Recharge Alkaline Batteries

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Battery Tester
How to Recharge Alkaline Batteries
How to recharge alkaline batteries

How to prepare for winter.
Did you know it's possible to recharge your alkaline batteries?

How to Recharge Alkaline Batteries..
The warning label on your batteries may say "do not recharge."
Do you dare to defy the warning? The penny pinching prepper will
want to ignore that little notice. Even if you're not so frugal, it's
good to know how to recharge the batteries in case alkaline
batteries are not available. A prepper always places all options
on the table. if you're so inclined, below you'll learn how to
recharge alkaline batteries. It's no mystery and it's good to know
in case you need to do is someday.

The method for recharging alkaline batteries isn't for everyone as
you may inadvertently start a fire if you're not careful and you'll
also need some expertise and ingredients, but really it's no big
deal. Get started now by having a few supplies on hand.

Here's how to recharge your alkaline batteries:

Have a battery tester.
Every prepper should have a battery tester on hand. Right is
battery tester that you can acquire for as little as $5.96 on Prime,
which include the shipping. Use this battery tester to test
different type of household batteries like AA, AAA, C, D, 1.5V,9V
and 1.5V button type.

The thing to know is that The Battery Tester is activated by the
battery being checked. Keep test times as short as possible to
avoid unnecessary battery drain.

Gather the materials.
To recharge your batteries you'll need ingredients which not
everyone has at home.

  • Potassium Hydroxide.

  • Powdered Zinc.
  • Water.

  • Paper if necessary and your battery has corroded. You'll need
    paper to replace what's inside a battery.

#3: Remove and refresh.
You'll need to remove the zinc and replace with non oxidated.
Above, Science Asylum says, "It's very common language to say "I need to
charge my battery," but that's a total misnomer. Your battery ALWAYS has
the same amount of charge in it. This video should set the record straight!'

So there you have it. You can re-energize batteries. Want to
know how? Here's how to get free batteries for life:

Happy endings...
Now you know it's possible to recharge your alkaline batteries.
It's good to have materials on hand to get started in case you

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Prepper battery hacks
Above, Cody's lab shows you how to recharge alkaline batteries.

Did you know that you don't "Charge" a battery?
How to recharge alkaline batteries