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PREPPER QUESTION: Are surplus gas masks good deal or not?
No - surplus gas masks usually are not a good deal.  
This is one of the
eight things to know about a gas mask before
you buy one! Read the article before you buy a gas mask.

PREPPER QUESTION: Why do I need a corded phone? Why do
I need a landline?
A corded phone and the landline may well be your life
line. While everyone else is busy jamming the cell phone lines to
check the status of loved ones, you will get a better opportunity
to get through.

Some families have opted to dump their home telephone and
landline, but they shouldn't. The main reason to keep a corded
telephone with a landline in your home  is because it is reliable!
Choose a corded phone because it:

  • Works after power outages. Your landline is there for you
    long after your cell phone runs out of juice, and an ideal prep
    for ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes
    because it operates without help from the power company.
    The phone company supplies its own power and phone uses
    very little power.

  • Offers the best 911 help. Your landline connects directly to
    911, which means the operator knows your location. This is
    not true of a cell phone!

  • Provides data security. Telephone landline provides privacy
    not afforded by a cell phone. Cellphones are easier to tap!

PREPPER QUESTION: What is a composting toilet?
A composting toilet is self-contained and waterless
toilet that uses peat moss in the base for  composting matter.
There is no holding tank and no pump outs.

PREPPER QUESTION: I'm planning my food storage and I
wondered, is corn a vegetable or a grain?
Corn is both a vegetable and a grain! When corn is
harvested fresh it's a vegetable. Corn that's dried before
harvesting is a grain. It gets more interesting! You see, you can
grind popcorn into cornmeal. Why? Because popcorn is a grain
that's dried before harvesting. In other words, it's a grain!

PREPPER QUESTION: Does all bottled water have magnesium
and potassium?
: Water filtration gets rid of contaminants, but also
some essentials you're body needs, which is why you're asking
about whether bottled water has magnesium in it and potassium.
As an example Dasani water includes both ingredients; however,
we are not HAPPY to drink this product. Why? According to
Natural News,
Coca Cola's Dasani water contains alarming
levels of cancer-causing chemicals. Apparently, the bottled water
brand has illegally high levels of bromate, a cancer causing agent.
But you asked specifically about magnesium and potassium in the
water. Let us explain why we would want to do with out it:

  • Magnesium. Bottled water usually doesn't have magnesium
    in it. Dasani water has magnesium sulfate,  as well as
    potassium chloride, salt (a negligible amount of sodium for
    taste).  Magnesium sulfate is an inorganic salt, a chemical
    compound that contains magnesium, sulfur and oxygen. This
    composition is Epsom Salt!

  • Potassium. Dasani water also includes Potassium Chloride,
    which is a chemical  compound of potassium and chlorine,
    which is used as a fertilizer. Potassium chloride has also
    been used as a fire extinguishing agent!

In the book, Facts that will Scare the S#*T Out of You, pictured
at the bottom right of the page, author Cary McNeal explains,
"How bottled water may include arsenic, nitrates carcinogenic
components and coliform bacteria!"

If you want real water with minerals, look for natural springwater.

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