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Buy in bulk and save

Buy in bulk
Preppers know that buying in bulk can save a lot of money. When
you buy in bulk the cost per unit goes down, but the key to
buying in bulk is only to buy in bulk the things you and your
family actually use. Another key idea is to buy things that don't
have an expiration date or a short expiration date.

Below is a list of ten things preppers buy in bulk to save money.

10 Things To Buy in Bulk To Save Money

#1: Toilet paper rolls in bulk
Toilet paper is a core prepper stockpile that you can have  
delivered and put it right into your stockpile without even
opening the box. Buy
80 rolls of Scott Toilet paper, pictured right,
for around $50.98 on Prime. Made with 100% recycled fiber, this
2-ply bulk toilet paper is strong and absorbent. Scotts
biodegradable toilet paper meets EPA minimum standards, and it’
s FSC and EcoLogo certified, so that you can feel confident about
choosing a wholesale eco-friendly product at a great price.

  • How much is the cost per unit? Each roll of toilet paper will
    cost you just .63-cents.

#2: BIC lighters.
BIC lighters are the most popular firestarters with preppers.

BIC Lighters are rather expensive when you buy them one at a
time, but when you buy them in bulk online you can save money.
Right is a
bulk deal of 50 BIC lighters for just $40.63. That's far
less than you'd get at thet dollar stores!

  • How much is the cost per unit? That works out to a BIC
    lighter costing you just .81 cents each.

#3: Rice.
Rice is a no-brainer to buy in bulk. Be careful to buy rice in bulk
only the kind of rice your family likes. Be sure to test it out. Also,
be sure to pack a white rice. Brown rice has oils that may become
quickly rancid. Brown rice is not a good candidate for long-term
food storage because of the oils.

The family favorite is Long Grain White Rice
from Augason Farms. The folks at Augason Farms have already
done the work for you in packing the rice into food grade buckets
with oxygen absorbers. It's very important, if you buy rice in bulk,
to package it properly so that the rice does not inadvertently get
moist or have an opportunity for pests to get at your food.

The best way to neatly resolve the issue of pests is to store your
rice in food grade buckets with an oxygen absorber. The oxygen
absorber has the dual purpose of keeping your food fresh and
keeping the pests away. If there is no oxygen in your container of
rice, then pests can't thrive. The bucket provides ample
protection from rodents; thoiugh some rodents have been known
to chew through the buckets, it's not usually worth the effort for

If you leave your rice unprotected and in the burlap sacks then it
exposes your food to a variety of problems including moisture
and pests. Rats and mice will love to chew right through the
grain sack.

#4: Oatmeal.
Oatmeal is an incredibly cheap prepper food that's useful in so
many ways. You can get a bucket of Augason Farms rolled oats
for around $20 and quick oats are even cheaper at $18.72. Best
of all, if you're a Prime member, shipping is free.

Oatmeal can be made into a cereal or you can bake with it, but
did you know you can also make oat milk? What's more, oatmeal
is a meat extender. Use it in meatloaf an meatballs. Oatmeal is
an extremely nutritious addition to the prepper's pantry.

#5: Butter.
When butter goes on sale, stock up! Butter is an important
staple for use in baking and sauce making. It's a prepper favorite
with rice, toast and even coffee. (With coffee butter becomes
brain food but that's another story that Dr. Mercola can tell you
Bulletproof coffee.

#6: Pasta.
Never buy pasta at regular price when you can stock up on deals
that are two for one! Pasta was one of the original prepper foods.
Dried and long lasting, pasta can lasts for years in an airtight
and cool container. We recommend storing your pasta in bulk in
food grade buckets. It's a very easy prepper project.

Tight on space? Spaghetti and fettucini takes very little space.
It's the boxes of other kinds of noodles that take up the room.
Best of all, you can buy spaghetti noodles for less than $1 to
serve a family of four. It's cheap eats and a long lasting food.

#7: Zip lock bags.
Zip lock bags are a welcome addition to the prepper's kitchen
because you'll always have a way to repackage leftovers. Stock
up when zip lock bags go on sale at the grocery store or take
advantage of online deals.

#8: Laundry detergent.
Laundry detergent is expensive, so if you see a sale stock up
(even if you don't think you can afford it). The truth is that if you
buy at a discount you'll save for other items.
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