How to use a watch to navigate

Lensatic compass
Lensatic compass
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Above, How to Navigate direction with nothing more than a digital watch a
piece of paper and a pencil. You don't need a compass. Amazing!

Happy endings...
Now that you know how to navigate like a compass with any kind
of watch, why not pick up a few other
prepper skills?

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Prepper's guide to navigating with watch

Navigate like a compass with a watch!
Preppers love a lensatic compass, but in case you're stranded
without one, then you can use a watch. It's true, you can
navigate with a watch, just like you can navigate with a compass.
Use a watch to find North and you're golden and here's how to do
just that: how to navigate with a watch!

How to Navigate with a Watch
You can navigate with any kind of watch if you have the right
prepper skills. Navigating with a watch is old school, and an
excellent skill to carry (knowledge weighs nothing). In about two
minutes you can learn to navigate with a watch by "watching" this
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