Carrington Event

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Carrington Event
Survivng solar flares

There's a quiet storm brewing...
While you're out enjoying the sun's rays, you may be wholly
unaware of the hovering threat posed by massive solar storms
on our electric grid and how it could drastically change your way
of life if it doesn't kill you immediately. The colossal Carrington
Event, which happened in 1859, is ripe to recur again. It was
sunburst of immense proportions called a Coronal Mass Ejection
that killed telegraph operators. The skies lit with intensity just
past midnight, which reportedly caused the birds to chirp and
people to wake up and start their day.

What would happen in a modern day Carrington Event? A solar
storm of this magnitude will end the power supply, fry the
electronics of your car, stop trucks from delivering food
nationwide and dry the water taps. It won't bother you much
that your phones are dead and radio airwaves are static
because your survival will depend on your prepper wits and
knowledge. The next Carrington Event could trigger an
extensive destruction to life as we know it.

How to Survive the Next Carrington Event
A solar flare like the Carrington Event would be devastating to
the American way of life. If it has a wire, it will be toast.
Remember that wireless isn't really completely wireless ~
anything that's wireless is connected with wires somewhere.

One can only ponder what would happen in the next big
Carrington Event. The devastation could take days, weeks,
months or even years for America to recover! This reality
requires you havea a contingency plan for food, water and
medical emergencies while America rebuilds it's infrastructure.
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Above is an easy-to-understand presentation of the Carrington Event.

One second after a Coronal Mass Ejection
What should you do one second after a massive solar storm?
The answer to that question will depend on your personal
contingency plan. Your personal emergency contingency plan
might go something like this:

Step one: Start filling the bathtubs.
If you're home during an EMP one of the best things you can do
to save your life if another Carrington Event happens is to
immediately store all the water you can. You'll want to
concentrated on gathering the fresh water you can in
preparation for the day when the taps will run dry. Many people
do not realize that the water that comes through your tap has
ties to electricity. It may flow through pipes to your home from
the municipal water supply, but the water that comes to you
has been treated. An easy way to gather the water safely in
your bathtub is to
get a Waterbob, pictured right.

Step two: gather the family.
You may be at work. Children may be in school. Hopefully
you've already arranged with family about what to do and have
a plan to get home and get together. You're safer in a group,
but during the initial chaos you need simply get back together.
Of all the Carrington event preparations, the most important is
gathering your family together following a plan you've already

Step three: have cash in hand at the closest stores.
You'll need cash in hand to buy resources that may not be
available in the coming weeks and months. With the electricity
down you likely may not be able to buy; however you can be
persistent. There will be employees waiting to see whether the
lights will return and you can use this to your advantage. Likely,
they will be bored and will want to talk with you to tell you that
the shop is closed. You can use this time to your advantage and
beg and plead to buy merchandise with cash and a tip. Tell the
clerk that s/he can keep the change. Give a big tip if you must!
Money won't have any value soon anyway.

If you have babies you can play to sympathies and buy up all
the formula that you can. Cash speaks and you may find a
sympathetic cashier. Another option is to plead for your old
mother or grandmother. Whether or not it's true, your survival
depends on getting whatever resources you can get.

What to grab:
  • Salami and hard cheeses that have a long shelf life. These
    will be excellent to supplement the dried foods in your long
    term larder.
  • Ice will be valuable for helping you to preserve the fresh
    food you have.
  • Formula and diapers.
  • Bread, butter and peanut butter.
  • Luxuries like coffee, tea and chocolates
  • Oils you can first use to cook and later to help you light
    the night.
  • BIC lighters and matches

Step four: Start securing your home.
Get ready to bug in and block off entrances to your home.
  • Put large furniture at the doors
  • Set up the booby traps.
  • Get out the barbed wire, but hide it discretely behind the
    fence top.

Step four: Gather information, but play dumb.
If you're in the company of neighbors, feign ignorance. It's not
your responsibility to save them now.

The electric grid damage from massive geomagnetic
disturbances are the least of your worries. Your primary
thoughts should be on keeping your family safely together and
preserving the resources that you have.

Solar flares are a magnetic explosion of the sun. The Carrington
Event got its name from home astronomer Richard Carrington
who was first noted and recorded the explosive solar event.
Now you know a little more about the ionospheric disturbances
and extremely high magnetometer readings that will culminate
after a geomagnetic storm, Solar superstorms and the risks of
devastating blackout.

Happy endings...
Carrington Event may not happen in your lifetime, but you can
set a good example for your kids and grand kids by stockpiling
food, water and medical supplies for the day when the
electricity goes out.

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