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Archives of Food storage Articles

  • Spinach flakes and how to use them. You may come across
    spinach flakes in your quest for building the long term food
    storage in your prepper's pantry and may wonder how to use
    them. Here's how to cook with dehydrated spinach flakes.

  • Cooking with canned hamburger. There are lots of canned
    meats available at the local grocery stores, but have you
    come across a can of ground beef or canned hamburger? Give
    it a try! Here are recipes to try using canned hamburger.

  • No yeast breads. No yeast is no problem if you're a prepper!
    Here's a list of no yeast breads to bake and savor. Baking
    peasant breads is one of the forgotten skills of self-

  • Be Flakey with Potato Flakes. It's a gem of an idea to
    stockpile potato flakes (and potato gems) in the prepper's
    pantry! With potato flakes, you can have a creamy and
    comforting mashed potato side dish in minutes, but there's
    so much more.. This prep won't cost you much, it lasts long
    and you won't believe what it can do!

  • Planning emergency meals. What are your emergency food
    options? This list of emergency food provides an overview for
    your prepper's pantry, your go bags, and your vehicles, so
    you're ready when the "S" hits the fan.

  • Survival is sweet!  Your survival life can be sweeter when
    you boost morale with sweets, including hard candies, freeze
    dried puddings, brownie mixes, ice cream sandwiches and
    more. Get your just desserts and stock up on emergency
    desserts in the prepper's pantry.

  • Prepper's Guide to the Food Saver. If you've been thinking
    about getting a Food Saver, but weren't sure, then this will
    "seal the deal!" The Food Saver will save your food and a
    help you prepare for emergencies, too. Discover weird ways
    preppers use a FoodSaver.

  • Survival is sweet!  Your survival life can be sweeter when
    you boost morale with sweets, including hard candies, freeze
    dried puddings, brownie mixes, ice cream sandwiches and
    more. Get your just desserts and stock up on emergency
    desserts in the prepper's pantry.

  • What's for breakfast? Augason Farms Pancake mix! How
    good you'll feel having a bucket of buttermilk pancakes ready
    to go for long term emergencies. For storage, add freeze
    dried blueberries or strawberries, and real maple syrup which
    lasts indefinitely until you open the syrup. Also, don't heat
    and reuse maple syrup.

  • Chewing gum helps relieve stress and anxiety. Gum has a
    multitude of uses for a prepper from the obvious cleaning
    teeth and morale building to helping you fish. Plus, there are
    a variety of kinds of gum to help you think better, stay
    awake or quench your thirst. Stock chewing gum for your

  • Soup is good food. The prepper "soup of the day" can get a
    happy lift with savory and sweet garnishes and toppings that
    are shelf stable. Soup topping ideas for preppers.

  • Ration bars are not the same as energy bars. What's the
    real purpose of a ration bar and how is it different from a
    food bar? Which should you pack in your bugout bag? What's
    the best ration bar? Read all about ration bars.

  • Best protein source for preppers. Preppers often stockpile
    ample supplies of rice and beans, but their meat food
    storage is lacking. You'd be surprised at the kinds of meat
    available in a can that our grocery store doesn't stock. Take
    for example, ground beef in a can or canned bacon, which are
    foods you could easily use in your pantry. Meats are the best
    protein source in a can.

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