How to start a fire with plastic water bottle

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Above, the King of Random shares a technique for how to start a fire with a
bottle of water.

Are you paying 240 a year for your bottled water habit?
Bottled water is as bad for your pocketbook as it is for your
health. It can easily cost a few hundred dollars a year for your
family if you're taking bottled water to school or work or buying
bottled water at restaurants.

There are microplastics in your bottled water and here's what
you can do about it

  • Get a water filter. There is a value to storing bottled water
    for an emergency, but for your health you shouldn't drink
    bottled water on a daily basis. Kick the bottled water habit
    and start filtering your water for everyday use. At home you
    can get a Big Berkey water filter, and for the office a mini
    Berkey travel system

  • Limit your use of plastic sports bottles. Use glass or
    stainless steel for your water bottle, instead of plastic if
    possible. Sports bottles are convenient, so if you have one
    be sure it's a BPA-free water bottle, and be sure to replace it
    when it gets worn.

  • Remember that plastic gets into your soda bottles too.
    The chemical bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates found in
    plastic bottles is perhaps more pronounced in soda bottles
    than it is in water. The BPA and phthalates from plastic
    bottles are endocrine disruptors ~ these chemicals leach into
    the soda, enter the body and are toxic! If you choose to
    drink soda, be sure to drink from a glass bottle.

Learn how to start a fire with a plastic bottle so that you're
prepared in an emergency! If you should find yourself without a
match, you'll be ready both with a source of hydration and fire for
warmth. A bottle of water can concentrate the sun's energy and
now you know how.

More ways to start a fire:

Happy endings...
Yes you can start a fire with a plastic bottle, and now you know
how to do it.

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Start a fire with a water bottle
Water can put out a fire and water can also start a fire!

Can you get fire from a bottle of water?
It's truly amazing that a bottle of water can put out a tiny fire
and that it can also create one. Learn how to start a fire with a
plastic bottle, so that you're prepared in an emergency. Why? If
you should find yourself without a match in an emergency you can
be resourceful. A bottle of water can concentrate the sun's
energy, create a spark and help get your fire going to help you
survive the night cold or even to help purify more water.

Below is a technique you can use to start a fire for survival ~ and
all it takes is a water bottle and a bright sunny day. Learn how to
start a fire with bottled water to impress your friends and survive
an emergency.

How to start a fire with a water bottle
Yes, you can start a fire with a plastic bottle and the video below
shows just how you can do that in an emergency. A bottle of
water can act as a
Fresnel lens to concentrate the sun's energy.
Before you know it you can have smoke and a fire.

This article is also a reminder: don't leave a bottle of water in
your car on a hot day. A bottle of water on a blistering day could
cause burn marks on the leather of your vehicle or worse could
cause a fire. That's bad news for your car, but good news if you're
a survivalist. Knowing how to use a bottle of water to start a fire
could help save your life by providing a warm fire.

Water can put out a fire, and water can start a fire!
Learn how to start a fire with a water bottle and a little help from
the King of Random, below.
How to start a fire with a bottle of water
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