipedia has allowed foreign
actors to infiltrate the tapestry of our political landscape.

The Antifa organizes and mobilizes through Wikipedia and here's
what you need to know...

Who is the Online Antifa?
The online Antifa is a network of clandestine Wikipedia editors
who have banned together collectively to shape the narrative of
American politics and also to alter U.S. history to fit their agenda.
They are the Orwellian “thought police,” some of them foreign
actors, and all of them using the deceptive veil of anti-facism to
shape politics in the United States with nefarious disinformation
and propaganda. They are
Wikipedia fascists!

Say what? The antifacists are really the fascists?
Yes! In simplest terms, according to Macmillan for Children
(Simon & Schuster books), fascism is "a political system led by a
dictator in which all industry is controlled by the government.
Fascism encourages extreme nationalism and does not allow
people to have opposing political ideas." That last part is rather
significant. Antifa and the Online Antifa does not allow people to
have opposing political ideas. To suppress thought in the
information age, they're engaging in an online war! It is an online
dictatorship under control of foreign adversaries.

The online Antifa are actively engaged in an information war that
is far worse than any Russian Bot propaganda or algorithm
shadowbanning that Twitter or Facebook could ever conceive to
ban conservative thought. The Antifa are online thugs who admit
to engaging in conflicts both online and in person. This is the
favorite page on Wikipedia for the Antifa fascists:
Wikipedia fascists ~ the online antifa
Above, is a compilation of racist tweets from Sarah Jeong (researched by It turns out you don't have to be white to be racist!

It's not just biographies of the living, the online Antifa are
dominating the political landscape by altering history or stating
myths as facts:

  • Orval Faubus: The online Antifa Wikipedians are masters at
    manipulation. Faubus was a known racist and segregationist.
    The Democratic Governor was no civil rights champion, but if
    you were a kid you might not catch it reading the Wikipedia
    bio. Instead of admitting Faubus was infamous for
    segregation the biased Wikipedian editors wrote of Faubus:
    that he was "best remembered" for his stand against
    desegregation, using a double negative to confuse the
    reader into think he was a civil rights activist when he was
    just the opposite: an angry Democratic racist!

  • The Southern Strategy: Another past-time of Wikipedian
    antifa members is conflating a political theorem and
    arguable a myth into a factual matter. The Souther Strategy
    is highly debated by scholars, including Dr. Carol M. Swain.
    (We've captured Dr. Swain's video on the timeline of how the
    parties never switched).

So who are the online antifa?
They are a subset of Wikipedia editors clustering their efforts
around Post War politics to  collectively shape the narrative and
alter the course of history. This nefarious group cleverly has
infiltrated Wikipedia and other sites, such as to attain
administrative privileges and then employ tactics in unison to ban
other editors.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security should investigate, by
means of cooperation with the Wikipedia umbrella organization,  
following Wikipedians in the interest of National security.

What can you do about the online Antifa?
#1: Treat them like potential domestic terrorists. Recognize
that the online Antifa are not
unlike MS-13 gang members who
smuggle drugs using an underground network to bypass the
proper channels of authority. While MS-13 gang members are drug
smugglers, the online Antifa are smugglers of information! The
online Antifa are using Wikipedia to smuggle an ideological
thought and then to implant it into the blackmarket of the Web.
In other words, they smuggle their ideas across the border!

Recognize that much of what you receive on Wikipedia comes
from foreign actors who are smuggling in their propaganda iwith
the express purpose of sowing discord into the stream of political
consciousness in the United States.

#2: Beware that Wikipedia is the platform for the online
As the prepper expression has it, knowledge weighs
nothing." It's important to acknowledge that Wikipedia isn't just
a source of bad information, it's also a source of intentional
misinformation, (or propaganda). Make sure your kids are aware
of the misinformation and how dangerous it is to spread the

For research projects, it's always wise to cite at least three
sources and to ensure that these sources don't share the same
information source, which might be Wikipedia.

#3: Trust only vintage books with the correct definitions of
socio-political thought.
Inform your kids and simply do not trust online sources for your
definitions. Instead, consult children's books or a vintage
dictionary or encyclopedias for terminology. Know that the
definitions have changed in part with thanks to the Wikipedian
"thought police."

#4: Be aware of other antifa vehicles. While Wikipedia is at the
very nucleus of the fascist movement, the Antifa use other open
source collaboration tools to help attain the narrative and assert
control, such as

If you see something, say something!
You've already been trained to say something if you see unusual
behavior in a public arena or airport. Use this same counter-
terrorism tactic when getting information online.

If you should find yourself a victim of online Antifa vigilantism,
contact the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Report
suspicious activity here:

Happy endings...
You can't fight the thought police if you don't know who the
thought police are. Now you know ~ they are the propagandists
who run the Wikipedia. You must appreciate your first
Amendment rights to have freedom of speech and to remember
that the online Antifa wants to remove your rights.

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Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
This is not just another conspiracy theory.
The online Antifa is a network of clandestine Wikipedia editors
who've banned together collectively to shape the narrative of
American politics and alter U.S. history to fit a nefarious agenda.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has already
alerted the public about Antifa in the following publications:
State of New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness

According to a article, the United States
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) declared the activities of
Antifa as “
domestic terrorist violence” in 2017, and yet the Antifa
underground (
Wikipedian editors on our watch list) have entoirelu
missed public scrutiny.

Why does the online Antifa use Wikipedia?
The online Antifa are collectively channeling resources ~ not only
to shape politics, but to alter history by aggressively dominating
the public forum of Wikipedia, which is an easy-to-use and a free
platform. Through Wikipedia as a venue, the online antifa co-
conspirators shape the political landscape with propaganda and
lies leveraging a false premise that there is consensus building
when in fact it is not.

With regards to the antifa agenda, Wikipedian agents control the
narrative using their intricate network of online antifa colluders to:
Organize and advertise their own violent rallies or counter rallies
to disallow free speech
  • Shape the public perception of antifa to create the illusion
    that they are peaceful activists
  • Create a public perception that Trump supporters are causing
  • Redefine definitions such as terrorism, racism or fascism in a
    narrative that fits the Antifa playbook. They begin by saying
    there is "no universal" definition, when in fact there is. This
    strategy helps them shape a new definition that suits their
  • Create a false narrative about the Nazis (labeling the Nazi
    faction as right-wing, when they were left-wing members of
    a socialist party historically inaccurate and yet they get away
    with altering history to meet their needs)
  • Defame public figures (mostly conservatives, )
  • Conflate ideologies as being left-wing or right-wing, altering
    historical accuracy

How does the online antifa shape American politics?
On one hand, the online antifa are shaping the political narrative
in the United States with Orwellian tactics spreading propaganda
through a network of content providers using the vessel of
Wikipedia. They are the thought police! On the other hand, the
online antifa have infiltrated Wikipedia’s administrator ranks
nominating themselves into an online militia to enforce the antifa
narrative on the public and collectively work towards banning
editors who don’t fit their political bias.

Working within the framework of Wikipedia, which is a worldwide
public forum, the online antifa shape politics in the United States
by employing foreign actors who are mostly from the United
Kingdom in collusion with the antifa ranks within the United

Banding together, they use Wikipedia’s rules to conflate their
agenda and to gain traction towards the antifa playbook. They
will make minor edits to give an opposite meaning. In so doing
suddenly a Republican historical figure who is a civil rights
champion becomes the ugly segregationist. All it takes for the
online antifa co-conspirators is the swift action of a minor edit
from one antifa collaborator and then another series of sudden
changes from another antifa collaborator to alter the paragraph
enough so that locks in the change, which makes it difficult for
other editors to revert their series of actions.

What are the tactics employed by the online Antifa?
The nefarious Wikipedians use a tactic called swarm. Swarm has
the singular purpose of identifying dissent from the collective
narrative and then blocking editors who don't fit the narrative at
every opportunity. The other editors swarm them and overwhelm
them with online threats, misinterpretations of their authority on
Wikipedia and fabrication of rules.

Using Swarm, the online antifa band together to report “incidents”
of article vandalism, edit warring, and the like to alert other
members of the online organization. Using coded language and
administrative privileges on Wikipedia, they engage in cyber-
warfare to mitigate, silence or attack any editor whom they deem
unfit. Under the guise of Swarm tactics, they are able to get rid of
Wikipedian editors through attrition.

Tactics under the swarm may include any of several bullying
  • false accusations
  • ambiguous accusations (saying the content is meaningless or
  • Blocking user talk page so the editor can’t defend accusations
  • railroading, hounding and harassment
  • policy misuse or
  • communication pile-ons to confuse new editors
  • Incivility and personal attacks
  • Hiding parts or all of talk pages
  • Deleting sentences to remove trace threats
  • Inserting words to change the meaning

Wearing away the enemy has been an effective strategy;
however, those unwilling to submit to the relentless badgering
and misuse of Wikipedia’s rules will eventually find themselves
getting banned under false pretenses. The political thoughts
unapproved by the Antifa party are mostly to disguise their
initiatives. They are shadowy activists who try to hide, much like
the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, you should think of Antifa as the
updated Ku Klux Klan! The "new" Ku Klux Klan has a new name
and it's Antifa.

What has the online Antifa done to shape politics?
The online Antifa has slowly infiltrated Wikipedia by leveraging
control over it and using it as a free resource. Under the guise
that the site presents itself as a consensus building source of
information, the online Antifa is deceiving The reality is that
Wikipedia is anything but a consensus building and a reliable
resource. Wikipedia has become an intricately woven web of
deceit and a threat to national security because foreign
operatives are shaping the political landscape. The online Antifa
are vigilantes.

For starters, the online antifa have carefully controlled their
online page ~
Wikipedia page on antifa. The carefully controlled
narrative purposefully hides the following:

  • Black bloc: The online Antifa doesn’t want to acknowledge
    their use of black bloc hoods because of the correlation
    effect it has with the KKK who wore white bloc hoods. It is
    part of the conflation and control they exude online. Black
    bloc is an unofficial dress code of antifa. They wear black
    clad clothing, including black balacalvas, black bandannas,
    black hoodies and other head covering. They also employ use
    of sunglasses, goggles or gas masks. Predominantly they
    wear black pants, militant boots and gloves. The tacit makes
    presents a show of force and makes it difficult to identify
    individual members The advantage of a black clad group is
    that it allows the group to appear as a unified mass. Antifa
    members use the tactic to evade authorities.

What online pages most Interests Online Antifa?
The online Antifa, depending on their agenda can shape articles
to benefit their political bias on biographies. With a few
keystrokes or reverts the can intentionally defame living figures
or to mold their reputation in an unfavorable light without
recourse (even Twitter restores personal control to verified
celebrities and public figures):

  • Candace Owens (defame): Online Antifa members have  
    altered Ms. Owens' biography to minimize her credentials,
    through edit warring corrections of her education and title
    (even though other editors provided proper citations). The
    online Antifa Wikipedians in so doing attempt to discredit
    her public persona, among other manipulation of biography.

  • Dinesh D’Souza (defame): The intention is to vilify and
    berate Mr. D'Souza and to position him somehow as less of
    an American and less trustworthy by drawing attention to a
    guilty plea for which he was pardoned. en.wikipedia.

  • Sarah Jeong: (flatter and laud): Wikipedians in the online
    Anifa terrorist wing also use the site to praise racists,
    including Sarah Jeong portraying them in the best possible
    light. The Online Antifa strategy was to lock other editors so
    they were unable to add any trace lining her to the racist
    remarks she apologized for or even to link credible news
    articles about her.
Sarah Jeong
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