How to use Amazon like a dollar store

Amazon Dollar Deals
How to shop Amazon like a dollar store.

Turn Amazon into your personal dollar store and here's how...
Our popular article on the 99 ways to save a buck prepping the
dollar stores will show you the best finds at a dollar store, but
did you know you can get great dollar store deals delivered to
your doorstep? You can if you shop Amazon regularly!

Amazon is an ideal place to shop for prepping gear and supplies
from the convenience of your home and have dollar store deals
delivered to your doorstep. Below are some techniques to show
you how it's possible...

How to shop Amazon Like a Dollar Store
When prepping for a financial emergency whether it's personal
such as a job loss or government related, like the crisis in
Venezuela, you'll need to stock grooming supplies, such as
toothbrushes, which you will eventually need to refresh. They
would be great for bartering! Having
100 toothbrushes stocked is
also ideal for the comfort of your unexpected guests.

Stock up and save! Turn Amazon into your personal dollar store
and use our tricks to shop for the best deals:

#1: Buy in Bulk.
When you buy in bulk you'll usually save money on Amazon and
Amazon is a great place buy in bulk. Preppers appreciate good
deals and stocking up and buying in bulk is a great way to
accomplish both goals.

Here are some bulk picks for dollar store-like finds:

  • P-51 and P-38 Can openers. It's good to have plenty of
    military can openers taped to your canned food storage and
    freeze dried meals in #10 cans. You can buy a 10-pack of U.
    S. Military grade Shelby P-51 can openers for around $6.88
    and with free shipping. That works out to just .68 cents
    each. Well worth it for stashing in your car, at the office, in
    the bugout bags and on your keychains. Prefer the P-38? Get
    a 10-pack of Shelby P-38 can openers on Prime for around
    $6.95, which includes shipping. That works out to around .
    69- cents each.

  • BIC lighters. The BIC Classic Lighter 50ct tray of regular
    lighters pictured at the top right of the page is around $52
    with shipping included even if you're not a Prime member.
    Why would you want 50 BIC lighters? First, BIC lighters are
    the most popular lighter choice of survivalists, like Mykel
    Hawke because they are dependable firestarters. Second,
    they make a great stockpile item for bartering because they
    are more valuable than a generator in crisis, according to one
    Bosnian survivor. Buy BIC lighters in bulk and it's like
    heading to the dollar store. The deal works out to about a
    buck a lighter.

  • Toilet paper. When you buy toilet paper in bulk you can pay
    as little as .56-cents a roll. Georgia Pacific Toilet Paper gets
    high marks from consumers for its softness, quick
    absorbency, durability and thickness. Every prepper has a
    supply of toilet paper and can now add to their storage a
    case of 80 rolls of toilet paper for an incredible price.

  • Paper towels.

#2: Shop Prime Pantry and Prime Fresh for cans.
Look for canned foods on Prime Pantry and Prime Fresh. Often
times they have deals there even though they are trying to get
you to buy fresh breads, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you poke around you will find deals with preppers in mind:

  • Chef Boyardee canned ravioli. Chef Boyardee ravioli in a 15-
    ounce can is about a buck on Prime Pantry. This deal is
    exclusive for Prime members and you get free shipping with
    five qualifying pantry times.

  • Chef Boyardee canned spaghetti and meatballs. Another
    good canned food for the pantry, especially if you have kids,
    is Chef Boyardee's spaghetti and meatballs. You can buy it
    for around a buck and you don't have to drive to the dollar
    stores or wait for it to go on sale at your local grocery store.
    A four-pack of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs is
    around $3.62 (prices fluctuate). It pays to stock up! This can
    may also be available on Prime Fresh individually.

  • Chicken of the Sea Tuna. You don't need to wait for a deal
    on cans of tuna at your local store. Pictured at the below
    Chicken Of The Sea Tuna ~ Chunk Light In Water 5 Ounce
    Cans (Pack of 4) for around $3.69. That's less than a buck a
    can and it delivers to your doorstep. Albacore tuna in water
    is a little more, but still a great value:
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Mylar Blanket pack of five
#3: Shop also for shelf stable boxed foods.
In addition to canned food deals on Amazon, look to Prime Pantry
and Prime Fresh for shelf-stable boxed food deals:

  • Knorr pasta sides. Knorr pasta sides are around a buck  
    each on Prime Pantry and they are great for the bugout bag.
    Quick and easy to prepare choose from:

  • Pasta Roni.

#4: Get stuff by the dozens.
Another way you can shop Amazon like a dollar store is buying by
the dozen. Things that you'd buy by the dozen for prepping might

  • Bandannas by the dozen. Think buying a dozen bandannas
    is overkill? Bandannas have many prepping uses. Have fun
    and use a bandanna as a dinner napkin. Bring them along for

  • Toothbrushes by the dozens. Amazing but true, you can
    get 100 standard classic toothbrushes on Amazon for around
    $22.98. This 100 toothbrush deal works out to .22 cents
    each. That's much cheaper than the dollar stores.

  • Shampoo: When it comes to shampoo you can get some
    deals that would be great for bartering:

#5: Shop in generic packs.
Shopping Amazon for generic packs is a great way to save money.
Manufacturers put together packs in price points they think will
sell. Sometimes it's four to a pack and others it's five or six. This
doesn't matter to preppers since we like to have multiples of
survival gear. We prep for ourselves, our family and also
neighbors and friends. Buying in packs also means you'll have
enough for

    The AmazonBasics AA battery deal, right, gives you 48 of
    their private label batteries for around $11.87 (prices subject
    to change). Plust you can unlock 15-20% savings by
    subscribing to 5 products. Rest assured that it's the #1 best
    seller with more than 13,386 positive customer reviews.
    Private label batteries could very well be a brand you already
    know like the famous "copper top" battery. Amazon puts
    their name only to quality products.

  • 48-pack of AA for around $11.87  (most games and
    small devices take AA). This deal works out to .25 eac.
  • 36-pack of AAA for around $8.54 (headlamps usually
    take AAA). This deal works out to .24-cents ea.
  • 12-pack AmazonBasics D Cell for around $10.16 (large
    flashlights, like a mag light, take D). This deal works
    out to around .85-cents ea.

  • Mylar blankets in packs: Right, is a Mylar blanket five-pack  
    with shipping included at around $6.94. That works out to
    about $1.38 each, which is a great deal when you consider
    that it includes the shipping. In case you're thinking they are
    too small or of poor quality, think again. The ratings on
    Amazon give it 4.5 of 5 stars.

We're always happy to share ideas with like-minded preppers,
homesteaders and survivalists who want to save money. Please
write us on Twitter or Facebook.

We're happy to help you get a good deal on Amazon so you can
make your prepping budget go further. Below you'll find more
great ideas to stretch your dollars.

Happy endings...
A dollar saved is a dollar earned. You really can shop Amazon like
a dollar store.

Now that you know how to use Amazon like a dollar store, find
out how you can
turn loose coins into an Amazon gift certificate!
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