garden tools for preppers

Prepper Garden Tools
Manual garden tools for preppers

How will your garden grow? Your long-term survival depends on
farming skills acquired long before the unthinkable occurs. It also
depends on your arsenal of tools. Gardening tools will come in
handy before, during, and after a disaster, catastrophe or
economic down turn, for example:

  • Wartime: In wartime, your "victory" garden will help extend
    what you can buy with ration coupons.

  • Great Depression: Life during a Great Depression will be
    easier with a garden for a couple of reasons. Obviously
    gardening can help ease economic woes by supplementing
    food reserves, but it also will provide a meaningful and
    healthy hobby. Remember, the Great Depression lasted ten
    years and the people who had a garden or who were farmers
    didn't starve! Get your survival seeds now.

  • Pandemic: Even during a pandemic, your garden could help
    you survive. You won't need to head to the supermarket for
    your fresh produce and in the process avoiding people and
    their contagion will help you survive.

A garden won't help you with every man made or natural disaster
situation, but certainly a garden will put you and your family in a
better position for just about any scenario. To this end, we've
gathered a list of manual garden tools to help you gain self

List of Manual Prepper Garden Tools:
Skip the lawn mower and edge! This is no ordinary garden "must
have" list. It's a list of garden tools specifically with preppers in
mind. . It's the list of garden tools to help you survive. Grow
food, not lawns

Here is the complete list of garden tools for preppers:
  1. Cultivator - used for secondary tillage, a cultivator stirs and
    pulverizes the soil
  2. Hoe, culti-hoe - to weed
  3. Hori Hori Knife - this Japanese knife, also for bonsai, will
    help you cut and scrape weeds, roots and vegetables; cut
    bags; and do loads of other gardening, and here's why
    preppers will appreciate it: the hori hori knife doubles as a
    hunting, fishing tool!
  4. Hydrometer (soil water monitor) - the hydrometer measure
    soil's moisture content by just plugging in the probe.
  5. Loppers (or a pruning saw) - loppers power through thick
    branches that traditional loppers and pruners can't
  6. Pruners (pruning shears)
  7. Pruning saw (or loppers)
  8. Rain barrel - to ease water burden drought and save money
    year round.
  9. Rake, fan rake, garden rake
  10. Shovel
  11. Spade - to aerate and mix soil
  12. Survival Seeds - preppers pick heirloom and organic seeds
    locked away in mylar and long term storage container.
  13. Trowel
  14. Tiller, pictured lower right
  15. Watering can
  16. Water hose
  17. Water barrel
  18. Weeding gloves - Save yourself calluses and blisters. Look
    for thin rubber and breathable nulong so your hands won't
  19. Well water pump - to provide access to water source
  20. Wheelbarrow

How to take care of your garden tools:
  • Clean tools after each use (remove clumps of dirt and dry off
    the head)
  • Keep shovels and hoes sharp by

Do you need all the gardening tools of yesteryear?
Here's a list of what the pioneers used:
  • Bill hook
  • Canthook
  • Caving prong
  • Cross-cut Saw
  • Felling axe
  • Frame Saw
  • Ring dog
  • Rutter
  • Sickle
  • Side axe
  • Scythe
  • Spade
  • Thatching com
  • Thatching jack

The tools for urban gardening will provide you a head start for
your dream of setting up your homestead in the country.

Happy endings...
Grow a garden of eating today!

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