Survive cancer with essential oils

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Survive cancer naturally
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Enjoy the power and potency of plant-based healing.
Remember, essential oils can help restore balance to your body to
detoxify, but you must also work towards healing your life in the
other areas, such as
adding natural probiotics to your diet, and
eating whole foods; taking away the stress from your life,
laughing and enjoying life to its full potential; restoring the mind
and spirit by healing emotional wounds; and balancing your life
with exercise to improve vitality. You are on the correct path to
healing when you look to all things nature.

Happy endings...
Be happy in knowing that you've selected the correct path if
you've chosen to heal your body naturally. Do not allow doctors
and family to cloud you with fear when you know deep in your
heart what you know is right. Also, please know that the Food
and Drug Administration also precludes anyone from saying that
an essential oil can cure any disease.*

Learn to detoxify your body starting with the water you drink. Do
not use plastic bottles to drink your water if you are dealing with
cancer. Gerson therapy patients know the importance of pure
water. Distillation machines are more expensive and complicated.
Filter your water from fluoride, lead, arsenic and chlorine with a
Big Berkey Water filter. The whole family can enjoy the fresh,
clean taste and you'll be ready for any emergency, too.

Consider an alkaline lifestyle of a vegetarian or vegan diet, and
learn to detoxify to heal cancer.

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Warnings: As with all essential oils, do not use internally. Essential oils for
consumption must be food grade and taken with caution. Consult with a
physician or healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant or nurse. Also, do not
use essential oils in eyes or on eyelids, and keep of reach of children.

* Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is
intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice
or treatment for specific medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical advice
when available. For any health or dietary matter, consult your physician.

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Survive cancer with essential oils
Prevent cancer with essential oils

Can you cure yourself of cancer with essential oils?
The title of this article is "Survive Cancer with Essential oils,"
which is an important distinction between "surviving" and "curing"
cancer with essential oils. It may seem to you only a matter of
semantics, but lets examine this truth.

Essential oils to Survive Cancer
Absolutely you can heal and survive cancer with essential oils,
essential oils can improve quality of life in cancer patients),
but you can not cure yourself with cancer from them alone.  That
distinction is important to emphasize because a person does not
develop cancer overnight. It's a complicated problem of being
toxic and having  deficiency.

The body has the primary problem of toxicity and deficiency when
cancer erupts into the body. If you don't change your life to
detoxify, and also address the nutritional and other deficiencies,
then you will not get rid of cancer with essential oils alone.

An Overview of the "Toxicity and Deficiency" Concept
Everything a person absorbs, breathes, consumes, touches, and
surrounds a person can cause cancer. Emotional influences are
also a factor as a traumatic event can also trigger distress and an
emotional response that causes cancer. Again, cancer does not
develop overnight.

Cancer comes from a combination of circumstances on the

  • Toxicity. A body that has become toxic may have had
    exposure from a variety of sources including antibiotics,
    artificial sweeteners, chemicals, polluted air, unclean water,
    pesticides and herbicides, fluoridation, radon, radiation,
    chemotherapy, mercury amalgam fillings and even root
    canals to name a few.  Detoxification provides the answer.

  • Deficiency. Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine," but
    he was living in a world free of man-made antibiotics,
    pollutants, pesticides and herbicides destroying the soil. The
    nutritive value of food has diminished as man-made
    substances have infiltrated the land. The soil of most crops
    today is healthy. It must be restored with the rich minerals it
    used to have. Deficiencies can rectify themselves with a
    healthy dose of organic produce. Herbs and vitamins can
    enrich any diet, but a person with cancer must eat organic
    plant-based foods and wild caught fish, avoiding all meats
    for the period of healing. Eat whole foods that are not
    processed. This includes fresh pressed juices which will help
    you get maximum nutritive value of the plant-based
    medicines nature has to offer.

  • Emotional healing. Often times a cancer patient has had a
    traumatic experience in life that has not healed -- a loss of
    child, an abusive relationship, injustice, and many other
    unfortunate circumstances. Without addressing the
    emotional healing aspect, the body goes on a suicide
    mission allowing the cancer to overcome and destroy the
    good cells.

Everyone has cancer in their body. The body's immune system is
hard at work to get rid of your cancer every day. You can help
detoxify with essential oils to restore balance, but you must also
work towards healing your life in the other areas.

Survive Cancer with Essential Oils
Essential oils have antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, calming, or
energizing effects, but most importantly, they can extend your
life. Essential oils absolutely can help you heal cancer and here
are some medical studies to prove it:

#1: Frankincense.
Frankincense is the king of essential oils -- it was the natural
immune booster of its time when the three wise men brought it
to baby Jesus. It's actually a natural antiseptic!

Perhaps the most significant reason to choose essential oils for
use if you have cancer is for its ability to reduce inflammation and
support the immune system. The power of frankincense to force
tumors into necrosis (death of the cancerous tissue) and shrink in
size is amazing and documented in clinical studies! "
oil appears to distinguish cancerous from normal bladder cells and
suppress cancer cell viability," according to an abstract published
by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of
Health (Published online 2009 Mar 18). This is just one example
of a published study on Bosweillia carteri (Frankincense oil) on
human bladder cancer.

Frankincense is the go-to oil if you or your loved one has cancer.
Here is another abstract published by the U.S. National Library of
Medicine, National Institutes of Health regarding the use of
essential oils and their constituents as anticancer agents. It's
information the American Cancer Society doesn't want you to
know about. They want you to think only that aromatherapy can
improve your quality of life, such as reducing stress or anxiety,
but in reality essential oils do much more! They don't just
improve quality of life, they extend your life! Here's how...

  • Reduces inflammation. Frankincense can pass through the
    blood-brain barrier. For example, brain cancer patients this is
    significant information as frankincense can travel into the
    bloodstream to support areas of inflammation. How to use
    frankincense for support in brain cancer: soak a Q-tip with
    food grade frankincense and dab at the roof of the mouth
    every two hours.

  • Immune system support. How to use Frankincense for
    immune systems support: rub it on your chest, dab some
    behind your neck, to protect yourself from environmental
    viruses and bacteria.

#2: Sweet orange essential oil.
Sweet orange essential oil can make an important difference in
treating cancer naturally. It's an anti-inflammatory, which is why
it is an ideal solution for helping
heal cancer naturally. The most
important benefits of sweet orange essential oil is its ability to
target and disintegrate cancerous tumors by entering the tissues
and bloodstream through topical application. Anything you put
onto your skin absorbs into your body, and sweet orange
essential oil (citrus sinensis) is ideal for such application. Allow
the phytochemicals to work their magic to
help heal cancer
naturally for you or a loved one.

Orange essential oil is comprised of 85-96% limonene, which is
an anticancer compound.

Phytochemicals fighting cancer include:

  • Limonene: According to, orange
    essential oil has among the highest limonene content:
  • Lemon essential oil: 59-73% limonene
  • Lime essential oil: 50-60% limonene
  • Grapefruit essential oil: 88-95% limonene
  • Orange essential oil: 85-96% limonene
  • Tangerine essential oil: 85-93% limonene

#3: Sandalwood.
Loaded with antioxidants, sandalwood can heal! Is also a natural
aphrodisiac ~ it just smells good and has sedative effects! You
can also balance your hormones with sandalwood essential oils.
Men with low testosterone can boost their hormones naturally
research that proves the anticancer effects of sandalwood.

Sandalwood improves the appearance of acne, and handles skin
inflammation, dry skin and insect bites with aplomb!

#4. Clove Oil.
Clove oil is a A wonderful addition to your dental medic kit, the
warm, pungent oils of clove have served historically for digestive,
dental and skin health. Clove can also help with dentistry as it's
both an antimicrobial and an

If clove oil is too strong, then consider Thieves Oil, which is a
blend. You can also wear it on a necklace to get some of the

As an antibiotic, Clove essential oil is a botanical alternative
worth considering. It's an active ingredient in Fresh green black
walnut wormwood complex, which helps treat parasites. Cloves
were precious in 16th and 17th century Europe, worth more than
its weight in gold for its medicinal properties. Avoid during

#5: Lavender Essential Oil.
Lavender essential oil has been found "beneficial in reducing the
distress in cancer patients," according to an abstract published by
the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of
Health on Essential oils and their constituents as anticancer

#6: Helichrysum Essential Oil.
Helichrysum Essential Oil is most known as a skin rejuvenator,
but it also boosts immune function. Referred to as the
"Everlasting" or "Immortal Flower," because the plant retains its
yellow color even when dried, Helichrysum essential oil is the
source of ancient herbal medicine used in ancient Greece. It is a
rare essential oil in modern times, suppressed prior to the
1980s**, but thankfully it has resurfaced in popularity!

The healing compound, helilchrysum hydrosol, is cell regenerative,
and an ideal compress for scar tissue and wound healing. It's an
anti-inflammatory and for this reason Helichrysum essential oil is
used also to treat rheumatism. Athletes can use it as a sports
rub. Some even associate hydrosol as a comforting solution for
emotional heartache. That's important for cancer support in that
often a cancer patient has experienced extreme emotional trauma
and are toxic from the incident.

Think of Helichrysum Essential oil as the go-to essential oil for
diffusing anger and relieving the destructive feelings that may
come at stress points in your life.

    ** You won't find Helichrysum Essential Oil listed in aromatherapy
    manuals in the early 1980s.

#7: Myrrh Essential oil.
Myrrh may have a role as an anti-cancer agent, according to a
Rutgers University study done in 2001, which promises hope in
using myrrh for the prevention and treatment of breast and
prostate cancers. In studies, researches noted myrrh has inhibited
growth in cancer cells. A
compound in myrrh actually killed cancer
cells in the laboratory!

  • Skin cancer.

  • Liver Damage. Myrrh reportedly protects against liver
    damage, and according to an abstract on the effect of myrrh
    extract on the liver of mice this conclusion is promising. This
    study on myrrh concluded that myrrh extract has a promising
    antischistosomal non hepatotoxic activity. The liver filters
    toxins and as such has much to do with cancer, which many
    believe to be as a result of toxicity of the body

#8: Thyme essential oil.
White Thyme Essential Oil has stimulating, uplifting, and reviving
properties. Thyme oil has been known to help
  • Arthritis and muscle aches
  • cold and flu
  • laryngitis and sore throat
  • insect bites, lice
  • dermatitis, scabies.

Thyme essential oil is promising towards a cancer cure!
  • Breast cancer. According to the U.S. National Library of
    Medicine National Institutes of Health

  • White Thyme (Thymus vulgaris).

  • White Thyme (Thymus Zygis).

Have cancer?
Do yourself a favor and give thyme essential oil a try. Ask your
oncologist to disclose what his or her patient survival rate is. If
it's anything below 96% give Thyme Essential oil a try. Here is
the clinical proof that Thyme Essential oil cures breast cancer. In
various articles published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine,
National Institutes of Health has overwhelming evidence on
Essential oil (EO). As an example, "
EO constituents are potent in
cancer prevention and treatment" and "the use of essential oils in
cancer therapy is very promising."

Consider not doing chemotherapy,
radiation or surgery!
Read what Dr. Hardin B. Jones of the University of California's
Department of Medical Physics has to say about the typical cancer
treatments available in the United States: ""
My studies have
proved conclusively that untreated cancer victims actually live up
to four times longer than treated individuals," he says. For his
own wife, if she gets breast cancer, he suggests doing nothing
and instead try to be as healthy as possible.

You are on your way to
research natural healing options. If
anyone questions your right to give up the traditional treatment
options, say this: "I've done my research. It's my life. I choose to
live it naturally."

The answer to cancer is natural healing! Detoxify and then
replenish the body of its deficiencies and live happily ever after.

Below is a biblical perspective on essential oils and health...
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