Condiments to stockpile

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Condiments to stockpile
Condiments enhance the flavors of your food and are a perfect
addition to your food storage, particularly in a long-term
emergency when you may begin to feel bored of the foods you've
stockpiled. Put a fix on food fatigue by stockpiling a variety of
condiments in your prepper's pantry. Below is a list of our favorite
condiments to stockpile...

Stockpile Condiments for Survival!
Condiments are on our famous list of the 37 foods to hoard and
for good reason. They make bland food more appetizing.

There's more good reason to stock condiments: your health.
According to Dr. Josh Axe, Doctor of Natural Medicine, "some of
best condiments provide real nutrient value in the form of
probiotics, antioxidants and more." He lists apple cider vinegar,
mustard, honey and hot sauce among the best condiments to

The well-stocked prepper's pantry has these condiments:

#1: Tabasco Sauce.
One of the most favored condiments preppers stockpile is
Tabasco! Anyone who's ever been in the military will get hooked
on Tabasco. This peppery liquid heat can fix up eggs, beans or
mac and cheese! You'll also mix up the best Bloody Mary with
Tabasco sauce. Splash it on everything from Mexican food to
Italian, seafood to sandwich spreads to add a heat and flavor.

Best of all, Tabasco has capsiacin which can help with many
health conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and
cancer. The
little bottles of Tabasco are good for the bugout bag,
For some preppers it's everyday carry!

#2: Ketchup.
America's favorite condiment is Ketchup! Don't underestimate how
a bottle of ketchup can enhance your prepper's pantry. During the
Great Depression a tomato soup could be made from ketchup. The
flavor was enough to help the hungry feel a little more satisfied.

#3: Steak Sauce.
Do you know the secret ingredient of steak sauce? Steak sauce
has raisin puree and juice! Two steak house favorites are:

  • Heinz 57 Steak Sauce. Heinz 57 is secret blend of 57  herbs
    and spices ~ tomatoes, horseradish, spices and seasonings
    for that extra kick.

  • A.1. Steak Sauce. This is the sauce that famously makes
    everything taste better. The name says it's steak sauce, but
    A.1 is good with poultry, pork and vegetables too. Imagine
    what it will do for the road kill you bring to the table in hard
    times. It will get rid of the gamey flavor. Wondering what's
    in A&1 Steak Sauce? A&1 Steak sauce is a combination of
    tomato puree, raisin paste, crushed orange puree, dried
    onions, garlic, and spices.

#3: Picante and Salsa.
Picanta isn't just for parties. Complement your favorite chicken,
beef, pork and fish dishes or keep it handy as a simple dipping
sauce. This slightly chunky sauce has a thin base. Picante means
hot, but it's actually pretty mild

Another tomato-based condiment to stockpile is salsa, which just
means "sauce." There are other kinds of salsa that are green.
Verde is a green chili sauce.

#4: Mayonnaise.
Mayonnaise is a combination of eggs, oil and vinegar. Mayonnaise
is a good condiment to have on hand, but it requires refrigeration
once opened. Don't risk getting sick. Look into our off-grid
refrigeration ideas or buy small cans of mayonnaise as they won't
last long without refrigeration.

#5: Mustard.
Mustard is a condiment mix of mustard seed and vinegar and
sometimes a few spice. Dr. Axe says mustard is a phytonutrient
making it another good condiment to stockpile for the apocalypse.

There are many kinds of mustard to stockpile:
  • Colman's original Enlgish mustard
  • Kraft honey mustard
  • Grey poupon dijon mustard
  • Heinz Spicy brown mustard
  • French's classic yellow mustard
  • Dry mustard is great for seasoning your foods too.

#6: Salad dressings.
While it's easy to make your own oil and vinegar salad dressings,
there are some handy creamy salad dressings, which are great for

  • Ranch dressing. Add Original Ranch dressing to more than
    just salads - add it to chicken or pasta as a flavorful topping
    for an easy, delicious meal

  • Creamy Italian. Creamy Italian salad dressing is the secret
    ingredient of this picnic perfect linguini.

  • Champagne dressing. Tortellini salad with champagne
    dressing is a tasty meal you can serve with tomatoes, onions
    and bell peppers from your survival garden. Dried Tortellini
    has an incredibly long shelf life for your prepper's pantry, and
    will offer a hearty meal or side dish.

#7: Barbecue sauce.
Barbecue sauce is a tomato based condiment that has a splash of
vinegar. Beware of high fructose corn syrup hiding in your
barbecue sauce. Get the good stuff without.

#8: Pickle Relish.
Pickle relish is a mostly made with pickled cucumbers, but there
are others that mix crisp cucumbers with flavorful green and red
bell peppers, yellow and green zucchini, onion, tangy mustard and

Mix a little pickle relish and mayonnaise for tuna salad or make a
tartar sauce. Use pickle relish for sandwiches, potato salad or egg
salad for added flavor.

#9: Soy Sauce.
Soy sauce is ideal to have on hand even if you're not cooking your
favorite Asian inspired recipes. With soy sauce you can make a
marinade or a stir fry with vegetables from your survival garden.
Choose organic soy sauce as most soy is GMO.

Another kind of soy sauce to try is Braggs Liquid Aminos. This
vegetable protein comes from soy. The soybeans are unheated
and unfermented during processing, so some people include Bragg
on their raw vegan diet.  You can use liquid aminos as a
substitute for salt when cooking grains, or use them as a
substitute for vinegar when making homemade salad dressings.
You could even use this gluten free liquid aminos as a dipping

#10: Canned butter.
You may not think of butter as a condiment, but it is! Canned
butter is great to have in an emergency.

#11: Worchester Sauce.
Worchester is a good start to a meat marinade. Lea & Perrons is
the original Worcesters Sauce. This original formula is made with
real molasses and sugar. The recipe hasn't changed since 1835.
ged in wooden casks for 18 months, Lea & Perrins uses only the
finest ingredients sourced from around the world to produce a
flavor unmatched for over 170 years. Lea & Perrins Worcestershire
Sauce is cholesterol free, fat free, preservative free, gluten free
and has 80% less sodium than soy sauce.

#12: Vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar. Another favorite prepper condiment to
    stock is Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar.

  • Balsamic Vinegar. Balsamic is a heavy vinegar that can sit
    in your cupboard without refrigeration. You'll be able to make
    some tasty salad dressings.

#13: Terriyaki sauce.
Terriyaki is a savory sweet condiment for use in sauce or grilling
or broiling. Try it also as a stir fry sauce or as a dipping sauce.
Brush it over beef, chicken, pork or fish after it's cooked for extra

#14: Vegetable oils
Cooking oils can help you fry, but oils are also a condiment that
requires no cooking at all.

Good vegetable oils to stock include:
  • Olive oil in a can has a relatively long shelf life

#15: Honey.
As a condiment honey is tasty drizzled on bread, fruit or
pancakes. You'll also find it a useful ingredient in salad dressings
and marinades.

Honey is useful in so many ways beyond eating it! If used
properly you can alleviate allergy symptoms with honey. As an
anti-inflammatory, honey is great for your skin to improve the
tone and reduce acne flair ups.

Happy endings...
Condiments will enhance the flavors of your food storage and will
be useful in a long-term emergency. Put a fix on food fatigue by
stockpiling a variety of condiments in your prepper's pantry!

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