How to use a backpack for self defense

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Backpack Self Defense
Ways to use a backpack for self defense

A backpack can save your life?
In the wake of school shootings and active shooter scenarios it's
important to consider that a backpack can help you or your child
escape a dangerous situation. A backpack is a viable means of
self-defense if you know how to use it. Below are the ways you
can use a backpack to save your life...

How to use a Backpack for Self Defense
You can use a backpack, a purse or a briefcase for self defense or
use it as an improvised weapon and you can teach your children
these self-defense skills for school.

How to use a backpack for self defense:
Students can learn how to protect themselves using the tools at
their disposal, such as a backpack or even their textbooks, but
they need to have some skills and ideas. Below are some tips on
how to use a backpack to defend.

#1: A Backpack can shield your body.
The primary means of self-defense with a backpack is to shield
your body. You can use a backpack to block or fend off an attack.

A backpack can shield not only your heart and vital organs against
a knife attack and it can provide a layer of protection against
bullets. See the video below ~ you will be amazed that this works
to provide a measure of protection. An ordinary backpack is not
bulletproof, but you can
buy a bulletproof backpack or an insert.
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Tactical Backpack
How to use a backpack for self-defense
Bulletproof backpack insert
Happy endings...
A backpack can be self defense. Now that know you that a
backpack is a viable means of defense. Teach your kids to use a
backpack for self defense or as an improvised weapon.

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Ballistic protection insert ballistic resistance test
Bulletproof backpack
Bulletproof backpack insert
Bulletproof backpack with
removable insert
Bulletproof backpack with
removable insert
Backpack defense positions
You can use a backpack offensively as well..

#3: Improvised weapon.
You can use a backpack as an improvised weapon. Similarly, a
student can use a book as both protection and offense.

Throw the backpack at an attacker.
Teach your kids that a backpack could slow someone down if they
are trying to escape a dangerous situation. Follow up your attack
with a kick. Alternatively just throw the backpack to get the
attackers hands pre-occupied. From this point you can run to

While a backpack is helpful., it's important to remember that kids
aren't going to have their backpack with them always at school.
Kids hang up their backpacks on a hook at school or stuff them
into their locker. They can't bring their backpack with in their
physical education class or art class, and they just won't bring
their backpack to school assembly or as part of a fire drill, for

Knowing what to do with a backpack is important, but it's also
important to teach your kids ow to improvise with whatever is
around them. Kids can use chairs, their binders, their water
bottles to dislodge the gun. If enough kids do it simultaneously,
together they can be heroes and save the day.

Bulletproof backpack inserts
It's hard to find a ballistic protection insert for your backpack.
Amazon stopped selling the brand, immediate righ fi

Below is a carry-on shield that you can use as a backpack insert
for self Defense for school and travel. This
ballistic protection
(patent pending) is proven to stop bullets. Check out the image
below to see:
#2: A backpack can ward off an attacker.
A backpack is a means of self defense. Here's how to ward off an
attacker using a backpack...

First always carry the backpack over one shoulder.
Why carry a backpack over one shoulder? Students should keep
their backpack on one shoulder, instead of strapped behind the
back. This is helpful in case you need to get rid of the backpack
quickly ~ either by throwing at the attacker or dropping it to run
faster or through obstacles.

Defend using the corners of the backpack.
Know that the most powerful part of your backpack, bag or
briefcase are the edges and corners. The flat portion can shield
you, but it's not a way to attack.

To use a backpack for self defense, you'll need to use the corners
and edges of the backpack towards the attacker. The corners of a
backpack can create a pointed spear. Knowing this skill is
important as you instincts may be to use the flat edge like a
shield, but using the corners helps keep a distance from you and
the attacker because the attacker wants to avoid the corners.
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