Survival skills to try

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Hawkes Special Forces Handbook
Survival skills to try
List of skills on homesteading, prepping and survival

Survival skills to try:

  1. Get a survival book (and read it). The best survival book we know illustrates
    shelter and water, flood and fire, tools and medicine, navigation and signaling,
    survival psychology and getting out alive. Pictured at the top left-hand of the
    page is Hawkes Special Forces Survival Handbook, by Mykel Hawke, Captain U.S.
    Army Special Forces and star of man, Woman Wild on the Discovery Channel.
    It's an excellent book to stash in your car.
  2. Build a simple ground-based shelter.
  3. Master building a tree-shelter with platform sticks between the lower boughs
    of trees.
  4. Purify water. Know the ways to make water safe to consume. Right is a
    prepper luxury: it's a distiller.
  5. Cook over an open fire.
  6. Make solar still to collect safe drinking water.
  7. Know different methods for starting a fire. Know how to make a fire plow
    and a hand drill to make a fire from nothing. Remember you mus also know
    how and where to collect tinder (fluffy stuff), kindling (twigs) and fuel (logs or
    larger pieces of wood) to start your fire.
  8. Learn to navigate with and without a compass.
  9. Make a trap.
  10. Hunting and butchering. Learn to hunt wild game and know how to butcher
    the wild animals in your area. In times of desperation, everyone with a gun will
    be competing for the same available game, whether ducks, deer, or wild
    turkey. Know how to butcher domesticated animals too
  11. Fish without a fishing pole. The lure of fishing is appealing to preppers and its
    dandy if you have a fishing pole, but you may be stranded without one while
    bugging out. Learn to improvise! . Learn the art of salting or smoking fish as
    well. Know how to make a fishing net from paracord. Hone your fishing skills in
    nearby rivers, lakes or oceans
  12. Know how to use an axe. Felling (chopping down a tree for survival), is not
    without caution. First one must assess whether there is a need for felling as it
    is a dangerous activity. If one is necessary for shelter building, then one must
    be well skilled and must make others in the party keenly aware of the activity
    so as to minimize risk of injury or death.

  • Download this free guide: the scout and his axe, for your personal survival
    manual. This 16-page guide on the types of axes, choosing an axe, caring for
    an axe, sharpening an axe, safety, includes proper instructions for felling a
    tree and has more on saws, hammers and wedges.

Nature's medicines. Know where to find medicine in the wild.
Be able to identify poisonous insects, venomous snakes and dangerous game in your
geographical region (and how to avert the danger).

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So now you have our list of survival skills for preppers. Get started now, without
heading deep into the woods or without a bugout location! Yes, you can get started
on your bushcraft survival skills, even if you're in an apartment. We have two other
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