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Solar Garden lights glow at night
Solar powered umbrella lights
Glow in the dark compass
Glow in the dark duct tape
Glow in the dark thermometer
Glow in the dark tent stakes
Solar Air Lantern
Happy Prepper
UVO necklace
Luci Solar Air Lantern
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So there you have our list of glow in the dark stuff that's useful
to preppers (if not extremely fun).

Happy endings...
When the world outside is freightful, a glow is so delightful...  let
it glow, let it glow, let it glow!

Granted, not in every survival situation is it appropriate to attract
attention with light; however, solar lighting and glow in the dark
gadgets have a suitable time and place for preppers and

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Try making a solar lid light. Pictured immediate right is a
mason jar project idea.
#6: Glow in the dark tent stakes.
Pure genius is a glow in the dark tent stake. This is not some
novelty. It's a solid stake that works in all terrains -- sandy,
rocky, hard packed dirt, you name it.

#7: Glow in the dark duct tape.
Pigments of this unique duct tape absorb and store energy from
normal and ambient light.

Use the glow-in-the dark duct tape to:
  • help you find flashlights in an emergency.
  • mark other emergency supplies, such as candles, matches, or
    first aid kits.
  • mark safety exits, stairways and doors to escape a fire or
    other emergency.
  • line your pantry cabinets to help you see foods in your pantry
    during a blackout

#8: Glow in the dark compass.
Now you can navigate at night with the glow-in-the-dark
compass, pictured immediate right. With a solid brass body, this
compass won't rust, and it's non-magnetic with a folding finger
ring. The large 1-3/4" dial has phosphorescent ring to absorb
natural or artificial light. It glows for hours!

#9: Glow-in-the-dark thermometer.
Another brilliant idea is a glow in the dark thermometer,pictured
right The glow in the dark dial and pointer are ideal for night

#10: UVO necklace.
What is the UVO? A light source that does not require batteries,
bulbs, or electricity. Pictured left, the UVO necklac is waterproof,
durable, and wearable! How does the UVO work? The UVO
absorbs light while it hangs around your neck while you're
exploring. Once it gets dark the UVO will glow all night long. How
bright is it? The UVO is surprisingly bright in very dark
environments. Take it off to help you find items in the dark, leave
it on your neck to have a night light in your solo tent, or swing it
in the air to make a signal at night. Increase the brightness by
wear a light/white colored shirt. Use it as a signal. In a night
time emergency situatio, you can swing the UVO into a circle to
make what is called a buzz saw.
Above, you'll find the glow in the dark log stools tutorial at

#5: Solar powered umbrella.
While often preppers aim to keep a low profile, the ambient
lighting provided by a solar powered umbrella will lift spirits and
save help money on electricity, for example during an economic
depression, for outdoor dining.
All Gorilla Eggs are composed of 9 full feet of Durable 550 Paracord with
  • an attached emergency whistle for signaling
  • a carabiner upgraded to a Military Grade Snap Hook for added
    strength and long lasting durabilit
  • 2 Fishing hooks
  • 2 Fishing Floats
  • 2 Fishing swivels
  • 2 Fishing weights
  • Fishing line
  • Flint for fire starting
  • Tinder which can be used as kindling for fire starting
  • Tin foil which can be use for cooking, signaling, and
    reflecting heat
  • An alcohol Pad For Disinfecting or assisting in fast ignition
    for emergency fires
  • A needle for your first aid or other sewing needs
  • Iron wire for trapping
  • 2 Safety pins
  • A razor sharp knife blade for your cutting needs

#4: Glow in the dark paint.
Glow in the dark paint absorbs bright light as energy and stores
it. When placed in the dark, glow in the dark paint releases this
energy as a glow. You can repeat this cycle millions of times.
Applied properly, glow in the dark paint will lose just 5% of its
brightness every 10 years. Any light will charge the paint. Direct
sunlight, high wattage bulbs, or black lights are needed to obtain
the maximum glow.

Use glow in the dark paint to:
  • paint keys so you can find them more easily by night.
  • paint camping gear you may need by night.
  • have fun painting logs to gather around the fire pit:
#3: Gorilla egg (550 Paracord Grenade).
This glow-in-the-dark Gorilla Egg comes with many of the hardest
to find and improvise survival tools.