Canned bread

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Canned bread
Bread in a can

Bread in a can?
Brown bread in a can is a bit of novelty, but it's serious eats in an
emergency and you'll be glad to have some on hand. Bread in a
can is fun to have in your preppers pantry. It's the best thing
since, well, sliced bread! Below is everything a prepper needs to
know about canned bread...

Bread in a Can?
You may find it a novelty, but a loaf of bread in a can has been
around since 1870. With an authentic New England taste, B&M
Brown Bread is slow baked in traditional brick ovens. This sweet
bread is 99% fat free and has no cholesterol. It's a beloved
favorite in New England (it's also called Boston Brown Bread) and
Alaskans love it too.

Bread in a can is the new prepper favorite and it can be your
favorite too. There are two flavors of B&M Brown Bread: Original
and Raisin. Below is everything you need to know about B&M
Brown Bread in a can.

How to open bread in a can.
B&M Brown bread comes fully cooked. If you open one end of the
bread baked in the can, you'll find it sticks to the sides of the
can. The way to get it out is to use a can opener on both sides of
the can, then push out your bread. Your tube of bread will then
be nice to slice in little rounds.

Mind you, it make take some jiggling, pounding and whacking to
dislodge the bread from the can, but you can use a knife to
loosen the sticky edges. Inside is a moist, dense bread loaf.

How to serve canned bread.
Canned bread is ready to eat straight from the can, but you may
like to toast it and add some butter to make it more palatable.
Warm it up while it's in the can! This is bread you can make
sandwiches from as well, but the favorite way to serve brown
bread in a can is with baked beans.

  • Baked Beans and Brown Bread: B&M Baked Beans,
    pictured immediate right, are made the traditional New
    England way slow baked in brick ovens for authentic baked in
    flavor. Enjoy the rich, hearty flavor of baked beans with
    molasses, pork and spices. These are not sweet and syrupy,
    they have a full and rich flavor that's unique. Since 1867 B&M
    has been slow-baking these beans in old-fashioned brick
    ovens-the traditional New England way. Each pot is hand
    stirred in thick, rich sauce for that great homemade taste.

  • Side dish to frank and beans, chili, soups or stews. As part
    of an inexpensive meal that's shelf-stable and ready to go,
    serve B&M brown bread as part of a classic frank and beans
    meal. For the ages, this was a traditional Saturday night
    special for many kids on the East Coast. Give it a try iwth
    Vienna sausage and beans. Try it also as a side to chili when
    you don't have time to make cornbread. It's also great as a
    side dish for a variety soups ~ clam chowder comes to mind
    ~ and stews, such as cowboy stew.

  • Make a simple sandwich. You can make a simple sandwich
    with this bread and a can of Bega Cheese, canned ham or
    SPAM, but don't expect it to taste like your normal sandwich
    bread. Will you use it with peanut butter and jelly? That's
    another popular way to serve it and thankfully peanut butter
    is a shelf-stable food. It's very popular with cream cheese,
    but during a crisis you probably won't have that, which is
    why we suggest pairing it with Bega Cheese. You might also
    pair it with Salami, which is also a good shelf-stable food.
    Each can of B&M Brown Bread will give you about 8 slices.
    Some die-hards say you can't make a sandwich, but do try to
    make open faced sandwiches and serve it with warm tea!

  • Pair with canned butter. The easiest way to eat Brown
    Bread in a Can is with Red Feather canned butter. You could
    serve it buttered up with coffee as a breakfast.

  • Serve with your freeze-dried meals. For those just "add
    boiling water and stir" survival meals, you'll appreciate the
    canned bread as a side because it's moist and slightly sweet.

How does bread-in-a-can taste?
You may be wondering how does bread in a can taste? It's dense,
sticky, moist and sweet. You may be expecting something like a
pumpernickel, but if that's what you're expecting you'd be wrong.
This bread has molasses and will have a slightly sweet flavor like
a muffin. It's like they jammed a bran muffin into a can!

B&M bread-in-a-can is a dense bread, but it's comes out a bit
cake-like thanks to the ingredient of molasses. When you think of
it like a bran muffin, you'll have a better notion of the taste. If
molasses isn't your thing, then don't even consider B&M Brown
Bread. On the other hand, if you're curious about what molasses
tastes like then do give it a try!

Rest assured it's a well loved bread. B&M canned bread is a
favorite in New England served up with Boston Baked Beans.
Bread in a can is also a favorite of Alaskans (it's right up there
Pilot Crackers) because it has a long shelf life. It's a bit of
an acquired taste, but these two groups of people seem to have
acquired a taste for it.

Honestly, to some B&M is a bit bland on it's own, so you'll want
to add butter or cream cheese, or pour it over your baked beans.
This isn't the kind of bread to mop up your gravy like biscuits, but
during an apocalypse you'd welcome the fiber, protein and carbs!

What's in B&M Brown Bread?
This classic bread is a mix of three kinds of flour ~ whole wheat,
whole grain rye and yellow corn meal. Another basic ingredient is
molasses. If you love the taste of molasses, then this bread is
for you and the recipe hasn't changed.

You'll find pretty basic ingredients in this canned bread:
  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Water
  • Molasses
  • Dextrose
  • Whole Grain Rye Flour
  • Whey
  • Degerminated Yellow Corn Meal
  • Baking Soda
  • Buttermilk
  • Salt
  • Corn Oil
  • NOTE: Some cans have raisins.

The nutrition facts chart is right. You'll find Brown Bread in a Can
is high in sodium and sugar, so it's not for everyone, but this
brown bread packs 3 grams of protein per slice and you'll also get
a little calcium and iron. It adds a trivial amount of fat.

How much does Brown Bread Cost?
Curious for a taste of B&M canned bread? Give this novelty bread
a try at home or take a can with you on your next camping trip.

  • Dozen cans: Stock up and get 12 cans of Brown Bread for
    around $34 (also on Prime), which works out to about $2.80
    a can.

  • Prime Pantry Deal: The best deal is to make B&M Bread
    part of your Prime Pantry purchase. Add one can or buy as
    many as you need of B&M Brown Bread Original to your cart
    for just $2.39 each. Prime Pantry is a great way to stock up
    on groceries that are hard to find in your local store. They
    have B&M Baked Beans on Prime Pantry as well.

For your emergency kit pack some canned bread!
Great Lakes Prepping suggests B&M Canned Bread for prepping:
Brown bread in a can
B&M Brick Oven Baked Beans
Japanese Canned Bread
Above, Great Lakes prepping reviews B&M Brown Bread.

Are there other Canned Breads on the market?
You will find canned bread from Japan and canned bread from
Germany, but other than that B&M Brown Bread pretty much has
the market cornered.

  • Japanese Canned Bread. Japanese canned bread is a
    novelty with the sweet panda face. This set of six cans of
    bread comes in Plain, Coffee, Chocolate, Caramel,
    Strawberry, and Milk flavors.

  • Germany army canned bread. Another novelty is Genuine
    German Army Ration ~ their canned rye bread comes in a set
    of three cans that have an easy to open ring-pull, so you
    don't even need a military style can opener. This bread is
    popular with the Germans as it's pumpernickle style. The
    simple ingredients are a grainy rye flour water, table salt,
    and yeast. The packaging makes this bread very durable and
    resistant to humidity, heat, cold and rodents.

Want to make your own brown bread in a can?
With a coffee can and a few simple ingredients you can make a
brown bread in a can. Try the brown bread recipe.

Happy endings...
Brown bread in a can will there when you need it ~ and it's old-
fashioned comfort food that can warm your heart.

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