How to prepare for an attack from North Korea

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Above, former NBA basketball star, Dennis Rodman sits in the stands with
his “friend for life,” Kim Jong Un as they watch a basketball game of former
NBA basketball players against North Korean players.

Happy endings...
No matter what happens, it's important to have the mindset of
always having hope. As preppers we "hope for the best, but
prepare for the worst." It's just what we do. Taking any action
towards your family's safety will help you sleep at night, even if
it's as simple as storing more water or buying a
nuke pill."

To new preppers, we say this:"Good luck and Godspeed." It's an
expression of good wishes to a person starting a journey. Indeed
a journey it is! Below you will find more preparedness articles to
help you.

Articles on nuclear threats...

More prepping articles...

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Will North Korea Attack?
How to prepare for the looming threat of attack

Dear "reader" the threat of North Korea is growing by the hour.
Preppers in Alaska, Hawaii and Guam are on high alert, but every
survivalist on the West Coast should prepare in the way in which
was normal in the atomic age. Everyone should put away food
and water, stock Potassium iodide, conduct drills, and help build
community bunkers for survival.

It's not unreasonable to feel a sense of urgency regarding the
looming threat of North Korea; however, the panic will ebb and
flow based on political tensions and also the distractions. The
good and happy news is that most of what you're doing as a
prepper will be of benefit to you and your family in the event of
an attack from North Korea.

How to Prepare for North Korean Threats
If North Korea attacks us would you know what to do? Now's the
time to prepare for an attack from North Korea. While everyone
hopes that an attack is an "unlikely event,"  North Korea may
some day have the ability to launch an intercontinental ballistic
missile. You should prepare in the same way a flight attendant
prepares for the "unlikely event of a crash landing."

Here's how to prepare for the growing threat from North Korea:

#1: Prepping supplies for a Nuclear Attack.
Ultimately the threat from North Korea is from a nuclear attack.
While it is uncertain whether the feeble country is

  • Gas mask. An icon of the doomsday prepper, the gas mask
    is one of the first things that many survivalist buy for
    themselves and their loved ones and yet there is another
    faction of preppers who have yet to buy a gas mask. Price
    and budget is sometimes an issue. There's lots to consider.
    Here are eight considerations before buying a gas mask.

  • IOSAT Nuke Pills. One tiny pill could save your life (or at
    least your thyroid). Anyone who lives on the West coast or
    near a nuclear power plant should particularly invest in the
    life-saving pill. The teensy tiny IOSAT nuke pills will save
    your thyroid. The normal cost of the pill is around $7, but the
    price went up to as much as $12 during a recent escalation
    with the United States and North Korea. Price gouging isn't
    quite there yet, but you may see the cost of this little set of
    pills going up. It's better to buy when the threat is low and
    the costs are as well.

  • Geiger counter. Got a Geiger counter? A Geier counter can
    get you information about radioactivity. The purpose of a
    Geiger counter is to detect radioactive emissions or ionizing
    radiation (alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays).
    You can't see radiation, so nenver underestimate the extent
    of contamination and ionizing radiation. A geiger counter can
    not only help you understand your situation after an attack,
    but it can help you with everyday concerns. You might not
    realize that ionizing radiation may appear in granite
    countertops where you cook your ood, in paints or your food
    (think seafood). One caveat to remember is that dehydrated
    and dried  foods will be concentrated and you'll have a
    greater likelihood of detecting the radioactive particles, just
    because of this. Rest assured that your freeze dried food is
    sealed and safe from new radiation sources, provided you
    filter your water properly or use bottled water.

  • Communications. You will need a way to contact the outside
    world following a nuclear attack from North Korea. Plan to
    have an NOAA weather radio, which will provide important
    details of the weather conditions and your evacuation

Read our full article on the
top ten Nuke Supplies to own. Anyone
who tells you that "running around to buy gear isn't a great idea,"
isn't really a prepper! Stockpiling is part of the game, the other
two parts of the survival triangle are to develop survival skills and
to gain survival knowledge.

#2: "Prepare for famine."
Dear Leader has told his people to "prepare for famine." His
people have already suffered from food shortages, and so the
idea that he has ordered his people to prepare for famine is a
clear indication that he is ready for war.

Preparing for famine is an inevitability of any war as countries will
ration the foods they have in storage and limit what will be
available to you. Thankfully you're a prepper, and you've likely
already amassed lots of food.  

  • Food. The mainstay of emergency preparedness supplies is
    what you'll find in the prepper's pantry and this is more than
    ever the case with preparing for an attack from North Korea.
    Dear leader probably wishes the same famine on the United
    States as his people have had to endure. Be sure to read our
    popular articles:

#3: Cold War Preparedness.
It's time to face the facts that an atomic bomb can be made in
North Korea from either of two types of radioactive materials:
uranium or plutonium ~ both ways start with uranium ore. Curb
uranium and you can curb nuclear warhead production. The Obama
administration was unable to stop North Korea or Iran to do this
through diplomacy.

With an increased production of plutonium at its Yongbyon
nuclear facility,
North Korea has enriched its uranium facility. The
country now has said they have successfully tested the hydrogen
bomb and with that a new atomic age is upon us. This is not fear
mongering, but a reality. We must be prepared for nuclear attack
from North Korea.

In the new atomic age, we could all learn from the cold war era.
It used to be quite normal to prepare for a nuclear attack.

  • Bomb shelters. Not everyone can afford to build a bomb
    shelter nor is it practical for all; however, there are things
    you can do to set up a zone of shelter. You can build a crude
    fallout shelter.

  • Cinderblock. Many mid-century modern homes feature
    cinderblock, which by design was incorporated not only
    because it is inexpensive, but because it provides a
    layer of protection against radioactivity and fallout. You
    can build a crude fallout shelter using cinderblock or
    something much more on the grand scale.

  • Sandbags. Sandbags have many uses for preppers
    beyond dealing with flooding. With sandbags you create
    a barrier against a nuclear blast. Granted you will need
    to set up the sandbags well in advance of a threat, but
    they are great to have not only for floods, but for
    nuclear blast protection

  • Schools. Duck, cover and roll! It used to be the norm to
    prepare for attack in public schools. Today, they only provide
    drills on natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tornadoes,
    hurricanes and fires. You can do something about that!
    Encourage your schools to set up a cold war style evacuation
    drill. You can volunteer to coordinate the efforts, though
    they may already be underway. Hawaii is setting the
    example and all states can learn from their programs.

#5: ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP):
It's possible that North Korea could aim its nuclear warheads up
into the atmosphere causing an
ElectroMagnetic pulse. If you are
new to prepping and haven't fully understood the threat of an
ElectroMagnetic Pulse, wise up now and learn about it. The
scenario is devastating in that North Korea could level the playing
field by sending America back to the 1800s.

An ElectroMagnetic pulse is not just about losing electricity. Our
infrastructure, our grid, relies on a network of interrelated
technologies. Not only will an electromagnetic pulse fry the
electrical grid, but this means there will be no gas because the
gas stations can't pump. Oh well, you won't have use of your car
either because an electromagnetic pulse would likely fry your car's
electrical system. Without cars and trucks operating, the grocery
stores will empty in three days or less! There will be no helicopter
and airplane deliveries. Trains operate from the electrical grid as
well. Forget the ships, too. It will be every man for himself as the
famine North Korea currently faces would be the peril of the
United States.

#6: Prepare for long term survival.
Thinking of preparing for an attack from North Korea? You should!
Yes, it's unthinkable that it could happen, but we can't un-think
away the problem. We preppers have a motto and that is to
"hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."

Everyone must prepare for a long term catastrophe with the
hopes that such a day will never come; however, in the event
that the nation is recovering from a nuclear attack, you will need
help no matter where you live. Two ideal books to help you
prepare for long term survival are from the same man.
Jim Cobb's
preparedness guides are powerful, but here is a two part series:

  • Prepper's Long-term Survival Guide is a significant 12-chapter
    book detailing community survival planning and long term
    solutions for food, shelter and first aid. It discloses life-
    saving strategies for self-sufficient living so you will know
    how deal with a grid-down, no power circumstance.

  • Prepper's Long Term Survival Guide ~book 2 will help keep
    you alive in the event of widespread social collapse caused
    by pandemic, grid failure or other long-term crises, like an
    attack from North Korea. Government pamphlets and other
    prepping books tell how to hold out through an emergency
    until services are restored this guide goes well beyond.

#7: Brace for an economic depression.
As petty as it sounds, you must also prepare your financial
resources for the inevitable economic depression. World wars
always include an economic aspect that you simply can't ignore
unless you want to go hungry and

Wars can cause economic depression, but they can also help
conclude them. Food for thought about the
Great Depression ~ it
was actually World War I that caused this economic collapse in
Europe and the United States and then World war II that helped
end it. The economic depression, along with a political instability
then led to fascism and World War II. Ironically, it was the End of
World War II that then ended the Great Depression. As Forbes
explains, it was "
sharp reductions in spending, taxes and
regulation at the end of World War II."

Saving Face
Finally, it's important to remember that the "Dear Leader" of
North Korea really only wants to protect his regime. An outcome
that will help Kim Jong Un in his own mind retain respect in his
country and avoid worldwide humiliation could be the best
solution, but it may be too late.

The time for diplomacy with him has perhaps been lost when it
could otherwise have been possible that the United States could
strike a peaceful balance to allow him to "save face" and maybe
even keep his regime. If he has an "end game" then we can only
hope he will take himself. In extreme cases, suicide in the Asian
culture is favored over suffering a heavy loss of face. It's always

In the wake of the hydrogen bomb test, U.S. Defense Secretary
General James Mattis warns North Korea, "While we are not
looking for the annihilation of North Korea, we have many
options." Fire and fury is one of them, which would conclsively
means he looses face for eternity.

Where is Dennis Rodman when we need him?
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