Ten things your forgot to include in your first aid kit

Prepper's Medic Bag
Ten things preppers should include in their first aid kit.

10 things you forgot to include in your first aid kit
If you've read our article, the seven areas of prepper first aid,
then you understand the basic components of a well stocked
prepper first aid kit.  Chances are you're ready to enhance your
medic bag further with our list of 10+ things that should be in
your prepper's medic bag that probably aren't in there.

Ten Things to Include in your First Aid Kit
Bandages. Check. Gauze. Check. Blood pressure cuff? Maybe you
should enhance your first aid kit with one of those! Below are ten
things you probably forgot to include in your first aid kit...

1. Blood Pressure Cuff (child and adult).
Advanced preppers or healthcare workers who are also preppers,
likely have a
blood pressure cuff, but they have one for an adult!
Pictured right is a pediatric cuff, well worth packing if you're
prepping for children or grandchildren.

You may not have packed a blood pressure cuff because you don't
know how to use one. No worries, here's
how to test your blood
pressure with a blood pressure cuff. Here's how to measure blood
Medical equipment trauma sheers
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Ten things you forgot to include in your first aid kit
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10. Analog (Mercury-type): thermometer.
An electromagnetic pulse will render all digital thermometers
useless! For around $5 you can secure temperature measurement
with the glass analog, mercury-free thermometer, pictured right.
It's non toxic and mercury free, but works just like the traditional
shake down glass analog thermometer and is as accurate as the
toxic mercury thermometers.

Happy endings...
Happiness is knowing you've taken steps to be prepared for
whatever comes your way. Planning your first aid needs can give
you some peace of mind in crisis.

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Also known as a Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, a blood pressure
cuff measures the force of blood on your arteries as your heart
pumps blood through your body. Wrist monitors are not as
accurate as cuff monitors. You may need a larger cuff depending
on your size. Likewise, children will need a small cuff, so it may
be worth the investment to get one for your kids.

It's good to have for prepping and good for your health, too.
Knowing your blood pressure also will help you control high blood
pressure and hypertension and pre-hypertension as diagnosed by
your doctor:

  • Pre-hypertention: systolic is between 120 and 139 mm Hg  or
    diastolic is between 80 and 89 mm Hg);

  • Hypertention: systolic is 140 mm Hg or above, anddiastolic
    90 mm Hg or above

2.  Ammonia inhalant.
To revive someone in an emergency, the way smelling salts
revived people of the past,
ammonia inhalant is an unusual
addition to your medic bag. Don't overlook this important addition
to your prepper's first aid and medic bag.

3. Hurricaine Topical Anesthetic Gel.
Nothing bites worse than tooth pain! In the old days, the agony
of dental pain was among the top causes of suicide. In a
catastrophic condition, where a dentist is not available, you'll
wish you had Hurricaine Topical Anesthetic gel, pictured at the top
right hand of the page. It will help until you can find a way to get
the tooth removed. Blacksmith's of the day and barbers generally
performed the work of dentists before the profession came about.
Additionally, Scotch or whiskey will help.

4. Tongue depressor.
A tongue depressor is not only for examination of the mouth and
throat! Here are just some of the ways to use a tongue depressor!
  • spreading and applying ointments:
  • administering glucose paste
  • applying anaestheisa lignocaine gel or lidocaine
  • mixing medications (tongue depressors are sterile when
    wrapped individually)
  • making finger splint
  • scraping bee sting
  • dislodging a fish hook from skin
  • identifying a tender tooth (bite depressor instead of finger)

5. EMT scissors set.
The time may come when you need bandage scissors and trauma
shears. Have the holster, shears, bandage scissors, forceps, pen
light and hemostat at your fintertips with the EMT scissors set.
Items come in tactical black matte finish.

6. Steri-strip skin closures.
A Steri-strip skin closure is not a bandage. There is no protective
pad to keep out dirt or aid in hemostasis. The purpose of a skin
closure is to hold the edges of shallow wounds together to aid in
healing and helping to stop infections before they start. They are
intended to prevent surgical site infections.

7. Pre-loaded Skin Stapler.
Every prepper can afford this simple to use skin stapler. (Staple
lines are more likely to prevent leakage of blood or air.) Of quality
construction, it provides consistent and reliable performance, and
fits comfortably in your hand to enhance control of skin closure
and also reduces surgery time. This skin stapler comes preloaded
with 35 staples, individually sterile. The arrow indicator assists in
accurate staple alignment and the staple count indicator lets you
view staples remaining to help minimize waste.

8. Sterile Splinter removal.
Individually wrapped, use Medicpoint Splinter-Out sterlie splinter
removal kit which has a sterile point to gently loosen the skin
around a splinter until it can be lifted out.

9. Lidocaine.
Lidocane Plus, pictured right, which contains Lidocaine, is a pain
management treatment that's available with or without a
prescription. Lidocane Plus, numbs the pain without use of
alcholos, pretoleum jelly or menthol. It soothes with aloe vera
gel! What's more, Lidocane Plus® contains the maximum amount
of Lidocaine Hydrochloride (4%) permitted by the U.S. Federal
Drug Administration (FDA). Lidocane Plus, goes on cool absorbing
into damaged tissue, providing safe, effective relief almost
instantly. The amount of Aloe Vera in Lidocane Plus® alongwith
the Lidocaine Hydrochloride 4% will sooth and heal burns faster
than any ointment found today.
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