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Long lasting foods preppers stock in the fridge
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What are the best survival foods to stock in the refrigerator?
There are so many shelf stable foods to consider storing in your
pantry in preparation for a food crisis, and you can extend the
food you have in reserves by cleverly stocking your refrigerator
with everyday foods for convenience and long life.

Prepper's List of Long Lasting Foods for
the Fridge

Long lasting foods preppers stock in the refrigerator
Here is a list of shelf stable foods to consider storing in your
refrigerator in preparation for a temporary food shortage:

#1 Food to store: Smoked meats, sausages, salami.
Smoked meats will last a couple of months and are convenient
to have on hand for breakfasts or dinners.

Good options include:
  • Salami. Hard salami has a long shelf life.
  • Sausages and hot dogs vacuum sealed in the plastic.
  • Hard Salami and pepperoni in the casing, not sliced.
  • Smoked salmon that's tightly vacuum sealed in the plastic.
  • Bacon encased in plastic or bacon bits sealed in the
    manufacturer's jar can last four months!

Be sure also to have canned bacon handy.

#2 Food to store: Cheese encased in wax or sealed
airtight in plastic.
What goes great with all that salami in your food storage?

  • Waxed cheese: Buy your own cheesewax and encase your
    favorite cheese to make it last longer!
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Happy endings...
While often preppers think of stocking survival foods in the
pantry, they should start with foods they can stockpile in the
refrigerator. These will be the first foods "go to" foods during
crisis. The advantage of carefully stocking foods with long lasting
foods is that you should have enough food to last you the first
three days of crisis if not longer! Eat the most perishable foods
first, saving things like hot dogs and sausages until the end as
they are usually precooked and can stay adequately cold.

Tip: Fill your freezer with zip lock bags of water. In this way, you
will have "blocks" of ice to keep your fold cold longer in an
emergency. You can prepare to live happily ever after (and eat
well while you're at it).

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  • Brick cheese encased in plastic: Keep tabs on the
    expiration dates of your cheese, but having a brick of
    cheddar cheese in your refrigerator will last about a half a
    year if encased in the original plastic. If you open the
    contents of the cheese, you'll have almost a month to use

  • Parmesan encased in a plastic container: Parmesan
    cheese is also a convenient item to store in the refrigerator
    to provide flavoring for noodles. Parmesan cheese that's
    been finely grated, such as the classic Kraft, pictured left,
    will last

#3 Food to store: Coffee.
Beans are oily and don't last very long sealed up in a jar, but a
vacuum sealed bag of coffee beans can last upwards of 12-
months in your refrigerator. If you're a java-junkie who craves
only the real beans, you may as well freeze them.

#4 Food to store: Nuts.
Sadly nuts won't last forever, but they do pack a punch of
protein and are valuable for prepping. Under room temperature
conditions, nuts will go rancid rather rapidly but, surprisingly,
nuts will last a long time freezer. That's because they have
relatively little water.

Highly nutritious, a handful of nuts will be a welcome snack or
addition to meals to avoid hunger pangs. You can add them to
fresh greens from your garden to make a rich pesto. Try Spinach
pesto, not just basil!

#5 Food to store: Butter in the freezer.
Buy extras of butter when it's on sale. On its own, butter will
last around three months in your refrigerator, but you can freeze
butter to have it last well beyond the expiration date (about 6-9
months)! Butter will help you prepare sauces for pastas.

  • Tip for your everyday butter: Keep your butter in the back
    of your refrigerator where it's the coldest. That little butter
    compartment may be the most convenient place in your
    fridge, but your butter will deteriorate faster there because
    it's warmer there.

#6 Food to store: Apples.
If you don't have a root cellar, then you can store apples in the
refrigerator. Apples will easily keep in the refrigerator two
months if not longer (up to 5-6 months). Freeze them and they
will last 10-12 months! Of course, root cellaring is the best
option for storing apples.

#7 Food to store: Breads.
Make breads part of your survival plan:

  • Frozen canned dinner rolls. Unroll and sprinkle rosemary
    and you've practically re-invented the dinner roll.

  • Frozen, partially baked dinner rolls. It's not a half-baked
    idea to store breads that are half-baked. You'll always have
    something warm and inviting to eat. Next time you buy a
    garlic bread for dinner, buy an extra one and freeze it.
    You'll have a side for your pasta.

  • Pumpernickle. Pumpernickle lasts three months in the
    original container. What's more, you'll feel full from eating
    this highly nutritious bread. It's full of fiber!

  • Breadcrumbs. Ideal for fried foods, make also crab cakes
    (try Tuna too).

  • Croutons. Croutons are always good to have in the fridge.
    Add croutons to soups and salads or crush them into bread
    crumbs for your recipes.

#8 Food to store: Cheesecake.
Why not have a little lights out party with some cheesecake and
pack in a little calcium? Just thaw and enjoy the comfort of
cheesecake, which lasts 6-8 months or more in the refrigerator.
Trader Joes has a delicious New York Cheesecake at a very
reasonable price, and you'll always be ready for some
unexpected company. Make life, and your survival plan, a little
sweeter with cheesecake!

#9 Food to store: Pies.
Pies will last 8 months or more if frozen. What a delicious way
to get your daily serving of fruit! Pack some for your pie guy or

#10 Food to store: Girl Scout cookies.
If Girl Scout cookie season is upon you, then buy a case and
freeze them to support a good cause for you and for your family!
Cookies, including the delicious Girl Scout variety, will last 8-12
months if frozen. (That should just about cover you until the
Samoas and Thin Mints are available next year.)

Need help managing what's in your refrigerator?
They have an app for that! Check out
which provides the help you need and
six apps to help you
manage your refrigerator.

Root Cellaring
  • Root vegetables in the drawer: The vegetable drawer in
    your refrigerator is like a root cellar, so be sure to always
    have some root vegetables on hand for quick meals:
  1. Potatoes. While it's good to keep potatoes on hand,
    the best place to keep them might not be the
    refrigerator.  If possible, store them in a paper bag in
    a cool dark place. Grow potatoes on a deck!
  2. Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes aren't really
    potatoes at all. They have loads of Vitamin C and are
    another sturdy vegetable.
  3. Onions. Onions last easily a couple of months the
    drawer of your refrigerator. The savory addition of
    onions will enhance egg dishes, soups and stews or
    fried foods.
  4. Garlic. Fresh garlic can last a month or more and
    provides antioxidant support along with flavoring.

Want more ideas?

  • Artichoke hearts, pickles and olives. They make wonderful
    snacks and be a wonderful addition to pastas.

  • Salsa and pestos.

  • Head of Cabbage. Cabbage is a sturdy vegetable loaded
    with Vitamin C. If stored properly, you can maintain the
    integrity of the cabbage for up to two months. For long
    term storage, do not cut or wash your cabbage until you're
    ready to eat! Both cutting and washing the cabbage will
    accellerate the decline. Keep it dry, and keep your head

  • Tip: Pan fry cabbage with apples, olive oil and butter
    add a little diced bacon and you have a meal! If you've
    been following the directions of this article, you should
    be storing your butter, apples and bacon.

Ten Ways to use Up what's in the fridge:
Make smoothies from fruits that are too ripe or veggies that are
  1. Turn overripe apples into applesauce!
  2. Use leftovers to make omelets or soups.
  3. Keep tortillas on hand to make gourmet wraps from
  4. Freeze bread just BEFORE it goes stale.
  5. Find new uses for overly crusty bread: croutons or bread
    crumbs, French toast or bread pudding.
  6. Turn leftover taco meat into a casserole.
  7. Fry leftover rice into fried rice with eggs and veggies.
  8. Turn leftover potatoes into potato salad, or second
    operation fried potatoes.
  9. Toss leftover chicken into the next day's pasta or salads.
  10. Get a vacuum food saver if you repeatedly have leftovers!
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