How to get free groceries on Amazon

Foods to buy on Amazon
Best groceries to buy on Amazon

How to get free groceries on Amazon.
Free groceries on Amazon? Yes! Surprisingly, Amazon has very
good prices on a variety of groceries for preppers. Consider
shopping Amazon for everyday food storage.

Think of Amazon as your online grocery store for canned and
dried goods, such as coffee, cereal, canned tomatoes and
meats, olive oil, food bars, paper towels, coffee, and even toilet
paper. Plus, save on food storage containers, cleaning supplies,
and more. Before you read this article further, learn how to get
free food on Amazon:

Here's how to get Free Food Storage Delivered To Your
Doorstep, though Amazon:
Shop Amazon for groceries using the Subscribe & Save link
above, which provides you with savings of 15% off your monthly
delivery. Then pay for your goods with your American Express or
Visa card free points:

  • AMEX Points: Check your American Express card
    membership rewards points to learn more about how
    points for using your American Express card can go towards
    free groceries. (You can also check your monthly statement
    from American Express.) Points accumulate whether you
    buy on Amazon or elsewhere, but you can spend the points
    you accumulate to get free groceries on Amazon.

  • Visa Points: Open a Amazon Visa card and get products for
    free using your Visa Card too.  To get the
    rewards Visa card with instant money off click on any
    product in our site and add it to your cart to see what is
    your offered discount. There you'll see the
    rewards offer, which also may include a 5% cash back
    credit in the form of a statement credit to your account.
    What's your discount offer? Check it out now by clicking the
    Subscribe and Save button at the top of the page.

Purchase monthly with these tips, and you'll have enough points
for free groceries on Amazon!

Five Good Reasons to Buy Groceries on Amazon Now

Reason #1: You'll find products in
prepper-ready storage
When purchasing food preppers pay attention to the storage
containers as well as the food itself. Amazon is a wonderful
place to find foods well packaged for prepping, including:

  • Sugar in plastic containers: Preppers appreciate well-
    packaged products, like the Domino Sugar pictured above in
    bright yellow. The convenient container will be a welcome
    part of your every day food storage. It opens and closes
    easily for your baking needs.

  • Packet mixes in glass jars: A pleasant find is the Hidden
    Valley Ranch in glass jars, which you'll want buy to replace
    the pouched variety.

  • Chocolate syrup in a can. The classic Hershey's syrup in a
    can is hard to find on grocery store shelves. The
    ingredients are different from the squeeze bottle variety
    and many claim it just tastes better from the can. On
    Amazon, you'll get a case of 8 cans for under $18 and with
    free shipping. Subscribe and save even more. This is much
    cheaper than available at the grocery stores.

  • Coffee in a can. Nowadays, it's difficult to find coffee in a
    can! Above you'll find 100% Columbian ground coffee in a
    can for your long term food storage needs or for everyday
    use. When you're done drinking the coffee, why not use the
    can to make a buddy burner or grill?

Reason #2: Convenience shopping.
Amazon delivers your favorite foods to your door. Amazon is an
ideal place to find convenience items, such as Kirkland brand
products from Costco, at very reasonable prices. (Your nearest
Costco may be far away.) Amazon is a great place to look for
brands your local store no longer carries. If they make it, then
you'll probably find it on Amazon.

Reason #3: Amazon stocks a variety of organic products.
Some regions of the country won't stock your favorite organic
brands, such as the delicious Organic Mashed Potatoes by
Edward & Sons, pictured above. Earth's Best Organic Infant
formula is another awesome prepper find.

Reason #4: Free shipping.
Most items qualify for free shipping (and in some states you can
avoid the sales tax).

Reason #5: Free products for using rewards programs.
You can get discount in several ways, just for shopping on

    Here are the steps to take advantage of the best
    grocery deals on Amazon:

  • Step Two: Get an Amazon Visa Rewards card, issued in
    partnership through Chase. With this co-branded credit card
    you'll get a free Amazon gift card. The card amount varies
    from around $30-$90 depending on offers, and your
    purchase history. Use this gift card to buy free groceries on

  • Step Three: Save even more with Subscribe & Save. With
    Amazon's Subscribe & Save, you'll save up to 15% and
    receive FREE shipping on thousands of products like
    diapers, laundry soap, shampoo, coffee, cereal, pet food
    and more. Save up to 15% off your monthly delivery. It
    works like this: you get a discount based on the purchase
    commitment of repurchasing the product in the next few
    months. Best of all, you can choose subscription delivery
    from one to six months out!

What are preppers buying? Below is a handy list of prepper
foods to buy on Amazon.

Here are the Top Prepper Groceries Available on Amazon:
Below is our list of the best everyday food storage grocery deals
on Amazon...

#1 Grocery on Amazon: Kind Bars (mini variety
For 824+ days in the top 100 and Kind Bars Plus, pictured at
the top of the page, 576 days in the top 100.

#2 Grocery on Amazon: Pancake Mix.
Gluten Free Bisquick Pancake and baking mix (three pack): A
pack of three boxes of Gluten-free Bisquick pancake and baking
mix is around $12.54  ($0.26 / oz) and available with free
shipping on orders over $35.

#3 Grocery on Amazon: Stove Top Stuffing Mix.
Buy in bulk (12 boxes at a time, prepper-style and save).
Twelve boxes will cost around $27.53 and with free shipping on
orders more than $35 or with Subscribe & Save the costs goes
down to $26.15.

#4 Grocery on Amazon: Sparkle Paper Towels.
Get 24 Giant Rolls for around $25.99 and with free shipping or
$24.69 with Subscribe and Save. 24 Giant Rolls = 36 Regular

#5 Grocery on Amazon: Cottonelle Toilet Paper.
Get 48 rolls for around $27.88 or with Subscribe and Save it's
just $26.49.

#6 Grocery on Amazon: Organic Mashed Potatoes. Boxed or
bagged mashed potatoes are a good prepper item and found at
great prices on Amazon. Above, you'll find six boxes of Organic
Mashed Potatoes for $15.54 (price currently: 6/9/14). Of all the
groceries on Amazon, the Organic Mashed Potatoes, pictured
above is the best of Amazon groceries when it comes to mashed
potatoes. Amazon's online grocery store has other brands, but
the Organic Mashed Potatoes are the healthiest option.

#7 Grocery on Amazon: Mac and Cheese.
You'll find Kraft Mac and Cheese at the incredible price of
$12.89 for a pack of 15 boxes, and with free shipping on orders
over $25. That's around .86 cents a box! Best of all, Subscribe
and Save can bring the price down to around $12.34 for the 15-
pack delivered to your door at your schedule (price current
6/9/14). This is one of the best Amazon groceries to buy if you
already buy Kraft macaroni and cheese.

#8 Grocery on Amazon: Infant Formula.
Earth's Best Organic Infant formula. Get a four-pack of hard to
find organic infant formula which is fortified with iron. It's been
1205+ days in the top 100 on Amazon!

#9 Grocery on Amazon: Frito Lay  Chips.
The Frito Lay Chips Mix includes single-portion of the following
popular brand of chips: 4- Lays's Classic chips, 4- Doritos Nacho
Cheese, 2- Doritos Cool Ranch chips, 4- Cheetos Crunchy
snacks, 2- Sunchips Original snacks, and 4- Fritos Original chips,
all for around $6.48  ($0.32 / count) and with free shipping on
orders over $35.

#10 Grocery on Amazon: Quaker Instant Oatmeal.
Get 52 packets of quaker instant oatmeal in a variety of flavors
sent straight to your door!

  • Cereal bars, protein bars and granola bars: You'll find
    many great deals to be had on your favorite cereal bars or
    hard to find protein bars in bulk, such as Kind protein bars
    pictured above, in nut and chocolate. Cereal bars are great
    for prepping. Keep your pantry well stocked with this
    everyday staple.

Why choose Amazon's Subscribe and Save?

  • Save up to 15% on your entire order when you receive 5 or
    more subscriptions on your monthly delivery day.
  • Receive free shipping on every Subscribe & Save shipment.  
  • Cancel at any time - there are no commitments,
    obligations, or fees.
  • No upfront charges - you'll pay only when your groceries

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