Review of Water Filters

Prepper Water Filter Options
Review of water filter options for preppers

Review of water filters.
Water is something no prepper takes for granted. Water is life!
There are three basic kinds of water filters a prepper needs:

  • Reservoir filter. A gravity-fed water filter is a prepper must
    have survival tool. Everyday water filter with a big reservoir
    to handle problems with the municipal water supply. Think
    Flint Michigan, where it took months for the city to rectify it's
    lead problem.

  • Travel filter. Preppers need a backpacker-style water filter.
    This should be a sturdy, hopefully silver-impregnated filter,
    such as a Katadyn water filter.

  • Water straws. Finally, preppers should stock a waterstraw.
    Truthfully, waterstraws suck, but they are useful to stash in
    the glove compartment for roadside emergencies or for day
    hikes, for example.

Best water filters for preppers
Never be without a water filter. Below are the best types of water
filters for preppers.

#1: Alexapure: long term water purifier.
Never worry about the safety of your drinking water again with
AlexaPure Stainless Steel Water Filtration System. Pictured
immediate right, the AlexaPure water reservoir system removes
up to 99.9999% of water impurities, including lead, bacteria,
viruses, cysts, chlorine, fluoride, TCP, and
E. coli. The raw water
capacity of an AlexaPure is: 8.5 liters  or 2.25 gallons. The
filtered water capacity is 8.5 liters or 2.25 gallons.

Compare AlexaPure to a
Big Berkey water filtration system.
AlexaPure has a raw water capacity: 2.25 gallons (8.5 liters) and
a purified water capacity: 2.25 gallons (8.5 liters). Like the Big
Berkey it requires no electrical or battery power, entirely gravity
fed and filters water from any fresh source. Each filter has a
capacity of up to 5,000 gallons of water.

Groundbreaking gravity block core filter with hybrid ceramic shell
Pour unfiltered water in, get sparkling clean drinking water out;
Performance of filters may vary due to source water conditions,
water turbidity and seasonal water conditions

#2: Berkey Water Filters.
The Big Berkey water filter, pictured right is a prepper favorite
and ideal for everyday use.  It's also portable for long camping
trips. This reservoir water system is better than a water cooler.

The Big Berkey is a favorite among preppers because it has long
filter life (up to 3,000 gallons per filter element). This powerful
system purifies both treated water and untreated raw water from
such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and
water supplies in foreign countries, where regulations may be
substandard at best! Big Berkey is made of quality stainless steel.
here's a nice selection of Berkey Water filters and most systems
are expandable and come with two Big Berkey System filter
elements, plus a six-month warranty. The elements have a two
year warranty.

There are seven to choose from:

  1. Go Berkey. The Go Berkey is a one-person water filter that
    holds one quart of water. Consider it your personal water
    filtration system and everyday water bottle! It's great for
    hunting, hiking and camping and provides a capacity up to 50
    gallons per day.
  2. Travel Berkey. The Travel Berkey holds 1.5 gallons of water
    and fits into suitcase! It provides up to 60 gallons of water a
    day. Like the others, it's made and assembled in the USA.
  3. Big Berkey. The Big Berkey is the Berkey water filter perfect
    for most families. It holds 2.5 gallons serving 3-5 people,
    and provides up to 168 gallons a day, which is ideal for most
    prepper families!
  4. Berkey Light. The Berkey Light holds 2.75 gallons and it's
    clear ~ made of a BPA free and lightweight plastic so you
    can see the water. It's a great option for bugging out or just
    for sporting activities, like camping. It provides up to 192
    gallons of fresh filtered water daily.
  5. Royal Berkey. The Royal Berkey holds 32.5 gallons and
    holds up to 190 gallons a day. This Berkey is great for
    medium to large size families (6-12 people) and is another
    excellent choice for preppers.
  6. Imperial Berkey. The Imperial Berkey holds 4.5 gallons is
    intended for small to medium sized groups (much more than
    a dozen people) and provides as much as 325 gallons of
    water filtration a day.  Each Black Berkey Filter Element has
    a lifespan of 3,000 gallons. That’s an incredible 6,000
    gallons for a two-filter system and you can clean them up to
    100 times using a Scotch-Brite pad.
  7. Crown Berkey. The Crown Berkey holds about 6 gallons and
    works best for medium to large groups (from a few dozen to
    up to 150 people) and gives the capacity to filter up to 624
    gallons a day. Consider this Berkey if you expect work groups
    to show up on your property when the stuff hits the fan or if
    you are travelling on a religious or peace missions.

#3: Katadyn water filter.
Katadyn is the backpacker's choice in water filtration, but it's also
the U.S military's top choice, and preppers are following suit. Get
safe clean drinking water for your family in a bugout scenario with
Katadyn pocket water filter. It's a good base camp water filter
for your bugout bag and it's good to know that it's the
backpacker's choice in water filtration.

The tried and true Katadyn water filter, pictured right, is the most
rugged, longest lasting micro-filter available. Chosen by the U.S.
Military and expeditions due to it's extreme durability and
dependability, it has the capacity to filter 13,000 gallons (or
50,000 liters) of water. Best of all, the output is about 1
quart/liter per minute.

#4: Lifestraw water filter.
Lifewater has several kinds water filters, including a large tank to
filter water for a small community, but the most popular are the
waterstraw and the Lifestraw family:

Lifestraw waterstraw.
Lifestraw water straw filter, pictured right is a lightweight
drinking straw to sip directly from the water source for quick
hydration. It removes a minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne
bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, making it
an ideal choice for a bugout bag. Here's an article that touts the
benefits of LifeStraw as a viable option for people of Africa!
Lifestraw, pictured right is a lightweight drinking straw to sip
directly from the water source for quick hydration. It removes a
minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of
waterborne protozoan parasites, making it an ideal choice for a
bugout bag. Here's an article that touts the
benefits of LifeStraw
as a viable option for people of Africa!

Lifestraw Family:
  • Award-winning life straw family is used by over 13,200,000
    people worldwide
  • Clean drinking water for a family of four for 3 years
  • Gravity filter - pour water in the top and clean water comes
    out the bottom
  • Flow rate of 9 -12 liters per hour
  • Purifies 18,000 liters/4755 gallons without iodine, chlorine,
    or other chemicals
  • Award-winning LifeStraw Family is used by over 13,200,000
    people worldwide
  • Surpasses EPA standards for water purifiers: removes
    99.99% viruses, 99.9999% bacteria and 99.9% protozoan
    cysts to 0.02 microns
  • Purifies 18,000 liters/4755 gallons WITHOUT iodine, chlorine,
    or other chemicals; Clean drinking water for a family of four
    for 3 years
  • Gravity filter - pour water in the top and clean water comes
    out the bottom; Comes in a sealed bag, perfect for storing
    for emergencies

#5: Sawyer water filter.
The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is the lightest and most versatile
personal filtration system from Sawyer. It weighs 2 ounces and
fits in the palm of your hand. While incredibly small and
convenient, this filter was tested to 10 million parts of bacteria
and one million parts of protozoa without a single breakthrough ~
the highest testing level for filtration.

The size, convenience, and performance of the Sawyer Mini filter
make it perfect for everything from camping with the kids to
travelling abroad where tap and bottle water cannot be trusted. It
comes with all the accessories you need to use this system in
any of the following ways:

  • Attach to the included 16-ounce reusable squeeze pouch to
    drink directly from the filter or squeeze water into a water
  • Screw onto most disposable water bottles.
  • Attach in-line on a hydration pack ~ no adapters required.
  • Sip from the personal drinking straw and drink directly from
    the source, or scoop up a bottle of water directly from any
    freshwater lake, river, or stream.

#6: Home made water filter.
If you don't have a commercial water filter, you can make your
own out of common materials. National Geographic's survival
experts show you how to make a water filter. Additionally, we
recommend you boil your water to ensure purity.
water filtration pump
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