food storage buckets

Food Storage Buckets
Prepper's planning for a variety of bean dishes

Emergency buckets of food.
What's on your bucket list? While many have adventure on the
mind, for a prepper the term "bucket list" has an entirely
different meaning. Preppers aim to have a six month to a year
or more in shelf stable foods handy for emergencies. Food
storage buckets provide the answer.

Bulk Food Storage Buckets
There are 10 kinds of food buckets to buy in bulk:
  1. Buckets of rice (brown rice and long grain white rice)
  2. Buckets of Beans and Legumes (Pinto, black turtle beans
    and Lentils)
  3. Buckets of Oats (rolled oats and quick oats)
  4. Bucket of corn and cornmeal)
  5. Buckets of Pasta (pictured right is a bucket of elbow
    macaroni that lasts 25 years)
  6. Buckets of Milk and Buckets of Whey Milk
  7. Buckets of Sugar (Pioneers packed 25-lbs in their provision
  8. Buckets of hard red wheat (and a grinder)
  9. Bucket of vegetables (vegetable stew, split peas, green
    beans, etc.)
  10. Buckets of fruit (freeze dried strawberries, or a variety pack
    to enhance breakfast cereals)
  11. Ready made entree buckets (Mountain House,

How to make use of buckets
As you use up your buckets of emergency food, you may wonder
how you can get use out of the bucket itself. Prepper's always
find creative ways for things in their possession. With that in
mind, here are
27 useful ways to use a five gallon bucket.

Happy endings...
Even if they call you crazy, keep on prepping and prepare to live
happily ever after! Stash your stuff and survive.

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