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Watch list:
An employee of Wikimedia Foundation, Oliver Keyes, known as Ironholds and Okeyes (WMF).
Despite a history of making misogynistic threats in IRC chatrooms, Keyes closely monitors the
Wikipedia GamerGate article, along with his friend Brandon Harris, aka Jorm.
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Wikipedia Antifa Editor's Watch List
Peter Strzok biography controlled by Online Antifa
If you see something, say something!

Having problems with a Wikipedia editor or the online Antifa?
Report them to the U.S. Department of Homeland Securities if you
have a concern. In the meantime, consult the Wikipedia Antifa
editor's watch list below...
You've already been trained to say something if you see unusual
behavior in a public arena or airport. Use this same counter-
terrorism tactic when getting information online. America still is a
country that values the United States Constitution. If the Antifa
get their way your civil liberties will be destroyed and you will no
longer have your first amendment rights.

If you should find yourself a victim of online Antifa vigilantism,
contact the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Report
suspicious activity here:

Please read the Wikipedia Use Procedures and Guidelines and
then report suspicious activity to:

    Wikimedia Foundation
    c/o CT Corporation System
    818 West Seventh Street
    Los Angeles, California 90017

    Other legal questions or requests Please send all other legal
    questions or requests to:
    Wikimedia Foundation
    c/o CT Corporation System
    818 West Seventh Street
    Los Angeles, California 90017

Happy endings...
The online Antifa ironically support the idea of fascism, yet don't
want you to know about it. They are the alt-left group who
assaults anyone who disagrees with their liberal socialist ideas
whether it's online or in person.

So now you know, they aren't wearing black bloc or marching with
staffs and flags to intimidate. They aren't punching perceived
fascists, but they are the facsicts and they are showing a
disturbing online presence in the American political landscape.
They've taken complete control of Wikipedia on all issues political
in the United States. Fight them.

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preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
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They are Wikihooligans ~ all of them!
The list of Wikipedians above warrant investigation by Homeland
Security to determine whether there is any violation of public
trust or whether any are foreign actors. Inclusion on the list does
not imply that they are violators, but rather that their activities
warrant further investigation by DHS and by way of this link is
alerting them to the potentially nefarious activity if not just pure
and simply trouble makers for society.

The cast of characters above are some of the online antifa ~ they
are either complicit Wikipedia editors or active antifa activists. It
can be difficult to discern between the two, but any editor is
suspect who is not currently banned from the Antifa page.

So what's happened with Wikipedia?
Wikipedia has transformed into a platform for a clandestine
network of Antifa operatives. Instead of being overtly racist, the
left-wing Antifa operatives have ushered in a new era of
subversive racism, of conflation, of obfuscation and of hatred. and

Wikipedians have extended terrorism quietly to the Internet to
advance their agenda of fighting conservatives and to spread
misinformation to their own political advantage. It's a dangerous
place when a few key people can change history, but if "we the
people" band together, then we can stop them in unison!

Did you find yourself on the list above?
You are free to write us on Twitter to express your concerns and
plead your case. It's possible that we've made a mistake and that
you're not an Antifa sympathizer.
Above, Michel Aaij Associate
Professor at Auburn
Montgomery. Is this Drmies the
Online Antifa ringleader?
Associate Professor Michel Aaij

John from Idegon:


Ser Amantio di Nicolao.
Beware of the name: Ser Amantio di Nicolao! Based on an opera
comedy surrounding a plot to falsify the will of a wealthy man,
this is also the name of a Wicked Wikipedian. In the opera, a
lawyer Schicchi schemes to rewrite the will of a wealthy man and
is condemned to hell for his trick in impersonating, but enjoys the
fruits of his treachery with help from the notary public: Ser
Amantio di Nicolao!

So what's the story? As a wealthy man's family gathers at his
deathbed, they learn about his will ~ notably that he willed his
wealth to the Monastary. Schicchi conspires with the family to
rewrite the will. This should alarm you about a man who uses the
name Ser Amantio di Nicolao as a handle ~ the notary of the
story in cahoots with Schicchi. Ser Amantio di Nicolao is not a
minor character in Giacomo Puccini's opera, but a pivotal role. The
notary character, Ser Amantio di Nicolao, is the catalyst of the

Ser Amantio di Nicolao is on the Wicki Watch List. He's listed as
one of the 25 most important people on the Internet, and boasts
a career in "information management." Armed with a degree in Art
history and three hours a day to devote to his passion, Steven
Pruitt, who still lives with his parents while in his thirties and
who is an only child, is among the more quiet of wicked
Wickipedians. The guy with the handle Ser Amantio di Nicolao,
averages more than 540 edits per day on Wikipedia. Prolific yes,
but what are his edits? He makes "incremental edits" to go under
the radar. The Washington Post describes him as a "mild
mannered Virginian." We're not so sure! Who is this geek who is
trying to shape the "
greater canon of knowledge?"


This Wikihooligan works hard to suppress facts:

  1. The Myth of the Racist Republicans (Claremont Institute)
  2. Facts, Myths, and the Rewritten History of the Left
    (Tennessee Star)
  3. Myth of the "Southern Strategy" (New York Times)

  • Republican Party. Snooganssnoogans is rewriting GOP
    history inserting a notation to the Democrats in the lede,
    and falsely citing the party underwent an ideological shift.
    The GOP is still the party civil rights and always has been
    the party of civil rights, but Snooganssnoogans distorts this
    truth for his own leftist agenda..

  • Peter Strzok: Snooganssnoogans refuses to acknowledge
    that Peter Strzok was demoted. This is just one of many
    ways the Online Antifa is working to alter the truth to fit
    their political agenda). Below you can see the interaction:
False block by Joe Roe
Joe Roe:

North Shoreman:
  • North Shoreman changed the historical context from it
    being a "Democratic" strategy to being a "Republican" one!
    One simple Rollback and he changed the entire meaning of
    the Southern Strategy!
Grayfell is a member of the Online Antifa
AntiFa Protester Arrested For Destruction of Property

  • NeilN's claim to fame? He's blocked 8290 editors. That' a
    wicked kind of power that needs some kneeling at a satanic
    alter. Below is just one example of how he's abused his rights.



Wikipedia Editor's watch list
Wikipedia fascists and how to spot them

Online Antifa terrorist watch list...
It was founded on the premise of "free knowledge for everyone,"
but terrorists have taken advantage of Wikipedia and transformed
it from a public forum into a tool for their own nefarious purposes.
In a sense,
Wikipedia is complicit in backing online terrorists
since they've provided them with the perfect alibi and forum for

There is an information war! Do not allow your children to go on
Wikipedia. It's not just wrong information, but it's twisted
politics. They are changing history by locking their "collaborative"
site exclusively for control by radical left wing editors. Wicked
Wikipedians are 95% white male Democrats!

Wikipedia Editor Watch List
Wikipedians are anonymous editors who have private identities
and registered to ensure anonymity of their IP address and real
life identities. The list below is not intended to defame anyone.
It's not possible to defame anyone if their privacy has been
shielded. It’s also important to remember that Wikipedians may
misrepresent identities by using images of other people they find
online, so they may be defaming others by impersonating.

Wikipedia Editor's Watch List

Usertalk page:
This Antifa sympathizer makes a variety of biased political edits,

  • Ulysses S. Grant: Acroterion is busy rewriting history on
    Republican Ulysses S. Grant. In actively reversing edits of
    other editors, he is changing the Grant from the good guy to
    the bad guy. Grant didn't "enforce laws in the former
    Confederacy" ~ Grant was Union and enforced Union laws to
    get rid of the KKK. Why is Acroterion bent on altering
    history? Because he is the online Antifa, which is the KKK.

Alex Shih:
Usertalk page:

Acroterion is online Antifa

Emir of Wikipedia:

Another possible co-conspirator in the Unite the Right

Hut 8.5


Gamaliel:Gamaliel is an administrator on Wikipedia and
apparently was a member of the powerful Arbitration Committee.
The Wikipedian Gamaliel actively places discretionary alerts on
others, perhaps for his own amusement.

Grayfell could well be the person orchestrating with the Unite-The-
Right terrorist organizations, here are some of his contributions:

    Grayfell on Antifa:

Arms & Hearts:


Boing! said Zebedee:
Antifa sympathizer



Drmies (Major Wikihooligan on Antifa):

Inanna, the Goddess of Love, will set you straight about the
Wikihooligan, Dumuzid. This Wikihooligan is the online Antifa.

Doug Weller:
This Wikihooligan favors
    (The namesake may not represent an actual identity.)
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