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Prepper Deal Alerts Check
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emergency preparedness, prepping, survival,
homesteading and self-sufficiency.
This balanced, aluminum Cart is Herculean strong with zero
weight on the handle. The silent, puncture-proof, 16" solid rubber
spoked wheels easily roll over the roughest terrain, dead falls,
small streams and just about anything else in the way. A lot of
our pals used to drag downed deer out of the deep back country
with rope, back-breaking oomph and plenty of muscle. It takes
that big trophy out of the deep woods with little effort. Folds flat
like a pancake in seconds to fit in your vehicle or for compact
storage. Cargo area is 19 x 64" h., weighs 21 1/2 lbs.
Anti-reflective finish. What a drag it would be if you missed this
golden opportunity to cart a deer. Order this dependable
transporter now.

Guide Gear Rodent / Small Game Traps.
Here's a catchy idea: a simple bait and "crawl in, can't crawl out"
design bags small game like nobody's business. Crafted in a
heavy-duty galvanized steel construction, these traps have a
hinged bottom for easy removal. They are permanently re-usable
and sized for rats, squirrels and chipmunks. Price is for two, as
pictured lower right hand corner of the page. Of course, this take
emergency preparedness to an all new survival level. You must be
willing to eat and know how to butcher game.

Insect repellent warning.
You may like to repel deer ticks that may carry Lyme Disease,
and mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus; however, the
scents may attract wildlife! In bear country beware that insect
repellents and lip balms may attract bears, especially bears have
an attraction to citronella-based products, and other herbal-type
repellents, as well as toothpaste, lotions, sun screens,
chapsticks, cosmetics and other non-food items. You should not
sleep in the clothes you cooked in.

Zippo lighter fuel.
Zippo's cool fuel burns cleaner and lights faster than other fuels.
More noticeably, it produces less odor, making it a great choice
for hunters who want to keep man made scents to a minimum.

Hoppes Gun Cleaner and Gun Cleaning Kits.
Effective at removing fouling from your weapons, and rough on
carbon and copper fouling, grease, and dirt, Hoppes gun cleaner
is scent free, making it easy on the hands and lungs.

Hunter's Rotisserie & Spit Grill.
The hunter's rotisserie and spit grill, pictured directly below is a
back to basics tool. Start a fire, set the grill above the coals, and
in an hour you are ready to go.
Hunting Tools
Beyond firearms: useful stuff for hunting

Humans are hardwired for hunting! We are hunters and gatherers.
Hunting for sport is much different from hunting to sustain life.

Pioneers of the past knew the importance of leaving enough game
in the forests to reproduce for the following season. The rules will
change in an apocalyptic world where mass starvation may
suddenly force everyone to compete for the same game. You'll go
deeper into the forests and further away from your bugout
location or homestead to secure meat for your family or group.

Hunting Essential Gear for Preppers
You will need to plan ahead and think differently when it comes
to getting your next meal. Hunting for the right hunting tools to
take home dinner in an apocalyptic world? Here are some unusual
ideas you may not have considered:

#1: Scent Killer Autumn Formula.
Smell like dirt! Scent Killer Autumn Formula spray is a high-
powered human odor elimination blend. It erases your human
scent and replaces it with the autumn woods and fields. If deer
can't smell you, you'll have a close range opportunity to get

Fun Prepper fact: Native American Sweat lodges had a purpose
that you may not have been aware... While certainly there was a
spiritual side of partaking in the sweat houses, but the main
reason was for men to prepare for the hunt. How did this help?
Well, the hunters claimed the animals would not be able to smell
human and thereby they could get closer to their prey.

#2: Good pair of boots.
You're nothing on the hunt without a good pair of hunting boots.

#3: First aid kit.
Immediate treatment and sustained treatment are two aspects of
consideration when planning your hunting first aid kit.

  • Bite and sting kit. Hunting in the back woods? Venomous
    snakes in the deep woods could present a serious problem.
    Your only fighting chance is a bite extractor! The large
    syringe easily extracts venom.

  • Compact disposable towels. As part of your hunting first aid
    kit, include compact disposable towels or toilet paper
    tablets. These are made of compressed material that
    expands with water. All you need is a few drops of water and
    you will have a wet towel instantly to clean up a wound or to
    clean up after the messy part of hunting. They are
    biodegradable. EZ towel will get you clean in no time
    following hunting of fishing.

#3: Fresh green black walnut wormwood complex
(treats parasites).
During a survival situation, you may be hunting and unable to
provide a stable source of fresh drinking water. Have a plan to
clear parasites out of the body with Fresh
Green Black Walnut
Wormwood Complex, pictured at the top of the page. This
powerful extract, derived from the hulls of green black walnuts, is
a centuries old herbal tonic to promote healthy microbial activity.
Fresh green black walnut wormwood complex comes recommended
The Patriot Nurse in a survival situation for those who plan on

#4: Deer corn.
Order dinner to your doorstep: bait deer to your property with
deer corn! While this may be a current restriction in your area, for
your survival you must consider every detail of a world without
rule of law.

#5: Kevlar shooting gloves.
Find gloves with a tight comfortable fit to protects the skin while
target shooting, and to keep you warmer in cold weather. The
kevlar hutch shooting gloves, pictured right, are heat and flame
proof up to 700 Fahrenheit!  What's more, the low cuff stays
eases your release. They're available in five sizes! Take note that
anything made of
Kevlar has an expiration date for maximum

#6: Guide Geer Aluminum Deer Cart.
This is how preppers and survivalists roll! They save their back
and get the big bucks off. The Guide Gear Aluminum Deer Cart,
pictured top right, hauls up to 250 lbs. Use it to roll your tree
stand and gear! Roll your downed deer out. All so effortlessly.
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