Oh the places you'll go, prepper!

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The map above illustrates where not to be during a societal
collapse; however, there may be reason to return...

After the grocery stores are emptied, what will you do? If you are
the last man or woman standing, you'll find a bevy of resources if
you only know where to look.  "Oh the places you'll go," to

How and where to scavenge in an
Need to scavenge the apocalypse? When scavenging the
apocalypse for useful thing, always beware that trespassing will
be dangerous work as you don't know what you're up against in
uncertain times. These ideas are not without risk of life, limb or
ethics. Consider this list a mere entertainment. We hope you'll
never really need to use the ideas contained here.

To that end, here is a list of the top places to scavenge in a total

#1: Food banks.
While everyone else is scrambling for the grocery stores, head to
the food bank. Giving is a great feeling and so is surviving! While
you may be one to volunteer at the church food pantries and
community food banks, you may also one day need to be on the
receiving end of them. Food banks (and church cupboards for the
needy) are the equivalent of a grocery store, and yet they'd be an
overlooked source of sustenance for the other zombies out there.
Best of all, most everything at the food bank is shelf stable. It's
like they've done the prepping for you.

  • Before you go, bring a shopping cart or other prepper cart so
    you'll have something to haul your wares.

#2: Restaurant dining tables.
The first of the looters will be targeting the restaurants. Their
first stop will be the freezer sections and pantry, and they may
entirely forget or overlook the dining tables in the mayhem. Take
a lesson from a movie...

If you've seen the movie The Road, you'll remember the scene
and difference a little packet of sugar makes in a day. Father and
son did anything they could to survive and it's a grim film well
worth watching if you can stomach the episodes. Just be sure to
eat your dinner first.

The Great Depression, people often took advantage of the
ketchup and sugar at the dining tables of penny restaurants.
They'd order a cup of coffee and pour a sugary concoction to get a
little extra energy with their meal. Instead of a cup of tea, they'd
have the bag on the side and dump ketchup into the hot water to
make a sort of tomato soup. They did these things instead of
asking for help from others. Times were different then, but they
are valualbe lessons indeed.

#3: School nurses Office.
While everyone else is at the hospital, you'd be wise to stay
away particularly in an
pandemic situation. In such a case, the
nurses office would make a great place to stock up on first aid
supplies. Surely, any bandage, antiseptic or cotton swab would
become extremely valuable in an apocalypse. Scarcity is the
mother of desperation.

#4: School cafeteria and teacher's lounge.
The school cafeteria is another hidden resource for scavenging.
Consider the school cafeteria your private restaurant in an
apocalypse! You'll find apples, oranges and cookies wrapped in
cellophane to eat first. Remember the staff lounge would also be
a resource for coffee and leftover lunches.

#5: Vending machines.
You'll find vending machines everywhere from offices and high
schools to coin-operated laundry mats and shopping malls. The
only thing standing between you and the glass are your ethics
and willingness to survive. Could you do it? Perhaps in a total
collapse of society you'd do it. Even if you wouldn't ordinarily
drink a can of Coke or Pepsi, you'll find it a great morale booster
to secure the last of the man made drinks during an apocalypse.

Where you'll find vending machines:
  • Bowling alleys
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Shopping malls

#6: Offices.
Not only are offices a great resource for finding vending machines
filled with soda, water and snacks, but you'd find the office
workers desks filled with shelf stable goodies and candy jars, if
not packets of coffee and tea.

Next, head to the rest rooms for the last of the toilet paper. Grab
the paper towels too if they are still available. And finally, be
sure to get the first aid supply on every floor. Large offices will
also have OSHA required body bags, which may be useful for
sanitation. These items are usually locked in easy access hall
closets near the stairways.

#7: Bakeries and coffee houses.
Anyone who has ever watched the movie, The Road, will
remember the scene in the coffee shop where a man offers his
son the sugar packet from the coffee shop. Sugar is a good source
of energy. Flour is a worthy staple. Both are found readily at
bakeries, along with ample amounts of fats, including butter and
oils for food and fuel. Bakeries also freeze entire cake layers for
frosting later as well as half baked pastries, which you can bake
later in a
sun oven.

Likewise, coffee houses will provide not only bags of coffee,
which will enhance your survival, but also they stock sugar and
sugary syrups, teas.

#8: Sporting goods, camping stores, and military
surplus outlets.
Where else to replenish your supply of freeze dried foods than at
the local military supply or sporting good store? Just beware that
others may have the same idea and may be well stocked with
knives and other weapons they've secured from the premises.
Check also for sources of fuel, which will be in short supply. Stay
away from the gun stores as you'll may be wholly unprepared for
the gangs that are roving that turf.

#9 Pet supply stores.
As unsavory as it may seem in ordinary times, pet food stores will
be among the last places people will scavenge during an
apocalypse, and yet the resources there are excellent for
preppers. From dried dog and cat food to the canned varieties,
even dg biscuits and raw hide would be valuable sustenance in
dire situations. Skip the live mice. They will only give you around
35 calories. Besides, you'll need extra manpower to carry the
heavy bags of dog food.

#10: Hardware stores.
Looting a hardware store in an apocalypse could be a huge score.
Not only will it have snack type foods, but you'll find gardening
and canning equipment, along with fuel and other valuable preps.
Not to mention the tools you'll need for gaining entry to places
you'd not ordinarily go, may including:
  • axe
  • bolt cutters
  • crow bars

When or if society restores itself, you may be held accountable
for your actions.

Other places to scavenge...

  • Public restrooms (businesses, schools, parks, camping
    sites). Public rest rooms for toilet paper, paper towels and
    even the toilet seat covers, which can also be use for wiping.
    Be sure to bring a container for pumping the soap!

  • Lumber yards. Wood for fuel may be found in lumber yards.
    Other places to fuel the fire might include libraries and book

  • Public parks. Doggie bags are useful in desperate times.
    Read more about bags for survival.

Establish a Plan
Preppers must always have a plan of reconnaissance, collection,
and escape.

  • Developing reconnaissance plan: Your mission, if you
    choose to accept it is to do a situational analysis.  Know the
    escape routes, secure a layout in good times, so you're
    prepared if need be in bad times.

  • Be a team player. Don't go it alone if at all possible. There
    truly is safety in numbers. Make to have someone's back and
    they'll have yours too.

  • Collecting your stuff: The wise prepper team will employ use
    of shopping carts, rolling suitcases or dufflle bags to help
    haul away the loot. A quick escape could mean life or death.

  • Making the great escape. Glow sticks layed carefully on the
    floor can light the way to exits without attracting attention
    the way a flashlight would. While such pathway markers are
    an interesting way to go, if you've planned and have night
    vision goggles you're better equipped for the venture.

Finally, grabbing hands should grab all they can! You might not
be coming back.

The zombie chase: where will the road take you?
Everyone has the right to survival. Like the T-shirt says, "If the
zombies chase us,  I'm tripping you!" implies the wearer would do
anything to survive.

What road will you take?  What will you do? You have the right to
survive and in a total apocalypse you'd likely do the
unimaginable. Or would you?

There's a fine line to ethics and survival. The scavenging list that
follows below will give you ideas on where to scavenge during an
apocalypse. It does not draw any lines in the sand. What you do
is up to you to survive: it's your conscience and your life. This list
provides only ideas on where to look if you are in complete
desperation because your preps have either been stolen,
destroyed, or depleted.

Happy endings...
If these ideas are not palatable to your sense of honor and
ethics, then be sure to get your hunting skills in order. While
everyone's hunting the last of the squirrels, and rats, you can join
the Audobon society. You know, every bird is edible. Blackbird pie

Even if you aren't seriously considering such plans, the ideas
above could help you write your first zombie apocalypse novel.
Then again, you never know what you'll do to survive (and live to
tell about it).

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