Sealed foods to last a lifetime

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Foods to hoard that can last 25 years or more

Sealed foods can last indefinitely.
Hoarding food is an edge against potential inflation, but not if it
spoils. As a prepper, it's good to be aware that there are many
sealed foods you can buy that can last indefinitely. Buy now and
use them later. Below is a prepper's list of the best sealed

Sealed Foods to Last a Lifetime
The following sealed foods and condiments can last a lifetime
(and some of the
best prepper foods):

#1: Baking soda.
You may not think of baking soda as a food, but indeed it is an
necessary ingredient of your baked goods that has a long lifetime
Baking soda will last a lifetime and is well worth stockpiling. The
only thing that can make it degrade is water or if the powder
becomes contaminated. Just make sure your baking soda in a
sealed container. Baking powder has a more limited shelf life
because it is a leavening agent.

#2: Bourbon Vanilla Extract.
Bourbon vanilla extract is ideal for cooking and makes it to the
list of the
37 foods to hoard in crisis. The alcohol content keeps
your extract fresh forever, and the dark glass bottle keeps the
sunlight from degrading the rich flavor.

Organic Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla is certified organic. This
exceptional "all-purpose" vanilla is ideal for general cooking and

#3: Cacao.
Kitchens of yesteryear had Hershey's Cocoa (spelled that way on
purpose) is 100% Cacao. Cacao was a highly prized food of the
ancient Mayans for many reasons ~ a long shelf life, an amazing
flavor and incredible health benefits. Cacao powder is the nutrient-
rich solid pressed from organic cacao beans. This powder is highly

Hershey’s Cocoa isn’t just for stirring into cookie, cake, and
brownie batter. This unsweetened cocoa powder is the perfect
finishing touch as a dusting on cakes and cookies. You can also
have fun sprinkling it over savory dishes or stirring into coffee.

Hailed by Mayan Kings as “Food of the Gods,” cacao is known for
its uplifting and energizing power. Feel your brain tingle and your
heart glow! Cacao has one of the highest antioxidant contents of
any food on the planet. It also contains unique chemical
compounds that act as a natural stimulant and mood booster.
Cacao has been known to help curb appetite and support a
healthy metabolism. The
Cocao powder right, offers an energy
boost that's antioxidant rich!

#4: Cane sugar.
Given that the United States has a limited production of cane
sugar, it's wise to stock up. Cane sugar today is grown only in
Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Texas. Be sure to look for pure
cane sugar as today much of the sugar that's on the market for
Americans is made of GMO beet sugar.

Cane sugar lasts indefinitely if stored properly, and has a variety
of uses in prepping. Isn't that sweet? It's also not as bad as you
may think. The United States has a limited production of cane
sugar. It's grown only in Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Texas.

#5: Crisco.
You may have thought Crisco would last a lifetime, but it does
not. Even Crisco has an expiration date!

Even so, it will last almost a lifetime.  On our list of
weird stuff
with expiration dates, you will find Crisco.

#6: Dried Beans and legumes.
At the grocery stores you will find dried beans and legumes for
sale in plastic bags. While the contents are superb for long-term
food storage, the container is not. While you can transfer the
beans into more suitable containers, you also loose some
important information on the labeling.

Dried beans are available to preppers in food grade buckets.
Combined with rice, beans provide the perfect source of protein,
which is why they are so popular with preppers (and why they
make it to #2 on the list of foods with the best shelf life).

While many preppers
stock beans, they often don't know that
beans may be ground into flour for baking breads, biscuits and
cookies, making them ideally versatile and useful to preppers.

#7: Honey.
Prized since Egyptian times, honey is both food and medicine!
Honey always seems to be on the prepper's lists of foods that
last a long time. While it's true that honey can last a lifetime,
there are two caveats:

  1. Store only real honey. Make sure the honey is not from China
    where they are known to add fillers. Go to the farmer's
    market and you will find locally produced honey that's best
    for helping you overcome allergies. Manuka honey is a high
    quality honey that can serve as a natural antibiotic.
  2. Buy honey that's encased in a glass or stored in a food grade
    bucket. Do NOT buy honey in plastic ~ unless it's food
    grade; otherwise the plastic is almost sure to leach into the

Remember, honey is not for kids under five years old.

#8: Freeze dried coffee.
Coffee was one of the first foods that was freeze dried. In the
mid-century atomic age there were a variety of coffees, including:
Folgers, Maxwell House, Nescafe/Taster's Choice, and Sanka. You
can easily find these classic brands on the grocery store sales
shelves, along with the modern counterparts, including Starbucks
instant coffee and
Patriot Pantry Coffee.

#9: Pasta in a bucket
Pasta on the sales shelves comes in boxes and plastic. They are
not intended for long-term food storage. As they are they will last
a few years, but you can make them last longer by storing them
in Mylar and food grade buckets.

Use your noodle,
stockpile pasta in the prepper's pantry!

#10: Popcorn.
Orville Redenacher's gourmet Popcorn is a good find for long term
food storage. Popcorn is an extremely versatile food storage item.
Many preppers haven't considered that you can
turn popcorn into

Another good reason to store popcorn is that popcorn is not
genetically modified.
Popcorn is an incredibly durable food.

#11: Maple Syrup glass bottle.
A hidden benefit of storing maple syrup is that it's loaded with
Vitamin D. 100% pure maple syrup in glass should last
indefinitely if sealed in the bottle  Once you open a bottle, you'll
need to leave it in the refrigerator if available, otherwise you can
keep it cool in a root cellar. Maple Syrup will otherwise crystalize.  
Also, don't heat and reheat your maple syrup as this will quickly
make it degrade. If you want warm maple syrup, transfer the
amount you want to heat.   

Natural goodness for your pancakes, maple syrup won't spoil! Skip
Mrs. Buttersworth, it's not real maple syrup.

#12: Oats in a can or bucket
Oats continue to go under appreciated in the world of prepping,
but peppers will find many reasons to hoard oats once they get
started preparing them. Oat groats are the whole grain. They take
longer to cook, but they can last upwards of 30 years in your food
storage. What's more,
Oats are highly nutritious and versatile.
During the
Great Depression, homemakers used oats to extend
meats and casseroles.

#13: Peppercorn
Whole peppercorns coveted by ancient Egyptians were found in
excavations preserved perfectly in ceramic jars. Peppercorns will
be an invaluable spice to hoard to flavor meats and vegetables.
As a bonus, they have a health component.

  • Black pepper (peppercorn) is known to:
  • induce sweating and detoxification
  • break down fat cells
  • reduce flattulence, constipation and bloating

Here's more of the
amazing health benefits of peppercorns.

#14: Powdered milk bucket.
Another food that's available that can last a lifetime is powered
Powdered milk is a long lasting food provided it's stored
properly. You won't find powdered milk store properly for long-
term emergency at the grocery store; however, if you regularly
use powdered milk by all means stock up.

To enhance your food storage, get a bucket of powdered milk.

#15: Salt
Surprisingly, salt is not a spice. (See more about salt below).
Salt is essential for life, but it's neither a food nor a spice. Even
so, salt is on our list of the
37 Essential Foods to store. The salt
you should store for the long term is rock salt and Himalayan pink
salt, which you can grind.

#16: Soy Sauce.
This popular Asian condiment is fermented for long shelf-life as
long as it's packaged in glass. The plastic can leach into foods if
stored longer than a couple of years.

#17: Tea.
Dried tea leaves have sustained man through the centuries. The
process of boiling water to make tea was a key to making water
safe to drink.
Tea has many survival uses! You need only keep
the tea in a moisture proof container.

#18: Wheat berries in a bucket.
You won't find wheat berries easily at the grocery store, but if
you check in the bulk section you'll find them. Unfortunately, the
grocery stores do not package wheat berries very well for long
term storage. Turn to
Augason Farms hard white wheat buckets
for your long term food storage needs where you can get them at
an incredible price sometimes if you check our
Daily Deals section.

Whether you prefer hard white wheat or hard red wheat for
breads, you will appreciate that
wheat is a prepper staple
because of its long shelf life in the grain as nature intended. You
cook wheat berries and use them as cereal, but once you've
ground your hard wheat into flour, the shelf life decreases in the
same capacity as flour you get from the store. With hard wheat,
you can make breads, cakes, pasta and so much more.

#19: White rice in a bucket.
You will find different rice variations packaged by RiceSelect. but
usually rice for everyday use is available in plastic bags. White
rice from the grocery stores usually comes in a plastic bag. While
it has a long shelf-life, you can improve shelf-life if it is encased
in a food-grade plastic. The Augason Farms long-grain rice bucket,
right, will cost you about a buck a pound. Look also fro the
Augason Farms brown rice, but know that brown rice for the long
term as it does not have a long shelf life because of its oil
content, but white rice has an incredibly long shelf life.

#20: Vitamins sealed in the bottle.
Most vitamins will lose their potency, though they theoretically
can last a lifetime if sealed in the bottle. It's the air that helps
degrade vitamins. They key is in having a sealed bottle, and
storing them under ideal storage conditions (not too hot and not
too cold). It's not going to harm you to eat expired vitamins, but
you won't get the same value from them the year they were
made, versus 15 years into the future.  

  • Vitamin C. Of all the vitamins, Vitamin C requires optimum
    conditions. A sealed bottle of Vitamin C could last
    indefinitely if stored in the proper conditions; however, you
    will likely get spots on the vitamin and this is a sign that the
    vitamin is degrading. Most vitamins come in plastic, but if
    you find the rare vitamin C in glass, get it. Glass is the best
    and while they can't last a lifetime, they certainly will last
    several years under the proper conditions. The plastic bottled
    variety will also last.  Freeze dried #10 cans. Foods will have
    the longest shelf life if they can resist heat, moisture,
    oxygen, and light. Food can last longer in its original form,
    too. For example, the shelf life of flour is about a year or
    two, but wheat berries can last 30 years or more if stored
    properly.  White rice in a bucket. Most preppers store rice
    and plenty of white rice. White rice is at the top of the list of
    shelf-stable foods because it is cheap and easy to get. Also
    because it's filling.

The truth about Twinkies.
Hostess Twinkies are famous for having a long shelf life, but they
only last around 25-45 days and not 25 years.

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