backyard aquaponics for preppers

Aquaponics for preppers
Bringing food production home with backyard aquaponics

Think you can grow plants by fertilizing them with waste water from fish in a
sustainable closed system? Yes you can! Aquaponics works by mixing water with
waste from a fish tank. A tank filters the nutrient rich water to feed plants. The grow
beds for the plants in turn culture bacteria to prorduce ammonia, which then breaks
down into nitrates. The nitrates break down into aerated, clean water, which then
gets cycled back to the fish and the process continues.

Here's how to set up your own backyard aquaponics food product system:

How to bring aquaponics into your preps
Preppers nationwide are harvesting through aquaponics, and you can too. Here are a
few wonderful resources to get you started:

Aquaponic Gardening book: Aquaponic Gardening, a book by Sylvia Bernstein,
pictured above, is a do-it-yourself home manual to get you started and create your
own aquaponic system. Soon you'll enjoy healthy, fresh, and delicious food from your
own aquaponic system! The Web site on aquaponics,,
will provide you with happy inspiration. Discover the basics, desings, fish, plans and
other information you need to learn more about aquaponics. Grow your own fish and
vegetables in a pretty and productive backyard system.

  • Read Barrel Aquaponics to learn how you can start a small project in a
    water barrel. It is extremely affordable!

Instant Video: Aquaponics PLUMB IT! Aquaponics PLUMB IT! is an instant video
available on amazon. Packed full of backyard set-up information with dynamic
graphics, charts, and photos of actual systems, you'll learn how to build a bell siphon,
construct a netting system, make a floating raft bed, and build a vertical grow
structure. Plus the instant video covers cycling and maintaining a system.

Bringing food production home with backyard aquaponics: Think you can grow plants
by fertilizing them with waste water from fish in a sustainable closed system is
aquaponics? You can! Preppers nationwide are brinigng food production home.

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