unusual uses of aspirin for survival

Unusual uses of aspirin
Do this with aspirin...

Aspirin: it's not just for headaches anymore.
People have shied away from aspirin, but aspirin is making a
comeback! The active ingredient in aspirin, salicylic acid, has a
myriad of applications useful to preppers and is therefore
extremely worthwhile to stock for emergency preparedness.

It's not just for headaches anymore. Use aspirin to reduce fever
and relieve the common cold as well as soothe muscle aches,
toothaches, and even a sore throat or bee sting.

While aspirin isn't right for everyone**, it certainly has many
interesting household uses you never heard about...

Do this with Aspirin!
The vintage ad, right, has a novel idea of how to use aspirin.
Since then the discovery of aspirin uses has grown tremendously.
Aspirin is a versatile item in the
prepper's medicine cabinet for
good reason, and aspirin just might save your life.

Here are some weird (and not so weird) uses of aspirin:

Aspirin use #1: Ease a cold and sore throat!
According to the vintage ad, right, you can take two aspirin and
drink a full glass of water for the common cold. The old
advertisement advises to repeat treatment in two hours. If you
have a sore throat you can crush and stir aspirin tablets in water
and gargle.

This forgotten wisdom is still valid today. Regarding this novel
use of aspirin,
WebMd.com agrees. Aspirin is a salicylate and a
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), which works with
the body to reduce pain and swelling.

Aspirin use #2: Mitigate a toothache, prevent suicide.
Did you know that before dentistry, toothaches were a top cause
of suicide in medieval times? Chronic pain is a factor in suicide
even in modern times:

Crushed and applied directly to gums, aspirin can absorb directly
to the source of tooth pain and medicate. There are many ways
to help heal teeth naturally, such as remineralizing them. Learn
how to
mitigate toothaches. Don't let a toothache turn to sepsis,
toothaches can kill.

Aspirin use #3: soothe insect bites and stings.
Aspirin is a pain reliever that's also useful when directly applied
to relieve a bee sting, mosquito bite or other insect irritation. To
use this method, moisten an aspirin tablet with water and apply
directly to the afflicted area until the pain is gone. You'll note the
reduced swelling almost instantly.

Of course for bee sting allergies, be sure have your EPI pen
handy or Benadryl. Also beware of deadly brown recluse spider

Keep packets of aspirin handy in your purse or wallet, the glove
compartment of your car, or your office desk, and be sure to stuff
them in all your first aid kits. Right, is a convenient set of
individually wrapped packs of aspirin.

Aspirin use #4: do your laundry!
Another odd use of aspirin is for laundry ~ aspirin removes sweat
stains. Maybe your great grandmother knew, but the wisdom of
aspirin has gone by the wayside. Think of it next time you reach
for your laundry basket.

  • Don't sweat the sweat stains! Crushed aspirin can help
    remove the yellowed under arm stains of white garments
    caused by sweat combined with dirt, deodorants and
    antiperspirants. To work this method, soften a handful of
    aspirin tablets with water and work the powder into the
    stain. Allow to set overnight, then wash.

Be sure also to read
how to wash clothes without electricity.

Aspirin use #5: keep your heart healthy.
Did you know more than 500,000 Americans die annually of a
heart attack? That's every 34 seconds that a person in the United
States dies of a heart attack.

Aspirin can protect your heart by keeping your blood flowing
freely, so for heart attack mitigation it's highly effective! Preppers
with a family history of heart problems are wise to consult a
physician* about preventative measures and heart heath. In a
medical emergency, Asprin-ASAP, pictured right, provides quick
and easy access to an aspirin tablet.

Being prepared, knowing what to do, taking immediate action and
having aspirin on-hand at all times when and where you need it ,
are important lifesaving steps. Are you at risk? Men over 40,
Women over 50, anyone who is overweight, anyone who smokes,
or anyone with high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure or
with a family history are all at risk.

Aspirin use #6: prevent a stroke!
In addition to reducing the risk of heart attacks, aspirin also
helps prevent strokes, but be forewarned because this method is
often overused according to a Harvard sturdy. Read the article on
misuse of aspirin for prevention of strokes from Harvard
Health Publications.

  • Bayer low dose, safety coated aspirin, pictured immediate
    right, is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Aspirin is
    not appropriate for everyone and so you should talk with
    your physician before starting a low dose aspirin regimen.
    Also, once you start an aspirin regimen, then don't stop
    abruptly. Talk to your physician about the rebound effect and
    possible blood clotting.

Aspirin use #7: maintain healthy plants.
Some say aspirin can help plants fight infection! Aspirin acts as a
sort of fungicide when applied to soil. Certainly, infection
protection for a plant is a strange use of aspirin, though the
concept has some validity. Crushed aspirin is widely used by
florists to extend the shelf life of cut flowers.

It may seem odd that aspirin can work as a pesticide, but when
you understand that plants release salicylic acid when under
attack by pathogens it makes sense. Aspirin is a salicylate.

One method to use aspirin as a pesticide is crushed and mixed
with corn starch surrounding your plant in the soil. Apparently,
aspirin is somewhat unappealing to insects and provides a
measure of protection as a pesticide without harsh chemical
applications. Consider stocking a mortar and pestle set to help
crush aspirin.

Here's how to use aspirin to help your tomato plants:
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It takes a little more than 60-seconds to learn how to help your tomato
plants with aspirin in the video above.

Aspirin use #8: extend your car's battery life.
Aspirin has many super powers and one of them is helping you in
a car emergency. Here's a instructables tutorial for how to
squeeze extra juice from a car battery.

Who knew that aspirin could extend battery life? It can. How does
this work? Aspirin contains acetyl-salicylic acid, which reacts with
sulfuric acid in a car battery. Just two aspirin tablets should
produce enough charge to start a car. Weird, but true!

Aspirin use #9: remove a wart.
Aspirin is prepared from the reaction of salicylic acid and acetic
anhydride. As salicylic acid is a treatment for warts, many have
tried, with success, to apply aspirin for wart removal. Applying a
slightly moistened aspirin directly to the wart by pressure of a
bandage until the wart dissolves. It may take days or even a few
weeks, but you will dissolve that ugly wart.

Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) can be found in many prescription and
over-the-counter pain relievers, including, Alka Seltzer, Anacin,
Bayer, Bufferin, Ecotrin, Excedrin, Fiorinal, Percodan and St.

Aspiri use #10: medicate pimples.
Aspirin can help you improve skin tone and even out blemishes.
Creating a paste of aspirin and applying it directly to blemishes
will get the medicine quickly to the source for healing by acting
as an astringent. Redness will soon disappear and inflammation
will greatly reduce.

Aspirin use #11: Prevent cancer!
According to WebMD.com a daily dose of aspirin may help-
prevent and treat cancer. According to studies in the article,
taking a low-dose aspirin daily reduced cancer death risk by as
much as 37%. For more information about aspirin as a
preventative for cancer, consult
Asprin, Therapeutic Uses and
Adverse Effects,
by Dilan M. Demir, pictured right. Topics
discussed include aspirin and its combinations as a
strategy against cancer.

Aspirin use #12: Heal cracked dry heals, calluses.
The primary ingredient or aspirin, salicylic acid, is immensely
useful at sloughing off dried skin.

  • Do this with aspirin: use it to heal your heals! To heal
    cracked dry heals with aspirin, crush a handful in a plastic
    bag with a rolling pin until you have a nice powder. Next mix
    with wemon juice until you have a paste. Apply the paste to
    your heals and wrap your foot in a plastic bag. Wear socks to
    keep the paste in place and in 15-minutes your feet will
    begin to peel the layers and you'll soon have smooth feet.
    Follow the Glowpink instructions!

  • Do this with aspirin: soften calluses. The same way aspirin
    can heal your heals, aspirin can soften calluses on your
    hands. Men's Health recipe to soften calluses includes
    crushing 3 aspirin and mixing with 1 tablespoon lemon juice
    and 2 tablespoons water, then rub away the calluses after a
    few overnight treatments. You may have to use a nail file.

The list of aspirin uses is almost endless!
There are many more reasons to keep aspirin in your Prepper
Supply List. Studies are in the works about how aspirin might aid
in a woman's fertility, lower blood pressure during pregnancy,
combat shingles, prevent Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, HIV, and more.
Others claim aspirin may help stave off cancer, relieve psoriasis,
and asthma.

  • Can aspirin grow hair? Not that a prepper needs hair
    growth to survive, but that aspirin if aspirin could regrow hair
    it would be amazing, wouldn't it? There's lots of rumor that
    it can help, but we found no scientific evidence. If you're
    looking for natural way to regrow hair, we do have a
    solution. See also how peppermint essential oil can help
    grow hair and do so much more.

More things to know about aspirin

Beware of aspirin overdose!
With aspirin too much of a good thing isn't good at all, and
overdose is possible. Aspirin is also a poison!

  • Activated charcoal can remedy an aspirin overdose.
    Activated charcoal can remedy an aspirin overdose.
    Commonly used to absorb digestive gas, activated charcoal
    also protects the body from overdosing on other harmful
    toxic substances. Due to its large surface area, activated
    charcoal has high adsorption properties (adhesion of atoms,
    ions or molecules), meaning that it keeps certain substances
    from adhesion through the body's gastrointestinal tract.
    Learn about the benefits and uses of activated charcoal.

Watch expiration dates.
Like other drugs, aspirin expires. Printed on every package is an
expiration date as aspirin is very sensitive to moisture and air.
Make sure to check the expiration date.

Ask your physician about aspirin.
Some people must avoid aspirin as it reacts with other
medications or complicates conditions. Consult your physician
about whether aspirin is right for you.

  • For an aspirin regimen, consult your doctor about aspirin 81m
    (NSAID) non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which has a
    delayed reaction. Bayer Low Dose Enteric Coated Tablets are
    specially designed for people on a regimen of aspirin, or as
    directed by a doctor.

Here is a more about the Risks and Benefits of Aspirin...
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Take a half tablet of aspirin and call us in the morning! Did you
know that just a half tablet a day of aspirin can significantly reduce
the risk of heart attacks, strokes, intestinal cancer, breast cancer,
and possibly also dementia? Aspirin is a wonder; however, the
intention of this article is not to diagnose, prevent, or cure any
disease. Aspirin is not appropriate for everyone, so be sure to talk
to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. The same is
true of Willow Bark.

Ultimately relief from pain can be obtained naturally from willow
bark; however, having modern day aspirin on hand is a convenient
way to get pain relief and help with the conditions above. Willow
Bark (White Willow), pictured right, is the original aspirin, but it's
not the only
natural aspirin alternative.

The bottom line is that aspirin isn't right for everyone, however,
aspirin certainly has many weird and wonderful uses, making it an
economical and versatile medicine for preppers to add to their
medicine cabinet and supply list!

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