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Biased Journalism
List of Trump-hating journalists with a bias

Warning: Some journalists are distorting your perceptions of reality.
Bias is at an all-time high in American Journalism. Since President
Donald Trump took office, the antithetical rhetoric has escalated
to propaganda. When journalists conflate the facts, exhibit a
pattern of selective revealing or even suppress or censor
information to put forth their opinions, they are biased and they
are presenting propaganda. It's just another form of lying!

The list of journalists below show a clear media bias.

Biased Reporters List
In this frothy debate about the "Fake News," we are listing the
most egregious offenders of so called journalism.

Newspapers and news agencies should be free of partisan bias.
The charge in journalism was always to get it first and to get it
right. Journalists have forgotten the quest and in the tension
have neglected the "getting it right part"~ opting instead to skew
and slant the news to meet political objectives.

Violators of journalism include the following biased, Trump hating

#1: Nicolle Wallace ~ MSNBC.
Nicole Wallace, a former "Republican Strategist" has turned on
her party and the president when she put a disclaimer in her
report saying that President Trump lied. The "political analysts"
highly charged and biased opinions are underlined:

"Donald Trump's War on [lady] Justice took an audacious turn
today with an
assault on the truth that left her reeling," she said.
"We will show you his
outlandish claims made on the south lawn
of the Whitehouse, but instead of waiting until after you hear
those remarks from the president to fact check them, we want to
warn you in advance that his meandering comments include lies
about the nature of the surveillance of his campaign, as well as
smears on the former FBI director Jim Comey, also a key witness
in the Mueller investigation."
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Nicole Wallace ~ biased reporter
How do Journalists inflict their bias?
Journalism is supposed to be an impartial and reliable account of
events. With the goal of reporting the facts without use of highly
charged adjectives or imparting personal experience, the classic
goal of journalism is neutrality. Unfortunately, the lines of
integrity have blurred and accuracy has become a distortion.

There are several ways the media inflicts their bias in presenting
the news.

  • Bandwagon effect. People feel most comfortable when they
    are in the company of others. They want to jump on the
    bandwagon, so when they see that others have or have not
    joined in, this can shape an opinion ~ even when it's only an
    illusion of this. The Democratic media took issue on
    inauguation day and by showing images of the Obama
    inauguration versus the Trump inauguration, they hoped to
    illustrate that Trump was lying. There were some significant
    differences however in that Obama's first inauguration was
    historical (first ever African American president), so needless
    to say the crowd size was a given and escalated to 1.8
    million. The cameras did not focus on the crowd size of
    Obama's second inauguration, which had about half that
    figure (about a million in attendance).

  • "Turn the cameras around. Trump had ten times more
    participation in his rallies than Clinton had in hers, but the
    mainstream media did not show the discrepancies, even
    when Trump
Dissemination of propaganda is a political strategy, but when
applied in journalistic circles of television and social media that
operate in a liberal corporate culture, it's hard to discern the
truth. Trump has complained of this and the Republican National
Committee (RNC) is taking action.

The RNC alleges that sites like Twitter and Facebook have
blocked conservative content and users. In other words, they are
selective in the media that they display.

Happy endings...
When Trump is vindicated, the journalists on this page should be
fired for their biased and unethical reporting.

    *NOTE: It's a list of people posing as journalists who are providing
    editorials disguised as news. Sean Hannity is not on the list because he
    is very clear to his viewers that he is a "talk show host" (he provides
    editorials and not news).

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Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
Above, Trump gets angry when the media won't turn the camera's around.

Clearly this it's propaganda. The media was selective in revealing
crowd size. The media suppressed and censored information to
portray their own version of reality.
"Attacking Comey is the Trump Legal Team's entire strategy for
defending the president in the Obstruction of Justice
Investigation, which hinges, at least in part, on questions about
Comey's firing," she continues. "We also want to tell you that his
new bumper sticker, Spygate is also based on a lie. There is no
evidence that anyone was spying on the Trump campaign. A
counter-intelligence investigation was underway and for a
president who still doesn't understand what that means, let's try
this," she says. "The 'good guys' ~ American law enforcement
agencies were closely watching the 'bad guys' ~ American
adversaries, like the Russians. The reasons Trump campaign is in
the mix is because they ended up in close cahoots with Russians
to raise suspicions."

The only outlandish thing is this reporter's claims! Ms. Wallace
continues by laying out misinformation, and even theorizing about
Trump's legal team strategies

Ms. Wallace has an impressive resume. She was White House
Communications Director to President George W. Bush. She also
is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and
Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. These
things make it all the more shocking that she would inflect her
own political bias in her news reporting ~ until you consider this:
she is perhaps a "fake Republican." Wallace worked on the 2008
McCain-Palin campaign but didn't vote for a presidential candidate
because Sarah Palin gave her pause. It was an interview with Jeb
Bush and she found a way to interject her own views. Wallace
said to Jeb, "I think the South Carolina debate was the most
extraordinary moment, and I realized how much the party had
changed when Donald Trump stood there and essentially blamed
your brother for 9/11." Truthfully, however, it was 2008 when she
became a Democrat. She fills a "conservative seat" but she's a
left-winger and biased journalist.

More to come...
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Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC uses
far too many highly charged
nouns and adjectives.
Biased reporters
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