Survival Camps and Schools for Preppers

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Above, Joey Harvey, Coyote Tracks Program Manager  from the The Tom
Brown Jr. Tracker School / Children of The Earth Foundation.

Who did we miss on our list of survival camps that could save
your life? Write us.

Happy endings...
Survival camps and schools could save your life. Enroll your child
this summer and join in the fun yourself.

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Survival camps
Survival camps

List of the best survival schools and camps.
Could you find a source of potable water? Would you be able to
build a fire without a match or lighter? As an arm-chair
survivalist, these life-saving survival skills can be taught in a
camp or school to give you the confidence you need beyond what
any YouTube video, survival book or Web site could teach you. In
short, a survival camp just might save your life.

Here's our list of the top survival schools and camps in the United

Survival Camps and Schools for Preppers
Below is a list survival camps that could save your life.

#1: Aboriginal Living Skills School LLC.
Cody Lundin's Aboriginal Living Skills School LLC is top on the list
of survival schools and not just because our list is in alphabetical
order. The barefooted survivalist and successful prepping and
survival author imparts his survival wisdom. Specializing in
primitive living skills and bushcrafting ~ he even shares his tips
choosing a credible survival instructor.

#2: Boulder Outdoor Survival School (Utah).
Boulder Outdoor Survival School, also known as BOSS, is the
oldest and largest traditional living skills / survival school.
They've taught indigenous skills since 1968! Courses range from
3-28 days in length and take place in Southern Utah.

#2: Byron Kerns Survival School (Georgia).
With survival courses and corporate team building year-round in
central Florida and north Georgia, offers training in wilderness
survival, wilderness group behavior, teamwork, and leadership.
Byron Kerns Survival School offers.

#3: California Survival School (California).
The California Survival School will teach you the core skills of how
to build emergency shelters, water finding and purification,
friction fire methods and wild edibles. When you move on from
there you'll learn about stone-age tools and traps, including
wildcrafting stone blades, natural rope, primitive glue and
hand-crafted survival tools and animal traps. With Modern
survival tacitcs you'll learn cutting-edge survival skills in
signaling, navigation, gear and strategy.
#4: Texas Survival School (Texas).
The Texas Survival School will give you the foundations of survival
that include knowing the Five Cs of Survival:
  1. Cutting tool
  2. Combustion
  3. Cover
  4. Container
  5. Cordage

#5: Train to Survive (California).
Formerly known as the California Survival Training School of
Train To Survive is part of the Thomas Coyne Survival
Schools. This elite survival program, for all skill levels and
training the best: The US Marine Corps, US Air Force, US Navy,
Department of Defense, as well as other results oriented
individuals and organizations.

#6: Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School (New Jersey).
The Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School provides hands on learning
activities through the ancient art and science of tracking,
awareness, and wilderness living skills.
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