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Situational awareness preparedness on Election Day

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Does your vote count? Understand how the Electoral College works and
you'll see that the presidential vote is cast by only 538 electors.

In a sense, there is an element of truth to what Trump is saying
that the elections are rigged. The Electoral College decides the
elections, not the popular vote. Here's the reality:

  • George W. Bush won the general election in 2000 and
    became the 43rd president, even though Al Gore won the
    popular vote.

  • Lincoln won the election of 1860 because he had 59% of the
    Electoral College, but he had less than forty percent of the
    popular vote!

  • Rutherford B. Hayes won the election in 1876 by a margin of
    one electoral vote, though Samuel J. Tilden won the popular

  • Benjamin Harrison lost the popular vote in 1888, but scored
    the presidency by winning 233 electoral votes to Grover
    Cleveland’s 168.

  • John Quincy Adams became president in 1824 when The
    House of Representatives declared him president, even
    though Andrew Jackson won both the popular vote and the
    electoral vote of 99 to 84.

The Electoral College was set up to protect Americans who
weren't educated for the vote. This was at a time when the
means for political education came from the whatever information
a candidate could distribute through print.

One could reasonably argue that today's mass media influences
changes the original intent of our founding fathers.

Does the Electoral College protect against the "tyranny" of the
majority? Does it discourage voter fraud? Does it encourage
coalition building? The idea is up for debate. Many argue that
Electoral College is becoming an antiquated idea. PBS explains
why the Electoral College system makes little sense today.

#4: Supreme court.
After the election, if the outcome turns on a dispute in one state,
then who knows what will happen. Perhaps the Supreme court
could elect the president or leave the country even more unstable.

  • CNN speculates on The Supreme Court's Doomsday scenario,
    that would happen if Donald Trump refuses to accept the
    results of the election. Eyes would turn to the Supreme Court
    and it's a "Doomsday scenario" because there are eight
    justices -- four nominated by Republicans, four by Democrats.

The Donald promises to keep us in suspense.

#4: Gun confiscations.
Preppers have the continual concern about the possibility of gun
confiscations following elections.

Did you know that immediately following the Obama elections in
2008, gun sales soared? Weapons dealers in the United States
reported sharply higher sales immediately following the election
putting Barack Obama into the presidency in 2008. Why? Because
we are all concerned about maintaining our 2nd amendment rights.

#5: Cyber crimes.
Is the Russian Federation (Moscow) or another entity to blame for
trying to undermine confidence in the Nov. 8 presidential contest?
The FBI is investigating the "cyber intrusion" at the Democratic
National Committee, and President Obama isn't ruling out that
Russia is trying to sway the US presidential elections in favor of
Donald Trump. Meanwhile the media is having a heyday:

#6: Economic volatility.
The market hates uncertainty. Market volatility is always a
concern after a departing president create a void. Here's what the
money experts are talking about...

  • Traditionally Standard & Poor's 500 drops 2.8% in
    presidential election years when an incumbent isn't seeking

#7: Mass migration to the United States.
The borders are having a difficult time keeping people from
rushing into America through the Mexican border.

#8: Uprising after elections.
Donald Trump himself speculates an uprising on the election,
which he feels is rigged.

#9: Weather.
Weather is always an issue on election day, in the case of
inclement weather. Even a little rain will stop people if they are
apathetic enough.

NASS Emergency Preparedness.
Bet you didn't know that the National Association of Secretaries
of State (NASS) put together a Task Force on Emergency

It turns out storms can affect elections by depressing turnout,
which is why they developed the task force. It was Hurricane
Sandy that had everyone concerned at the 2012 elections.
According to the site, the "
task force's mission is to support state
election officials in their efforts to effectively establish/enhance
sound administrative election practices in preparation for, and
response to, emergency conditions."

Situational Awareness Improves Decision Making
Your decision making as a prepper will be based on your
situational awareness. If you don't have a situational awareness
you will make poor decisions under stress.

What will happen after election day?
It's anyone's guess what will happen on election day. First and
foremost recognize that terrorism is a tactic not exclusive to any
one group. It can happen from within.

Do what you can now to assess the situation and learn. As
mentioned above, situational awareness is more of a mindeset
than a skill. It's the mindset of identifying potential threats and
dangerous situations. If you are ignorant or in denial of the
threat, then you will not be able to avoid a situation that
emerges before you. Your complacency could be deadly.

Be responsible for your own security at places of worship,
business and other institutions. Be aware. Trust your gut. Keep
two hands on the wheel until the political storm dissapates.

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  • Amerigeddon. A dire warning of a wake up call of what
    might be our future when a globalist terrorist organization
    aligned with the United Nations disables the United States
    power grid and institutes Martial Law. It will take a
    dedicated family of patriots armed with strong survival skills
    and the remains of the Second Amendment to save America
    and reclaim its freedom.

  • Hillary's America. Best-selling author and influential
    filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza reveals the sordid truth about
    Hillary Clinton and the secret history of the Democratic Party.

Happy endings...
Will peace prevail at the end of the electoral process? The only
thing that's certain is that you have preparations should things go
awry. Your preps, coupled with your knowledge of situational
awareness will help you and your family weather the storm of
political uncertainty.


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preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
Above, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's paralytic illness was well hidden
from the public as he made careful decisions about how he was
photographed with the media. The above rare photo was taken by his cousin.

#2: Candidate death.
What would happen if a candidate dies before elections have
been tallied? Many don't realize that the Electoral College could
decide a candidate without a poplar vote. The constitution has no
provisions requiring a the general public to vote.

#3: Electoral College outcome.
Even though you're taught in school that the presidential
elections are determined by the Electoral College and not by
popular vote, many people refuse to believe this simple truth.

The Electoral College decides the presidential election (and not
the popular vote). This body of people in the Electoral College
representing the states of the US, formally cast votes for the
election of the president and vice president, not the American
voters. Below is a simple explanation:
In the ad above for Donald Trump, supporters show Clinton's gross
negligence of national security (giving away trade secrets) as the theme.

The point is not to make a political commentary about one
candidate or the other, but to show you how both current events
and the media influences the elections, and sometimes it's
difficult to discern which is the major influencer.

There are many political triggers, and only time will tell what the
history books will record about what will happen after the
elections. For now, it is only speculation.

What could happen after the elections?
Will it be The End of The World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI)?
Maybe not, but anything could happen. One thing is for sure that
both candidates are painting a grim picture.

Possibilities include:

The truth is that anything can happen and as a prepper you must
be ready to respond. You must maintain situational awareness.
Be alert to triggers surrounding the elections.

This is more of a mindset than a skill.  Be aware of the political
surroundings and identify potential threats and dangerous
situations. Below are some examples about what could happen
after the election.

Election Day Situation Awareness Triggers
Keep a close watch on what happens in the days and weeks
surrounding the elections...

#1: Candidate health.
Hillary Clinton's coughing fit and stumbling brought much
speculation about the candidate's fitness for office based on
health alone. The health of a presidential candidate is certainly a
concern! Franklin D. Roosevelt carefully crafted his media
presence regarding his health.

  • Age is another factor in candidate health. Trump is the
    oldest person when he was elected president at age 70, but
    Hillary was not be far behind at 69.
In the ad above for Hillary Clinton, Bruce Blair, a Former Nuclear Missile
Launch Officer at the Ellsworth Missile Site in South Dakota, showed concern
for temperament as the theme.

Trump supporters knew they need to win by a landslide, and one
way they gained momentum was to attack on vulnerabilities,
including playing the health card and the apparent leakage of
classified information...
Above, Lyndon B. Johnson's message to voters about Barry Goldwater: "If
you vote for him we're going to get nuked." It was an effective campaign.
Goldwater lost the popular vote and the Electoral College by a wide margin
of 486 to 52.

Of course the assassination of President Kennedy on November
22, 1963 also impacted the election. Being Johnson was
Kennedy's Vice President, he was golden and won by a landslide!

Perhaps following Johnson's lead, Clinton has made ads to
increase the perceived nuclear threats:
President Harry S. Truman, above happily displays an early edition of the
Chicago Daily Tribune, which was wrong! Truman defeated Thomas E.
Dewey in the 1948 presidential election.

Here's the deal....

  • Trump is ahead according to Rasmussenreports.com. "The
    latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online
    White House Watch survey finds Trump with 43% support
    among Likely U.S. Voters to Clinton’s 40%. Rasmussen
    Reports is an American polling company, founded in 2003.

Our country is treading dangerous waters...

  • Four minutes until launch? Did Hillary mention that our
    nuclear response time is four minutes? Snopes.com says this
    isn't a secret, yet it raises some important questions, not
    only about presidential figures giving away trade secrets, but
    about how perceived nuclear threats can impact an election.

    As a reminder, in 1964 this ad appeared to clinch the
    election for Johnson:
Situational Awareness around Election Day
Emergency preparedness and presidential elections

Situational awareness preparedness regarding Election Day events.
Even if the election isn't as rigged as you may have thought, as a
prepper you should pay attention at election time and maintain a
situational awareness. In the final days before elections, both
candidates have painted a grim future status of our country.

Fill your tank and
fridge, get out your gas masks and chem suits,
have cash on hand, and keep your bullets and beans at arms
length, because situational awareness is of utmost importance in
such turbulent times.

Was the system rigged?
In November 2016 the big question was speculation that Hillary
Rodham Clinton was the guaranteed winner. It's interesting to
note that all the major media players (
CNN, FoxNews,
Washington Post
, the New York Post, NBC, and USA today) were
reporting a strong Clinton lead until the final moments. As we
warned back then, the polls aren't always correct!

Case in point: Truman defeated Dewey (and not the other way
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