Handwriting analysis and what it reveals about Christine Ford

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Handwriting Analysis: Ford
How her handwriting could reveal deceit.

What graphology reveals about Ford's allegations.
In a handwriting analysis of Christine Ford's therapy notes, it's
possible to scientifically reveal the thoughts put to paper that are
outside of the contextual words written. In a sense, it is possible
to read between the lines. Just what was she thinking? Below are
some findings and observations of Christine Ford's handwriting...

Handwriting Analysis of Christine Ford
Graphologists look at many things in handwriting analysis ~ from
the obvious T-bars and i dots, to loops, starting and end strokes,
margins, signatures and more. Ingrained in the handwriting is a
story of about someone. Handwriting reveals personality traits.
Here are some findings of Christine Ford's handwriting...
Handwriting analysis and what it reveals about Christine Ford
Above, it's odd that the angles of Ford's signature incline, while the rest of
the text is reclined writing. This could signify that Ford wants you to feel
she's warmer and more genuine than she really is.

Signatures are perhaps the most important part of handwriting
analysis. Graphologists look at the signature in context to see
that it's consistent in angle and pressure. If the signature is
similar to the body of copy it reveals a straightforward individual.
This is not the case with Christine Blasey Ford. It shows someone
who is disingenuous, guileful, deceitful.

#3: Word "Groping" is unconsciously crossed out.
Among the most interesting things that stands out almost
immediately in a quick scan of the handwriting sample is the word
groping, (see the box pictured below).

Oddly, Ford's "r" somehow has become an "x." The interpretation
is that the "x" signifies the mind is crossing out the word. In
other words, groping did not happen Ford. It's unusual because
the letter "r" does not have any bar to cross.
Sex, Lies and Handwriting
Unfortunately, it's difficult from the sample above to see how she used the
right-hand margins because it's a photocopy that's been scanned and not an
original. It's not clear whether Ford used the entire page, extending the
right hand column to it's brink.

Since it's difficult to see whether Ford wrote to the very edge of
the right hand margin, it's also difficult to discern how the text
dominates the landscape. What is apparent is that Ford aligned
the left-hand margin in a markedly jagged fashion. This is
indicative that she doesn't have much memory of the past and
that she's willing to move on from it. This uneven left margin also
shows misuses her authority and is facing some insecurities. A
graphologist could conclude that nothing happened and that she's
misrepresenting herself.

What's more, if the text extends to the edge of the right-hand of
the page it would reveal further a deliberate manipulation. A
small right-hand margin or very little margin reveals a person who
is very careful. That's why this is so interesting. She was
deliberate and careful and yet made so many edits to her text
there are 13 times she crossed out a word to clarify her thoughts.
This is pertinent because she is trying to be specific to very
vague details. Too much information divulges someone who is
making up a story.

#2: Ford's signature slant is disingenuous.
Another striking observation is Ford's signature, pictured below.
The signature is slanted to the right, markedly different from the
rest of the text, which has a left-handed slant.

A graphologist would note that the "angles of incline" are
different. The majority of text is "reclined writing."  Think of a
reclining chair ~ it leans backward and represents the past. Ford's
signature is inclined writing ~ it leans to the right:
Above, Christine Blasey Ford during testimony hides behind her August 7,
2018 therapist notes.

#1: Ford's use of margins detaches her from incident.
One of the first things to note in the handwriting analysis of
Christine Ford is overall how she uses the space on the paper
itself. Graphologists look at the use of margins left and right,
above and below ~ and also measures the height of letters and
the degree of slant. Ford's use of margins shows that Ford isn't
much attached to the past and could leave it behind. It also
indicates that she's a risk taker. From this observation, a
graphologist could make an inference that the content of the
writing does not merit sincerity of what's written or that it wasn't
really traumatic. Further, it shows someone who is a risk taker.
Was Ford risking everything with an intentional deception? This
conclusion requires more analysis.
Look closely above at the 2018 portion of the date. This provides us with a
clue for "zero evidence."

#5: Zero evidence.
The date then reverts back to the rest of the text like an
afterthought. It's almost as though she's in a trance and entirely
someone else when it comes time to sign the allegation.

This is important because a signature is rote. Even amputees of
the writing hand will have a similar signature when using their
remaining hand. A signature is something that develops overtime,
but is habitual. When she date's the letter the text immediately
reverts to the leftward slant, which signifies she is reverting to
her childhood for protection and reassurance.

  • Conclusion: The difference in slanting could signify that
    Christine Ford is telling a story, rather than the absolute
    truth. It could also mean that she's relating something from
    her childhood, not her teen years. This is signficant when
    one also analyses her voice, which had a very childish tone
    during testimony.

It's important to know that while there are indicators of deceit in
Ford's handwriting analysys, it's next to impossible to surmise
with 100% accuracy that a person is deceitful based on a single
writing sample. Other factors can help establish credibility (or
lack of it) including body language.

Please see our other
article on Christine Ford's body language.

Happy endings...
Handwriting analysis is an interesting study as is body language.
Having a little insight can help you in prepping should you ever
find yourself in a situation of distrust.

Prepare to live happily ever after with us at happypreppers.com - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
We can read between the lines that Ford's story is changing as she's
elaborating on unnecessary details "the boys were in the room," which is
already implied in the next sentence. Liars add unnecessary details because
they think it adds to their validity; however it's

#4: Crossed out words.
Another thing that stands out in the handwriting analysis is that  
Ford crossed out about a dozen words from the 160-word
paragraph. Why are so many words crossed out? In each instance
Ford is trying to add clarity, which is a typical maneuver of a liar.
Adding details is an attempt to be more believable.

Another characteristic of someone who distorts facts is how they
close circles as in the letter "O" and the number "0." As you can
see below, by the time the stroke has traveled around the story
has changed.
Above, the word groping has an exaggerated "r" that appears as an "x" ~
subconsciously this could mean that Ford was not groped, since the mark
cancels the notion.

The subconscious mind reveals the truth. It's entirely plausible
that Ford is revealing that she wasn't groped. She also does the
same maneuver, but to a lesser extent on the word "held' in the
next sentence. The "e" is almost crossed out.
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