Essential oils for diabetes

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How to use essential oils for diabetes

Essential oils for diabetes.
Ancient wisdom on the use of essential oils for health is now
helping people with diabetes live longer and healthier lives. The
science is in ~ essential oils can help prevent diabetes or help
with your diabetes.* The oils listed on this page have scientific
references, but you should consult your doctor before using.

The list of essential oils for diabetes is extensive, which is good
news if you're a diabetic! You'll have more choices to see what
you like and works best for you to help you manage your diabetes.

Essential oils for diabetes
Having diabetes means having too much glucose in your blood
and this in turn can cause health issues, including eye problems,
heart disease, kidney disease and also nerve damage. Using
essential oils can help you outsmart diabetes and defeat the
underlying symptoms. You can take steps to prevent diabetes!

You also can help manage diabetes with essential oils*, but be
sure to talk with your physician before starting a regime to ensure
there's no interaction with your prescribed medicines. Rest
assured that all essential oils referenced on this page have
associated studies published in the National Institutes of Health.

Manage diabetes with these essential oils:

#1: Black Pepper Oil.
A diabetic essential oil that you may never have heard about is
black pepper oil. With the botanical name, Piper nigrum, black
pepper oil is essential for helping you defeat diabetes and may
assist with antibacterial, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, arthritis, cold,
constipation, cramping, fatigue, fever, flue, hypertension,
laxative, muscle pain and stiffness.

The science supports black pepper oil for diabetes! Black pepper
oil in a study was successful at converting enzyme activities and
could help manage or prevent type-2 diabetes and hypertension.
The study even notes that "Essential oils from black pepper have
been in use in folklore for the management of diabetes and
hypertension." The study backs up the ancient wisdom, though it
recommends more clinical trials.

Black pepper essential oil by Healing Solutions, pictured right,
has a sharp spicy aroma reminiscent of freshly cracked
peppercorns. Black peppercorns also can help improve digestion,
which is important to people with diabetes. It promotes sweating
and is a diuretic that promotes urination to rid your body of
toxins. What's more, black pepper can stimulate the breakdown of
fat cells to help keep diabetics trim and simultaneously help give
you energy.

#2: Bergamot essential oils.
Another popular essential oil for diabetes management is
Bergamot essential oil is something that may seem
foreign to you, but if you've ever had a cup of Earl Grey tea, then
you're somewhat familiar with the herb.
Bergamot Essential oil
improves blood circulation, lessens scars and acne marks. While
you can buy
bergamot supplements to improve cardiovascular
activity.  And keep your sugar levels steady without causing
unhealthy spikes and crashes, you can do the same with a
regimen that includes bergamot essential oils.

Bergamot oil is reduces pain, fevers, depression, stress, anxiety,
and now you know that it also can help with diabetes.

#3: Clary Sage.
Another of the diabetic essential oils to consider because of its
abilities to
lower your blood pressure is clary sage. With the
botanical name "Salvia sclarea," Clary Sage is scientifically proven
to reduce stress! This makes it ideal for diabetics.
Clary sage is a
relaxing, warming oil that can help you ease nervous tension.
Another key benefit for diabetics is that clary sage can help
support the kidneys.

Both the flowers and the leaves are used to make various
medicines. For controlling blood pressure and preventing an
irregular heartbeat (heart arrhythmia), ylang ylang is a treasured
essential oil.
Clary sage also may protect eye health, according to
Dr. Mercola's web site. Clary sage also soothes digestive
problems as well. Studies have found Clary Sage to be beneficial
for healing cuts,
wounds (staph infections), and burns.

  • Want proof that clary sage supports people with diabetes?
    In a study of inhalation of Salvia sclarea (clary sage) it was
    found that the oil vapors effectively reduces the stress that
    occurs in patients undergoing urodynamic examinations.
    What's more, the antispasmodic and emmenagogue
    properties of clary sage make it useful for helping with
    uterine problems such as easing, regulating scanty periods
    and easing painful cramps in the lower back. A food-grade oil
    from clary sage as a flavoring agent relatively safe for
    women pregnant or breast feeding, but not in large amounts.
    Note that clary sage inhalation stimulates and strengthens
    labor contraction.

#4: Clove bud oil
Clove oil is popular in dentistry. That's because about 89% of
clove essential oil is eugenol an antiseptic and analgesic. Cloves
are the richest plant source of eugenol, but it's also in basil
turmeric and oregano and other popular prepper herbs. Clove oil is
also among the most memorable of the
thieves oil blend. Eugenol
is helpful; to people with diabetes because it has positive effects
on blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin

It's no wonder that
Clove essential oil is ideal for diabetes. Clove
is said to reduce enzymes in the pancreas. Clove mixes well with
orange essential oil which is also on the list of essential oils
beneficial for diabetes. What's more, you'll find Clove oil is also
an ingredient of Thieves Oil, which will help boost your immunity.
As a pre-diabetic solution, clove bud oil may reduce enzymes in
the pancreas linked to diabetes, but there's more it can do to
support diabetes.

Here's how clove bud oil can help support diabetes:

  • Boost mood and circulation. Clove bud oil is stimulating and
    energizing. If you're feeling a little down, clove bud oil can
    refresh your attitude by diffusing it or applying clove bud oil
    drops to the pads of a diffuser necklace. Combine it with
    cinnamon for a spicy attitude readjustment. Clove bud oil
    can also boost sex drive as it arouses and boosts blood

  • Want proof that clove oil helps diabetes? There is
    demonstrable evidence on the Hypoglycemic effects of clove.
    The study is encouraging that clove has potential as a
    functional food ingredient to prevent type 2 diabetes. Clove
    bud is also on the list of 9 Essential Oils for Diabetes,
    according to

#5: Coriander seed oil.
Coriander is a familiar spice in your kitchen and ancient wisdom
has it that its a remedy for diarrhea, flatulence, indigestion  ~
even the Measles. It's beneficial for diabetics to eat coriander
seeds raw with your food as a spice for soups and pastas. You
can use coriander seeds in a variety of ways to help overcome
diabetes, but don't overlook the power of
coriander seed oil!

Coriander and coriander seed oil has blood glucose-lowering
effects, making it an ideal essential oil for diabetics. Coriander
works to enhance the secretion of insulin from the pancreas. It's
been scientifically proven to increase insulin release in the

Inhalation of coriander essential oil is one way to harness the
benefits of coriander seed oil. You can also use a carrier oil and
rub the essential oil of coriander in your feet.

  • Want proof that coriander can help with diabetes?
    According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National
    Institutes of health, coriander seeds have treated diabetes
    along with indigestion, rheumatism and even pain in the
    joints. In the study of diabetic rats the abstract recorded the
    positive effects of coriander seeds on insulin released from
    the pancreatic beta cells. Coriander effectively increased
    insulin release in the pancreas!

#6: Cinnamon Essential oil.
Cinnamon and cinnamon essential oil helps control blood sugars.
Cinnamon mimics insulin. This means it may lower your need for
insulin. You can take a half a teaspoon daily to help and you can
use essential oils.

Diabetics can rejoice in the power of cinnamon essential oil for its
ability to help the body regulate blood glucose levels Cinnamon
essential oil can also promote weight loss. For this reason, too
cinnamon oil is also fantastic for anybody with diabetes. Learn
more about the power of
Cinnamon essential oil.

Cinnamon can help diabetics overcome their disease, too.
Cinnamon can help diabetics balance blood sugars, which is good
news as unstable blood sugar may lead to overeating. Cinnamon
helps slow the rate glucose releases into your blood.

  • Want proof that Cinnamon essential oil can help diabetes?
    Cinnamon, along with cumin, fenugreek, and oregano were
    all found to enhance insulin sensitivity in a study
    documented in by the U.S. Library of Medicine National
    Institutes of Health.

#7: Holy Basil Oil.
Holy Basil, Batman! Who knew that an essential oil called Holy
Basil would help you with diabetes? It does! The science is in and
Ocimum sanctum Linn (Basil) ` has anti-diabetic properties,
according to an abstract published by the U.S. National Library of
Medicine, National Institutes of Heath. Ocimum tenuiflorum,
which also commonly called holy basil, and also known as
Ocimum sanctumor, tulasi or tulsi.

#8: Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender essential oil is one of the most essential of "essential
oils" to use if you have diabetes. Not only will help you balance
your high blood sugar levels as it calms you.

Among the most treasured of essential oils for peace and
lavender essential oil brings peace as it eliminates
tension, relieves pain, disinfects, enhances blood circulation and
treats respiratory problems.

  • Want proof that Lavender essential oil helps diabetes? In
    a study of diabetic rats published in the US National Library
    of Medicine National Institutes of Health suggests lavender
    essential oil has potent antioxidant properties to help
    protect against diabetes and oxidative stress. What's more,
    Lavender essential oil helped kidney functions according to
    another study.

#9: Lemon balm oil and Lemon Essential Oil.
Lemon balm oil (Melissa officinalis) and Lemon essential oil
(Citrus Limonum) are two distinctly different kinds of essential
oils, but both can help with diabetes. Both are known for
therapeutic benefits for emotional stress, which is commonplace
for someone who has diabetes as the disease has a host of

    Lemon balm oil:
    A wonderfully herbaceous oil, Lemon balm is actually in the
    mint family and not citrus.  It's a natural tonic for high blood
    pressure and palpitation and traditionally also used as
    medicine for allergies in skin problems or respiratory

  • Want proof that Lemon balm essential oil helps diabetics?
    Lemon balm has been studied for diabetes. Essentially,
    researchers noted the anti-diabetic effects of lemon balm on
    type II diabetic mice in that it had a positive effect on lipid-
    regulating enzymes and enhanced glucose uptake influencing
    metabolism of the liver.

    Lemon Essential Oil.
    The American Diabetes Association has lemons on their
    super foods list for diabetes management in part because
    lemons have a low glycemic index. Lemon is a classic for
    relieving tension and stress ~ whether in it's a lemon from
    the tree or lemon essential oil. It's one of those uplifting
    scents that will cleanse your soul and help you with your
    diabetes management. Lemon essential oil promotes better
    circulation and will simultaneously help you ward off cold and

  • Want proof that Lemon essential oil helps diabetes?
    Lemon is a classic folk remedy for diabetes, but a study
    suggests that Lemon Essential oil. Lemon essential oil
    improves digestion and may promote weight loss, according
    to Dr. Axe.

#10: Ocotea essential oil for diabetes.
    Ocotea essential oil helps with immune strength. For
    diabetes the amazing essential oil something to consider if
    you're not on a budget and not pregnant or thinking of
    becoming pregnant. Ocoteao essential oil is so rare that it's
    expensive. You could pay as much as $125 for 5 ML. That's a
    relatively small bottle, but when you compare it with
    perfume, then it's not that much really.

Steam distilled from branches and leaves, the botanical name
Ocoteo Quixos comes from Ecuador's Amazon Basin, ocotea will
help you with both toenail fungus and diabetes. Dab some on
your nails and take care of two problems with a few drops.

#11: Orange Essential oil.
Another of the essential oils for people who have diabetes is
Sweet Orange essential oil. Backed by science, Sweet Orange
Essential oil (citrus sinensis) can help you with diabetes in terms
of wound healing. What's more, Sweet Orange Essential oil can
help with diabetes self-management of diabetic neuropathy in
weight loss.

The smell is uplifting as well. You'll find yourself more joyous, yet
restful because it is a warm and calming essential oil. This
inexpensive essential oil is calming as aromatherapists have said
for years, now science supports the theory. The calm that sweet
orange oil provides will also
improve your blood pressure.

  • Want proof that orange essential oil helps diabetes? It's
    backed by science! According to an abstract published in the
    U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institute of
    Health, Sweet Orange Essential oil ~ citrus sinensis helps
    diabetes wound healing. In the study conducted on diabetic
    rats, and the results showed significant reduction in blood
    glucose and time to wound closure.

#12: Oregano Essential Oil.
Oregano is a spice for the diabetic kitchen! We mentioned that
oregano is effective for
enhancing insulin sensitivity in a study
documented in by the U.S. Library of Medicine National Institutes
of Health. There's so much more oregano essential oil can do for
people with diabetes.

Spicy and invigorating,
Oil of Oregano is known to support
digestive, respiratory and joint health. An active ingredient in Oil
of Oregano is carvacro which inhibits growth of bacteria and helps
boost immunity. Uses include treating menstrual cramps,
rheumatoid arthritis, urinary tract disorders including urinary tract
infections (UTIs), headaches, and heart conditions. Oz, "Killing
bacteria and can help the immune system take action against
viruses, fungi and parasites."
Oil of Oregano is the immune
boosting essential oil!

Spicy and invigorating, Oil of Oregano has been used to support
digestive, respiratory and joint health. Oregano oil has anti-viral
properties known to enter the bloodstream to attack viruses. An
active ingredient in Oil of Oregano is carvacrol, which inhibits the
growth of bacteria. Oregano Oil is very good for skin conditions
such as acne, athlete's foot, oily skin, dandruff, canker sores,
warts, ringworm, rosacea, and psoriasis. Oregano also treats
menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, urinary tract infections,
and even some heart conditions.

  • Want proof oregano essential oil helps diabetes? Oregano
    Essential oil contains carvacrol, a strong antioxidant. A study
    published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine National
    Institutes of Health finds that the antioxidant carvacrol in
    the Oregano oil partially reverses symptoms of diabetes.

#13: Primrose oil.
Primrose oil contains a high concentration of a fatty acid called  
gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), and other nutrients to improve cell
structure and improve the elasticity of the skin and healthy
circulatory function. GLA is a fatty acid that's important for
healthy inflammatory and immune response. It makes a nice
carrier oil!

  • Want proof that primose oil helps people with diabetes?
    In the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes
    of Health, Primrose oil studies on diabetics suggest improved
    nerve conduction and that motor and sensory nerve
    conduction velocity were restored to the non-diabetic level in
    diabetic rats.

#14: Myrrh.
Myrrh is an ancient gift, as among the three gifts from the wise
men at the birth of Jesus (
Matthew 2:11). The first essential oil
used in the bible is myrhh (
Genesis 37:25) in the story of Joseph.
It is also the last essential oil used in the bible (Revelation 18:
13). According to David Steward, Ph.D., in his book “
Healing Oils
of the Bible,” myrrh is referenced “156 times to be exact.” An oil
which is so important in the bible certainly is worth investigating
as a prepper!

As a Diabetic's essential oil, Myrrh is extremely useful, but use on
the skin in moderation. Myrrh is an excellent aromatherapy
solution for diabetes and it offers some pain relief.

Myrrh might lower blood sugar according to who also
warns that blood sugar might drop too low. "
If you use myrrh as
well as medications for diabetes, monitor your blood sugar
carefully," the site says. Too much myrrh can also affect heart
rate, so check with your physician or healthcare provider as those
with diabetes also my have heart conditions. The site also warns
myrrh is NOT for use with Warfarin (Coumadin) used for slow
blood clotting as the combination may have a moderate

Myrrh is generally safe as aromatherapy, provided you're not
pregnant or breastfeeding. Diffuse Myrrh so that the diabetic
patient can, through receptors in the nose and capillaries in the
lungs, partake in the benefits of myrrh. The reason to use myrrh
as aromatherapy is that stress can aggravate diabetes and make
symptoms worse and myrrh acts as a calming agent. Myrrh is also
sometimes used for asthma patients because of its anti-
inflammatory properties. Try incense! suggests of
myrrh that "
the great incense roads of antiquity may flourish once
again" in using it to treat asthma and other conditions.

#15: Ylang-Ylang.
Ylang-ylang is among the best essential oils for diabetics
because it can help calm your mind and body (and it's generally
safe for kids and adults alike ~ sites no side effects
or interactions). Diffuse ylang-ylang and drift to tropical paradise
to create an altered state of peacefulness!

This amazing essential oil has the power to reduce anger-induced
stress. You'll feel an immediate sense of calm and peace, which
makes it an important essential oil for people with diabetes.
Stress aggravates the diabetic condition and anything you can do
to relieve this stress will help. Have some handy when work or
school or a relationship gets too stressful. To take instant
advantage of ylang-ylang, just put couple of drops in the palm of
your hand, then cup your hand to your nose and breathe deep,
slow, calm breaths. Inner calmness will come quickly.

It's an important essential oil for dealing with diabetes also
because it can have a positive impact on your blood circulation.
Ylang-ylang can lower your blood pressure! What's more,
ylang-ylang helps you deal with depression and increase your
libido. It even strengthens nervous system and helps prevent
septic infections.

  • Want proof that Ylang-ylang helps people with diabetes?
    Ylang-ylang treat malaria, stomach ailments, asthma, gout,
    and rheumatism and in the study published by the U.S.
    National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health,
    Ylang-Ylang is an antidiabetic, but also has properties of
    antibiofilm, antioxidant, antifertility, antimelanogenesis,
    insect-repellent, and antihyperglycemic.It's furthermore a
    sedative with relaxing properties!

Essential oils to benefit diabetic patients
Learn about how essential oils and herbs can benefit people with
diabetes and even to help you control your blood pressure. The
world is awakening to the ancient power of essential oils and
preppers who have diabetes should take note! There are many
kinds of essential oils that can benefit a person who has
diabetes, and here is that list.

Temporary Diabetic Nerve Pain Pain Relief.
Neuropathy, pictured bottom right, offers temporary pain relief as
a homeopathing rubbing oil because the combined effect of
frankincense and myrrh is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory that
offers temporary pain relief from shooting, prickling, tingling and
numbness. Soothing, fast, temporary relief from Neuropathy pain
caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, and more. Neuropathy has a
refreshing, calming scent derived from pure citrus, herbal, woody
and spice essences.

Happy endings...
You can manage diabetes naturally with essential oils! If you're
concerned that essential oils absorbed on the skin may interact
with your medications, talk to your doctor. Also take heart that
you should be able to benefit from aromatherapy by diffusion
without any controversy.

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Warnings: As with all essential oils, do not use internally. Essential oils for
consumption must be food grade and taken with caution. Consult with a
physician or healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant or nursing, or taking
any medications. Also, do not use essential oils in eyes or on eyelids, and
keep of reach of children.

* For any health or dietary matter, consult your Doctor before using. These products
are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For any health or
dietary matter, always consult your physician. This information is intended for your
general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or
treatment for specific medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical
advice when available. As a reminder, these statements about extracts have not been
evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This
information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for
professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Never
disregard or delay in seeking medical advice when available. For any health or dietary
matter, consult your physician.

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