pretty prepper things

Pretty Prepper Things
Pink and pretty prepper things

Prepare to be smitten with these pretty prepper things! Whether
you'd like to get a gift for your prepper lady, or you're woman
who's been bitten by the preparedness bug and want to soften
the military look, this list of pretty prepper things is sure to
light a fire with you.

Pretty Prepper Things
Following is our list of the prettiest prepper things. We think
you'll be tickled pink to discover them:

  • Pretty Tactical Assault Pack. It seems like an oxymoron to
    have something be both pretty and tactical, but when you
    get a load of the pretty tactical assault pack pictured left,
    you'll want to soften your paramilitary look. Rimmed in
    pretty pink, this tactical assault pack perfectly sized and
    brimming with features.

    It's  a small pack covered top-to-bottom with MOLLE strips
    and compression straps to help stabilize load and keep the
    pack's potential bulk under control. Three external pockets,
    a large rear velcro pocket, and a spacious main
    compartment provide maximum storage room for your gear.
    The main compartment is exceptionally roomy, featuring
    both a deep mesh zippered pocket and a shallower
    zippered pocket. The mesh pocket can hold a 72 oz water
    bladder. The outside of the backpack features a large
    secondary zippered pocket with extra sleeves and pockets
    adorning the inside. Two additional smaller pleated pockets
    are sewn on to the outside of this zippered pocket. The
    larger of these pleated pockets contains an integrated
    nylon organizer for pens, a day planner, or a digital device.

  • Pink Tactical USA flat patch. Show your patriotic love of
    the country and all things tactical with the pink Tactical
    flag patch, pictured left. This USA Tactical Patch is 100%
    embroidered with velcro loop backing. The 2"x3" size is
    specifically designed for use with tactical caps. And yes,
    this one is made in the good old U.S.A.!

  • Pink Brutus the Bulldog Self Defense Keychain. Put your
    fingers through the eye holes and the tips of the ears can
    be used to defend your self against an attacker.

  • Pink Hogue grips: These grips are made of soft rubber
    with a cobblestone (stippled) surface for good grip control
    and contain a Sorbothane insert for recoil protection. - Fits:
    Smith & Wesson Centennial, Bodyguard - Color: Pink.

  • Stun gun (in stunning pink). Keep your sweetie safe with
    a pretty pink stun gun. Don't let the color fool you. The
    Pink Streetwise Security Products stun gun, pictured
    immediate right, smacks 5,000,000-volts! It fits on your
    key chain and is rechargeable!

  • Hogue Rubber Grips (fits Smith & Wesson BodyGuard).
    Pack in pink with Hogue rubber grips, immediate right!
    These grips are made of soft rubber with a cobblestone
    (stippled) surface for good grip control and contain a
    Sorbothane insert for recoil protection.

  • Pink Granulate TALON Grip Wrap for Smith & Wesson
    M&P Shield.  This front wrap grip is available in both
    granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel
    coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under
    the trigger guard, and full coverage on the backstrap where
    the grip comes together. This grip has graphic cutouts for
    the M&P emblem on both sides of the firearm. Included
    with this grip is one extended magazine grip for the pinky
    finger.  (TALON Grips for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm
    and .40 model with both the 3.1" barrel.)

  • Lipstick Mini Pepper Spray. Get ready to pucker up and
    give your attacker a sucker punch of prepper spray. Pretend
    you need to freshen your lipstick and POW! This 1/2 oz.
    canister contains 5 one second sprays with a range of 6
    feet and is available in 4 attractive colors. Because of
    State Laws, this Pepper Spray is not allowed by law to ship
    to New York, Massachusetts, or Wisconsin.

  • Pink Smith & Wesson Tactical pen. This tactical
    stylus/pen allows you to select, sketch, draw, take notes,
    and express yourself creatively on most touch screen
    devices, yet can still be used as a normal pen. The cap can
    be screwed onto the opposite end of the pen for easy
    storage. Pictured at the bottom of the page.

  • Pink Smith & Wesson Mini M.A.G.IC. Knife. A smaller
    version of the popular Smith & Wesson M.A.G.I.C. assisted-
    opening knives, this folding knife has an assisted opening
    liner lock, and a textured handle for secure grip. The 2.5-
    inch blade is easy to deploy utilizing the finger actuator
    and it locks open and closed. It's small enough that it
    won't add much extra weight to your backpack. Pictured at
    the bottom of the page.
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