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Why preppers should find the closest coinstar machine

Cash-in loose coins for Amazon money you can spend!
Just about everyone collects change that gathers from pockets,
purses and finds from the street. Now you can convert that loose
change to an Amazon gift card through Coinstar with no fees, so
you can ramp up your prepping by
shopping Amazon.

Below we disclose how you can get 100% of your money using a
Coinstar machine if you choose an Amazon Gift card instead of
cash (otherwise they take a 10% processing fee). Best of all, you
can shop Amazon the same day you dump coins into the machine.

Turn Loose Change into Amazon Gift Cards
Want to cash in your coins for more preps? Turn coins into an
Amazon money you can spend now or buy an Amazon Gift card.
Here's how...

Step one: Get your bucket of change.
Obviously, you need to start with a change jar, dump out your
coin purse and see what other change is lying around the house.
If you've been pilfering the coin jar for quarters for laundry or
street parking, then you may be out of luck for any significant
money, but if you've been religiously stashing away the annoying
coins, then you'll likely have a nice wad of money on your hands.

Want an easy savings plan? Make it a habit to always pay with
dollar bills to get change back from the clerk. Dump all the coins
you get into a change jar. Your stash will grow and you won't
miss the change.

The coin jar pictured right, keeps count of the money that passes
through the mouth of the jar. It's a fun way to save.

Step two: Find a local Coinstar machine.
Your local Coinstar machine will be waiting for you at your local
grocery store. You can do your operation in the early morning
when there are less people around. Don't know where to find a
Coinstar machine? Find your
local CoinStar machine.

Step three: Dump your bucket of change into the Coinstar
Coinstar sorts the cash and exchanges your money for a gift
certificate to Amazon without taking a service fee. Best of all,
there's no counting or rolling on your part!

In the past, you had to roll your coins, mark your account number
on the rolls and head to your bank to exchange the coins for cash.
Who wants their account number floating on a roll of coins? Who
wants to roll the cash? Not many people nowadays, which is why
the Coinstar machine is so popular.

Step four: Log onto Amazon and start shopping.
Visit and start shopping Amazon for your
prepping supplies. Amazon is a great place to shop for food too.
When you've found your prepping supplies, enter the code and
your preps will be with you in a matter of days.

More ways to get FREE groceries on Amazon...
Really? There's a way to get free groceries on Amazon? Yes,
Amazon has very good prices on for everyday food storage

Think of Amazon as your online grocery store for canned and dried
goods and household supplies:
  • canned soups, canned stews and canned other canned meals.
  • canned corn, canned green beans and other canned veggies.
  • canned tomatoes, canned peaches, canned fruit cocktails,
    and other fruits.
  • coffee, tea and other emergency drinks;
  • food bars and cereal
  • canned meats
  • olive oil and coconut oil
  • paper towels and every prepper's favorite: toilet paper!

Plus, save on food storage containers, cleaning supplies, and

Here's how to get Free Food Storage Delivered To Your
Doorstep, though Amazon:
Shop Amazon for groceries using the Subscribe & Save link above,
which provides you with savings of 15% off your monthly delivery.
Then pay for your goods with your American Express or Visa card
free points:

  • AMEX Points: Check your American Express card membership
    rewards points  to learn more about how points for using
    your American Express card can go towards free groceries.
    (You can also check your monthly statement from American
    Express.) Points accumulate whether you buy on Amazon or
    elsewhere, but you can spend the points you accumulate to
    get free groceries on Amazon.

  • Visa Points: Open a Amazon Visa card and get products for
    free using your Visa Card too.  To get the
    rewards Visa card with instant money off click on any product
    in our site and add it to your cart to see what is your offered
    discount. There you'll see the rewards offer,
    which also may include a 5% cash back credit in the form of
    a statement credit to your account. What's your discount
    offer? Check it out now by clicking the Subscribe and Save
    button at the top of the page.

Purchase monthly with these tips, and you'll have enough points
for free groceries on Amazon!

Happy endings...
Sock away money all year long and you'll have enough money for
Amazon gift cards to buy Christmas presents. If you're tight on
money, you can set aside only pennies and nickels, but the big
bucks will roll in if you can set aside quarters. Dimes also add up
surprisingly quickly. Happy prepping!

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