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Above, Canadian Prepper shares his experience with the smaller toilet tabs
and the larger version.

Warning about Toilet Paper tabs!
Toilet paper tablets are good to have on hand for emergencies,
but if you have small children, please keep them away. They
may look like hard candy and that's an obvious choking hazard
for kids.

Happy endings...
These strange little tabs are coin-shaped compressed sheets of
cellulose useful for hygiene, first aid, firestarting and much
more. It's pure genius as prepper supply item!

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Toilet paper tablets
toilet paper tablet

What are toilet paper tabs?
Have you heard about toilet paper tabs? These strange little
tablets are coin-shaped compressed sheets of cellulose useful
for hygiene, first aid, firestarting and much more. Made without
any added ingredients to irritate sensitive skin, these compact
toilet paper tabs are simple, useful, practical and pure genius
as prepper supply item.

Below are several ideas to get you started using toilet paper

Toilet paper tablets
It takes only a splash of liquid to make an instant cloth and
these are biodegradable! You can put them in your compost.
The most popular brand is Wysi-wipes.

These tissues turn into a durable and reusable cloth almost
instantly! And while it's not a toy, it's fun to watch them expand
and unroll like magic!

Toilet paper tablets have many uses:

#1: Hygiene.
For general hygiene on the go, these tablets are superb. You
can take these nickel sized tablets anywhere and they need
only a tiny dip in water to make them expand. You don't even
need to use water ~ you can use any liquid for your application
to make them expand.

They need only one tablespoon of water or other liquid to
expand. The toilet paper tabs pictured right expand to a full
30cm x 19cm when wet with a tablespoon of water. A small
splash from a water bottle, fountain, or tap creates a versatile,
ultra-soft, personal sized wash cloth at your fingertips, anytime
or anywhere you need one.

  • Wipe your bum. The primary use of the toilet paper
    tablets is for emergency toilet paper. If you have just a
    tablespoon of water to spare you can get fresh down there,
    which is why they are great to have in your bugout bag.
    They weigh only 2 grams each, and they're biodegradable
    and land-fill friendly so you can bring them on your
    camping trip or fishing and not feel guilty. Realistically,
    ou'll probably need to use more than one tablet. If you
    want to supersize your wipes, try PortiWipes. These towels
    are larger and come with waterproof storage cases
    designed for the outdoors, camping, hiking or out on the
    boat. Great for survival enthusiasts, hunters, and campers.
    Portawipes are the thickest compressed tissues you can
    buy! Plus they're up to 27% larger than Wysi Wipes
    compressed tissues and they'll require a tablespoon of
    water. They're more expensive, but you also get more of
    them and they're larger.

  • Wash your hands. It may seem that hundreds of these
    toilet paper coins is too much, but you'll be using them to
    wash your bum, hands, face and more. They are child-
    friendly and pet safe for on the go and very soft.

  • Use with an astringent for your face. Instead of cotton
    balls, try the toilet paper tablets. Dip the toilet paper tabs
    in your favorite astringent to perfect your pores. They are
    great for a variety of hygiene needs.

Having a clean cloth at your fingertips anytime you need it is
just the start!

#2: Firestarting.
An unusual use of toilet paper tabs is for firestarting. These
little pucks will help you get your campfire going pretty quickly.
It's good tinder for a fire. They are extremely absorbent. You
can dip them in wax or petroleum jelly ~ even oil to help get
your fire going.

Give toilet paper tabs a go for firestarting! Wysi-Wipe
hypoallergenic resuasble toilet paper tablets can slip into a mini
M&M tube or a
Coghlan's matchbox tube, pictured right. Get one
for your matches and the other for your toilet paper tabs.

#3: First aid kit.
Another use of the toilet paper tabs is for first aid. Pack toilet
paper tablets in your first aid kit! They are super absorbent and
handy for a variety of uses in your first aid kit:

  • Wound cleansing. Paired with hydrogen peroxide these
    little tablets are great for your first aid kit. Provided it's
    not a deep cut, you can pour the liquid direct on the
    tablets and then on the skin for wound cleansing. You can
    also use a bottle of water.

  • Cleaning tweezers. With a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol
    you can quickly clean tweezers and other equipment.

  • Prep for diabetics. As a skin preparation for insulin
    injections, you can prepare the skin using the toilet paper

  • Gauze substitute. Always use sterile gauze if you have it,
    but if your kit is out of gauze, you can use them in a pinch
    as gauze to stop the bleeding. Improvising is a prepper
    skill! They are as close to sterile as you might get in an

  • Stop bleeding. The toilet paper tabs are super absorbent ~
    about as absorbent as a tampon. For small wounds where
    you need compression, they can come in handy.

#4: Camp kitchen sanitizing.
Take these towels on your next camp trip. These are sturdy
tablets so you can use them for your camp kitchen sanitizing
needs, such as on cutting boards or to wipe knives. They are
disposable yet reusable. You can rinse them many times!

Use toilet paper tabs with
Steramine sanitizing tablets!
Dissolve Steramine tablets in water  ~ one tablet makes a
gallon of sanitizing solution and one bottle makes up to 150
gallons. Make your cleaning solution and then just dip the
towels into your solution and begin cleaning.

#5: Survival Hygiene Kits.
When the toilet paper runs out, you can rely on toilet paper
tablers. Toilet paper tabs are excellent for inclusion in your
survival hygiene kits. They're compact cleaning cloths to take in
the car, on an airplane, on public transit, and as part of all your
car kit, bugout bag, first aid kits.

  • Be sure to include Steramine sanitizing tablets with your
    survival hygiene kit and the toilet paper tabs. Dissolve
    Steramine tablets in water  ~ one tablet makes a gallon of
    sanitizing solution and one bottle makes up to 150 gallons.
    Make your cleaning solution and then just dip

#6: Wet Wipes.
Because these toilet paper tablets need only a tiny dip in liquid
to make them expand, you can use witch hazel or rubbing
alcohol with essential oils with to make your own natural wet
wipes. These tabs are made without any added ingredients to
irritate sensitive skin. The cloth is porous and great for cleaning
whatever you need ~ from a baby's face to a computer keyboard.

Think of them as instant antibacterial wipes! You need only add
a disinfectant and essential oils can provide the answer when
combined with
rubbing alcohol or witch hazel for example.

  • Make your own wet wipes. Use toilet paper tablets to
    make wet wipes for your family or even for diapers. For
    sensitive skin, choose kid friendly lavender essential oils.
    Learn how to make your own hand sanitizers.

#7: Traveling.
These little hygiene pucks are ideal to take with you while
travelling. Whether you're in the U.S. on a road trip and you're
heading to the truckstop or gas station that's run out of paper
you can activate them with the tap water and you're good to go.
In Europe, where the establishments are less generous with
paper products, you'll be glad to have these with you.
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